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by Janet Kira Lessin and Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)



by Janet Kira Lessin and Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.) by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.


King Anu of Nibiru had rocketed from Nibiru to Earth to settle disputes between his sons, Ea (Enki) and Enlil (Yahweh) as well as the deposed Alalu. Anu’d defeated Alalu in a wrestling match in E-din (Basara, Iraq). But Alalu’d bit off Anu’s penis. When Anu arrived back on Nibiru, he told his military Council his plans to get Earth’s gold. He ordered continuous freight rockets to and from Earth. He ordered rockets to shuttle among way-stations on Mars, Earth’s Moon, other planets and satellites between Nibiru and the sun. The King sent his daughter Ninmah with female health officers to Earth.

Stop,” said the King, “on the way, at Mars. If Anzu lives, give him men to start a base there.”

On Mars Ninmah found Alalu and Anzu dead. She revived Anzu. To commemorate Alalu who discovered the gold that can save Nibiru, Ninmah and Anzu, “The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain [Cyndonia] with beams they carved. They showed him wearing an eagle’s helmet; his face they made uncovered.” [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki:104].

Before she left Mars for Earth, Ninmah gave Anzu twenty of the astronauts from her company and ordered him to build the first way-station for the gold freighters.

To his scribe, Enki dictated this segue of the background of his relationship to his half-siblings, “Enki and Enlil and Ninmah…Offspring of Anu. The three leaders were, by different mothers. Enki was the Firstborn Son; a concubine of Anu’s was his mother. Enlil by Antu, the spouse of Anu, was born; the Legal Heir he thus became. Ninmah by another concubine was mothered, a half sister of the two half brothers she was….Beautiful she was, full of wisdom, one quick to learn. Ea, as Enki was then named, by Anu to espouse Ninmah was chosen, thereby their offspring son the legal successor thereafter to become. Ninmah of Enlil, dashing commander, was enamored; by him she was seduced. A son from Enlil’s seed Ninmah bore, Ninurta. Anu angered; as punishment he Ninmah ever to be a spouse forbade! Ea his bride-to-be by Anu’s decree abandoned; a princess named Damkina [Alalu’s daughter] he instead espoused; a son, an heir to them was born, Marduk.” [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki:112-113]

We return from our genealogical segue to Ninmah’s journey to Earth. We left her on Mars. Princess Ninmah and her assistant, Sud, rocketed her company of female health officers from Nibiru first to Mars (where she left Anzu to start a gold-transfer station) then to Earth, at Eridu, the head of the Persian Gulf.

NINMAH NARRATES by Janet Kira Lessin, Intropolating Ninmah

I’m Ninmah. I’m coming through this woman, Janet, who is also the modern incarnation of me. Well sort of. Not really. We co-habitate, share this shell but currently, as she’s configured, she can only contain a wee portion of me. So we do our best. We wish to keep this one alive, functioning well, in good health, until she can be transformed. She’s only using a minuscule amount of her DNA, programming, and mind, the whole ball of wax. Hmm, this is proving more difficult than I thought. Her thoughts are jumbled, full of programming, defenses, strange languaging and metaphors, limits, almost hard-wired. Breathe. Relax. Try again. Hopefully this process will get smoother. OK, once more.

My story. I was sent to Ki, err Ea, no, Earth as you call this planet, many hundreds of thousands of years ago as part of a grand mission to save our planet, Nibiru. I remember when Father summoned me to his chambers. Wow, this is hard. Words! How to use words to explain? OK, keep it simple.

Oh Father. How I love him. Yet I rarely see Father as he is the Great Anu, Ruler of all of Nibiru, the King.

I was his first born daughter, first of a long line of children Father created with many concubines. I had greater rank than many of my siblings because of my birth order. My Mother was one of Father’s concubines, not his first wife, but her younger sister. Her eldest sister was Father’s first wife, the Queen, the legal wife. Her children had the highest rank. So while I had ranking, I was not as important as the others. Especially male children. Especially my two brothers, Enlil and Ea, who were the most important of all. Ea was the first born male. Enlil was first son born of the legal Queen, Antu, Anu’s wife. The problem. Who had higher ranking? Therein lies a great source of consternation that was to haunt all of us for years. And I, the first born female lay smack dab in the middle? Why? In our culture the eldest daughter of the King marries the heir to the throne, which is the first born son of the King. It was clear I was Anu’s eldest daughter. But who was the legal first born son? Enlil or Ea? I think you’re getting an idea of our problem.

Men and women were supposed to be equals in our society, but since there was a great shortage of men, gradually, over time, woman slipped from equality and were delegated to a lower social status. Granted, women were important because they were vital to the survival of our species. But after many thousands of years of imbalance in numbers, our society reflected that imbalance and we slipped from a Partnership Society to a Patriarchy Society full of hierarchy. Yes, we slipped in many ways but at least we were still alive, if only barely. Many of us became infertile. A woman who could reproduce was highly revered, almost worshipped. Fertile women were encouraged to breed as much as they could bear it. Constantly pregnant, a woman had no time or energy to fight for her rights. She was fighting for life, for herself, her children and the planet. Nibiru needed more souls, more bodies to labor and figure out ways to save our world. All seemed lost. Hopeless. For some odd reason more men had become infertile than women. I guess they are the weaker sex. As a result a man who could impregnate many women was encouraged to do so. A man who could breed became more valuable, powerful and gained enormous social status. We were in great danger of extinction. All former relationship protocols were on suspension until we could create a world where life was guaranteed to continue.

In his private chambers, Father asked me to join an expedition to Earth and head up the nurse’s corps. I was stunned. “Oh Father. How I love you. Why do you only summon me when you need me to solve problems? Why can’t we sit together, like before and enjoy each other’s company?”

But, I could hardly blame Father. After all, I ruined everything. As first born daughter, even though I had done what I did, I still had the right to stay on Niburu if I wished and enjoy all the creature comforts my station could generate. But maybe, if I took up Father’s offer, I could redeem myself in Father’s eyes. And also, I could not shirk my duties to my people. Die here or there, either way we face death. Earth is our only hope. Dear Brother Ea had reached there, sent word that there was gold. Perhaps his plan would work. I searched Father’s face, looked deep before I answered. Yes, there was still something there in Father’s eyes. Despite his efforts to remain distant and cold, I could feel his love for me lingering just underneath his disappointment. I guess this was his way to reach out to me, to give me another chance.

“Yes, I’ll go

“Good. It is done.” He smiled. I bowed, turned and left. I felt proud, happy that I could serve my people even though I might die like the others who went before me.

The day of the parting ceremony came and there was much celebration, pomp and circumstance. My knees shook as I began the long journey to the throne at the top of the ziggarat where Father waited. Hundreds of thousands gathered from the far corners of our world came to witness this historic event. They blanketed the fields with their mass till not a single blade of grass was visible. Winged astronauts, tall men and women with hawk-faced masks hid invisible eyes locked face forward, lined either side of the giant red carpet that climbed the center of the pyramid marking where I was to walk. While I couldn’t begin to count their numbers, I could feel the glare of the guards even though they were supposed to be looking past me. They feared for me. I didn’t have the luxury to care. I dare not falter with so many eyes upon me.

I took my first step. My eye followed a drop of sweat that fell from my forehead to the ground. Light glistened off metallic specs embedded in giant stones, intricately laced, form-fitting, one upon the other. A deafening cheer roared from the crowd, made me sway. I inhaled, took another step. My heart thumped so hard it racked my body. The climb became easier as adrenalin filled my veins. Never before had I heard such a sound.

Father loomed before me, a truly magnificent man, regal in all his golden splendor. Blue, aqua, green, pink and purple jewels adored a golden crown, center point projected down, accenting his nose. Bushy eyebrows framed clear, aqua-blue, crystalline eyes. I swear he could see right through me. A huge mane of solid silver locks cascaded below broad shoulders creating an interesting contrast against dark purple robes. A gigantic golden eagle adorned a giant staff held in Father’s equally enormous left hand. I had forgotten how huge my Father was. I imagined the eagle, despite being inanimate, could smell the stench of my fear.

An eagleman brought forth a broadsword, placed it in Father’s right hand. I bowed before him. As the blade graced my shoulder it magically turned into a beam of light. Father’s voiced boomed, enhanced by unseen forces so that all the assembled masses could here, “I am proud of my daughter. She goes to save this world. I know she will succeed in her mission.”

Despite all my efforts to control my emotions, tears rolled down my face. As I rose from my feet to turn and leave, I caught Father’s eyes one final time. He too could not restrain himself. Tears graced his face as well. I felt relieved. This day was truly more joyous than any day I had ever lived–even more joyous than the day I gave birth to my son. In that moment I knew his words were prophecy. We would indeed succeed in our mission.

We’re heading to Ki. The journey’s a long one so we’ll be on this starship for quite a while. Only 50 people aboard, but it feels like more. I’m grateful for my quarters which are much larger than most and away from the others. I have some degree of privacy. Royalty does have its privileges. Good, I’m tired of always having to be so gracious. I need space to think. I’m feeling a lot of intense emotions. So much has happened. I’m confused, scared, happy, sad. Mixed up is the best way to describe it. Alone, at last I can reflect, figure this out.

I’d never seen father so angry. I, espoused to Ea, father’s first born son and my half brother, our offspring were to be the legal successors to the throne.

I had it made.

Why then did I fall for my brother Enlil? Granted, Enlil’s a dashing commander and very seductive.

Enlil, my half brother, is the Legal Heir, first born son of Antu, father’s half-sister and spouse. Anu granted his first born son, Ea, son of a concubine, right of succession through sons born of me, Ninmah, Anu’s eldest daughter. As Ea’s spouse, I would rule through my sons–the closest I could get to ruling Nibiru since I am a woman. But no more. Not only did I make love with Enlil, but I bore him a son whom we’ve jointly named Ninurta. Father, severely angered, forbade me never to wed! Why did I do that? I truly love Ea and desired to fulfill my destiny. And yet, I betrayed him, my father and my people. I don’t understand myself sometimes. I’m so upset with me. Woe is me. I am forever shamed. I thought all was lost. But then came an interesting turn of events. My mistake turned into a blessing in disguise.

Our home, “Nibiru’s a great planet, reddish in radiance with an elongated orbit around the Sun. For a time Nibiru’s engulfed in cold, for part of its circuit by the Sun it’s strongly heated. A thick atmosphere fed by volcanic eruptions sustains all manner of life. In the cold period the atmosphere embraces our world like a blanket and retains inner heat. In the hot period it shields Nibiru from the Sun’s scorching rays, creates rains which give rise to our lakes and streams. On our lush planet vegetation and life flourished. Life evolved, our numbers grew. Rivalries, encroachments, clashes occurred. Sticks became weapons. Clans gathered into tribes till two great nations faced each other. North against south, a war, long and fierce engulfed our world. Brother against brother, fathers against sons. Hand weapons became missiles. Weapons of thunder and brilliance desolated the land, all life was diminished.

“Truce was declared and peacemaking conducted. The peace councils declared that there be one throne on Nibiru, composed of one king from the north, An and a queen, Antu, from the south become An’s spouse and reigned equal queen. North and south by marriage were united. Laws and customs were changed to unify the world. Females greatly outnumbered males from the wars. A decree was made. Males were to have more than one female for knowing. By law one wife, the First Wife was to be chosen as the official spouse. By law, the firstborn son was his father’s successor. Confusion soon came about. If the Firstborn son was not born by the First Wife and thereafter a son was born by the First Wife, by law the Legal Heir, who shall be the successor? The eldest son or the one born by the First Wife?

“In the reign of Anshargal, Kishargal, his half sister, was pronounced First Wife. A concubine bore the firstborn son. When Kirshargal bore a son he was Legal Heir by law but was not the Firstborn. Kirshargal, angered, insisted that the double seed not be negated. Though of different mothers, the king and she were offspring of the same father. The council adopted the Law of the Seed. The next king by the Law of the Seed succeeded to the throne. An.Shar was his name. Fifth on the throne he was. Thereafter kings chose half sisters for First Wife.

In the reign of Anshar, fields diminished their yields. Fruits and grains lost abundance. From circuit to circuit the heat grew stronger when near the Sun. When in the faraway abode, the cold was more biting. Learned savants, those of knowledge were summoned to the court. They found a breaching was occurring in the atmosphere. Volcanoes, creators of the atmosphere were becoming dormant. The atmosphere grew thinner, the protective shield greatly diminished. During the reign of Anshar and Ishar, field pestilences emerged. No toil or deed could overcome them. The sixth dynasty began when their son, En.Shar, ascended to the throne. To discover remedies for Nibiru’s afflictions, he studied Nibiru’s heavenly circuit. As the orbit of our planet took us through the inner solar system, he launched chariots to study celestial bodies for solutions. From circuit to circuit Nibiru’s atmoshere suffered more breaching. In the council of the learned, cures were debated, ways to bandage the planet’s wounds were urgently considered. In attempts to restore the planet’s shield, all that was launched fell back to the ground. A decision was made to artificially stimulate the volcanoes. But how, they didn’t know. The breach grew ever larger. Rains didn’t fall, winds roared, springs stop flowing from the depths. The breast of mothers dried. Ninshar, First Wife and half sister did not bear a son. Du.Uru, the concubine’s son ascended to the throne. The fields forgot their abundance. The people’s fertility diminished. In the palace fertility was totally absent. A child placed at the palace gateway was adopted. Lahma, meaning Dryness was his given name. In the end he ascended to the throne. The eighth to reign was the first not of An’s seed.

“The council of the learned made two suggestions to heal the breaches. One was to use a metal called gold, the only substance that could be ground into fine powder and suspended in the sky to create a new shield for the atmosphere and heal the breach. While rare on Nibiru gold was found to be plentiful within the Hammered Bracelet. Celestial fleets were to be launched. Gold brought to Nibiru. The second proposal was to let Weapons of Terror be created. These weapons, designed to shake the ground lose and split the mountains asunder would attack the volcanoes to awaken them, make their belching increase. Feeble Lahma could not chose. Four shars passed. Savants came went from court, counselors rushed in and out. The king paid no attention to their words.

“A prince of the palace, Alalu, was the first to take up arms. He agitated the other princes. They rushed the gate of the palace. With their numbers they barged through the barricade to the throne room. The king escaped to the tower. Alalu pursued. In the struggle Lahma fell to this death. “Lahma is no more,” Alalu shouted, glee in his voice. He rushed to the throne room, seated himself. He pronounced himself king, without right or council. Unity was lost. Some rejoiced at Lahma’s death while others were saddened by Alalu’s deed. The Seven Who Judge summoned Alalu. Alalu made his plea. Though neither Legal Heir nor Firstborn, Alalu claimed he was of royal seed.

“From among the princes a young prince, Anu stepped forward. In front of the council he challenged Alalu’s right to the throne. After hearing both arguments, the council agreed with Father as he clearly showed that he had the better claim to the crown–direct descendance from Niburu’s first rulers, King An and Queen Antu. In fact, Father is named Anu after his namesake, An.

“Alalu, very uncomfortable with the prospect of losing his throne, extended his arm to prince Anu and said, ‘Though by different offsprings, we are both descended of one ancestor. Let us live in peace and together return Nibiru to abundance’ Alalu proposed that he remain king and Anu be his successor. As a compromise Anu’s son, my beloved Ea, and Alalu’s daughter, Damkina would wed. Their sons, not mine, would have the right of succession. Father, always the peacemaker, agreed to be Alalu’s cupbearer, his successor-in-waiting. This union, while insuring peace, guaranteed that I could never wed my dear brother.

“Thus Alalu on the throne remained seated. Once again sages, savants and commanders were consulted. Celestial boats were constructed to seek gold in the Hammered Bracelet. In the Hammered Bracelet the boats were crushed. None returned. Next, Weapons of Terror launched from sky-borne chariots, bombed volcanoes in an attempt activate them. Mountains swayed, valleys shuddered. With great brilliance thunder roared. The people rejoiced. They expected great abundance.

“In the palace Anu remained Alalu’s cupbearer. For nine shars, our planet’s revolutions around Solaris, Anu bowed at Alalu’s feet, set the drinking cup in his hand. All that time, Alalu treated Father like a servant.

Still no relief. Every shar, every time our planet neared the sun. The heat grew harder and harder to bear. When Nibiru came round to the outermost skirts of our solar system, the furthest point in our orbit–the cold grew harder and harder to suffer. Solutions to heal the planet were still not found. Crops failed, rains withheld, winds extreme, spring never came. Children were not being born. The people ceased to revere their king. Alalu failed to bring relief. While he remained comfortably seated on the throne, his subjects grew more and more miserable. For nine counts, Alalu remained king..

“In the ninth shar, Anu could bear no more, challenged Alalu. Naked they fought in hand-to-hand combat. As per the customs of our people, the winner’s declared king. So that all could witness, they grappled in the public square. Alalu bent his knee then onto the ground, fell on his chest. Anu, victorious, alone remained standing. Anu was escorted to the palace.

“Alalu defeated, fearful of dying like Lahma before him, snuck away through the crowds. Unbeknownst to us, Alalu crept to the place where the celestial chariots were stored. He selected a missile-throwing craft and crawled into its hatch. Switching on the guiding launch lights, a bluish aura filled the chamber. Fire stones stirred, their musical hum enthralling. Rockets roared, reddish brilliance eradicated all shadows. Alalu free from Nibiru’s gravity, set course towards snow-hued Ki, a forbidden region where no one has gone before. A secret place from the Beginning of time.” I thank Endubscar for the quotes from The Book of Enki above.

A knock on my door broke my trance. “Your Highness, please answer your door”’ Sud my favorite cousin waited patiently while I reluctantly pressed the release for the door. “Come in Dear One,” I replied and waived her in as the door slide aside. “I’m sorry to disturb you, my Lady’” she apologized, eyes unafraid to meet mine. “Your father instructed me to give you these when we were well under way.” I looked at the MEs [computer programs] n her hand. “These are the transmissions from Ea and the others already on Ki. Anu wishes you study them so you’re prepared for what’s to come.’’ “Thank you,” I said, as I dismissed Sud.

Surprised I didn’t invite her to stay, she sulked out the door. “You don’t have to lock next time, dear. If I want privacy I’ll lock the door and the red light will come on.” She smiled meekly, turned and left. I normally like chatting with Sud, but I this time I was in no mood to be social. Sud, my cousin, was only slightly younger than I. She’s one of my closest friends. We were raised together in the family palace, shared the same nannies and tutors. And while we were competitive in many ways, as all children are, she was the only one who could keep up with me, physically and intellectually. We were well matched so we naturally gravitated towards one another as we were easily bored with the others. The only others perhaps even closer to me were my brothers, Enlil and Ea. Close. Yes, too close. Enlil got way too close to me and now, because of that, Ea’s lost to me, maybe forever.

I inserted the ME on top into the computer. A list appeared on the screen and I selected Ea’s log. I was haunted by what happened between us, emotionally confused. I admit, I felt embarrassed that I got caught, that I got pregnant by Enlil. But looking back, I wouldn’t change anything. I adore Ninurta, my son. He’s the love of my life. He’s an incredible child, now more man than boy.

I always adored my big brother, Ea. I do love him. His brilliance exceeds all others. He’s truly the most intelligent man on our entire world. His genius startles all of us. If anyone can save us, it’s Ea. Why he may even been smarter than father Anu himself.

Ea’s face appeared on the personal screen before me. “Ninmah, I’m glad you’ve selected this recording. I knew you would. I miss you, miss our talks. I’m excited you’re joining us here on Ki. We can really use your help. This is a dangerous new world with many unknown hazards. We will need the medical skills of you and the other physicians. Your nurses, masters of the healing arts, are the finest Nibiru offers.” Ea knew I was highly skilled in healing arts, magic and alchemy. We knew each other well, sought each other’s company. We’re friends and enjoy debating all the issues. We make a good problem solving team. Ea may be a genius, but I’m no dummy. We’re well matched and would have enjoyed our marriage. But as smart as he is, in some ways, much to my surprise, I may know more. “You may not realize that there’s much that hasn’t been revealed to our people as we didn’t wish to alarm them,” Ea continued. “But as head of this mission there are many critical things you must know. As you already know, Alalu made his way to the seventh planet and used a penetration beam to ascertain if Ki contained gold. Using Testers he discovered there’s plenty gold beneath the land and in the water. Now Alalu declares himself Nibiru’s savior. If true he found gold, there’s hope for us.

“What we’ve not revealed is that Alalu blasted a path through the Hammered Bracelet with Weapons of Terror! The ancient, long-forbidden weapons of havoc are now aimed directly at Nibiru! Alalu demands the council declare him king, he orders commanders make him their leader, he insists sages give him respect, all Nibiru’s people must bow to Alalu or we’ll be wiped from the heavens next time we pass through the solar system.

“The sages were aghast. In the council was much consternation. To change the kingship is a grave matter. Anu was king, not only by ancestry, but by fair wresting had he attained the throne. Many questions were asked. Where could Alalu be? Could Alalu be trusted? He had forfeited the throne by single combat. Now he contests. Alalu was well known for his calamities. The eldest sage, Alalu’s master spoke up. ‘Perhaps Alalu harkened to the teachings of the Beginning and the Celestial Battle and traveled beyond the Hammered Bracelet. Perhaps he did find Tiamat and her gold.’

“Enlil spoke.’How will we get proof Alalu’s found gold? Is there sufficient gold to protect our atmosphere? How can it be brought through the treacherous Hammered Bracelet?’

“A message was relayed to Alalu. He decided to give us his secrets and transmitted his findings by inserting the crystals from the Tester into the speaker. Alalu sternly demanded ‘Now that I’ve delivered proof to you, declare me king. Bow to my commands.”

“In the assembly of the princes I stood to speak. ‘By birth my father is Anu the king. By marriage my father is Alalu. I was espoused to bring the two clans into unison. Let me be the one to end this conflict. I’ll journey through the Bracelet with water, not fire. I’ll test the gold, send it back to Nibiru. Let Alalu be king on Ki and await the verdict of the sages. If necessary to save Nibiru, let there be a second wrestling to determine Niribu’s rule.”

“The counselors, sages and commanders weighed my words finding wisdom in them, agreed my suggestion was the wisest course. Anu agreed, ‘Let it so be!. Let my son, Ea, journey to Ki, test the gold and report to us. And I agree, a second time to wrestle. Let the winner be Nibiru’s king!’ The decision was conveyed to Alalu. He agreed that I, his son by marriage, come to Ki. Gold obtained from the waters would be returned to Nibiru for testing. A second wrestling would determine kingship. ‘”So be it,’ Anu declared as he closed the council meeting. “Enlil rose to object. But all were leaving. Anu’s words unalterable.

“At the place of the chariots I called together commanders and sages. A full circuit of Nibiru passed as we contemplated the dangers of our mission. There was much to consider. How would we extract the gold and get it home? If we used water to blast through the Hammered Bracelet, where could it be replenished? Where on the chariot would it be stored?

“The largest celestial chariot was selected and fitted for the mission. Calculations and preparations complete, fifty heroes hand selected, the day came to depart. Multitudes gathered to bid us farewell. Bearing Eagle’s helmets and Fish’s suits, we kissed loved ones goodbye and entered the chariot one by one. I waved my hand to bid farewell. I knelt before Father. He blessed me,”My son, a far and dangerous journey you undertake for us. Let you be successful and banish calamity from our world. Go in safety. Come back!”

Ninul, dear Mother, approached me next. Tears in her eyes, she implored, “Why do you, my precious son given to me by Anu, have such a restless heart? Go, traverse your hazardous roads and come back to us safely.” I drew her to me, gently hugged her goodbye.

“Wordless, dear Damkina stood before me. With great tenderness I kissed my sweet spouse. Speechless, I embraced her. Next Enlil arms locked with mine, declared “Be blessed, be successful.” Heart heavy, I entered the chariot. “Let us soar”, I commanded to Anzu, my commander.

“Dear Sister, my beloved, my friend, if you’re indeed listening to this journal, know that while my marriage to Damkina was one of convenience arranged to unite our people, I love my spouse as much as if I had selected her myself. In many ways she’s very fragile. Look out for her. I hope, no, I KNOW, you’re heart is as great as mine. You’ll grow to love her as I have.”

SITCHIN SPEAKS by Sasha Lessin

From Eridu, Commander Enlil flew Ninmah to his home in Lebanon so she could plant seeds she’d brought. She said the seeds would grow into plants that bare a fruit from which they’d make a “euphoric elixir”

Enlil promised Ninmah he’d send their son together–Ninurta–to Earth from Nibiru. Enlil also pledged to build a health sciences center in Mesopotamia for Ninmah’s health officers. Despite these promises and intense courting, Enlil failed to seduce Ninmah.

Enlil lured Ninmah into his airplane and flew her to his house “by the Cedar Forest” [Lebanon], as a perfect place to plant her seeds. “Once inside, Enlil embraced her, with fervor he kissed Ninmah, “Oh my sister, my beloved,’ Enlil to her whispered. By her loins he grabbed her.” But “Into her womb his semen he did not pour” [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki: 108].


Ninmah spurned Enlil. Now she could explore with former fiancee Enki. Enki told Ninmah, “Come with me in the Abzu [Africa], your adoration of Enlil abandon”

In Africa, “Enki to her words of loving spoke, sweet words he spoke, ‘You are still my beloved’ to her he said, caressing. He embraced her, he kissed her, she caused his phallus to water. Enki his semen into the womb of Ninmah poured. ‘Give me a son,’ he cried.” [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: 115]

But Ninmah bore Enki a daughter, then, immediately, another daughter. When he insisted on again impregnating her, “Ninmah against Enki a curse uttered, whatever food he ate was poison in his innards. To distance himself from Nimmah’s vulva Enki by raised arm swore; from her curse Enki was freed. To the Edin Ninmah returned.” [The Lost Book of Enki:116]

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