05/10/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact


On this show, you learn:

I.  Earth’s Ice’ll All Melt as Dark Star’s Planets & Moon (Homeworld of Ets Who Made Us) Rotates Furthest from the Sun


II. How Aliens Abducted me: a Talk by Janet Kira Lessin, Experiencer Intergration Coach



Sasha Lessin says astronomers’ know, despite a military’s gag order, cosmic bodies or forces bumped a subbrown dwarf, our sun’s DARK TWIN, 20,000AU away, closer to us, causing catastrophic heating on all planets in our solar system.   It hasn’t gotten closer than twice as far away as Pluto for many billion years but the junk the Twin’s gravity holds on its path, crosses Earth’s around 2012.

The Twin no longer sweeps past the comet belt 20,000 away.  An object or energy in deep space pushed the Twin toward us, so now it circles closer to the sun and us.  The Twin tightens its orbit around the sun, Earth and all the inner planets move closer to the sun too.  All the planets heat up.  All ice on Earth melts in the next ten years.

Ancient Babylonians called the Dark Twin MARDUK.   Several planets circle Marduk.  One of Marduk’s planets, which Lloyd calls HORUS, circles Marduk and crosses Earth’s path at a 30-degree angle.  Horus travels an oval path from Sagitarius, where it is now to a place between Jupiter and Mars, then heads back toward Sagitarius.  The EYE OF HORUS, one of its moons, circles Horus.  The Anunnaki, the ET geneticists who blended their Sapien genes with Erectus genes to make us Earthling slaves, 300-000 years ago live on the Eye of Horus.

Horus crosses Earth’s path and leaves a trail of comets and rocks along its path to and from Sagitarius and the space between Jupiter and Mars.  These comets and rocks–not Marduk, now as far from Earth as it gets–now pound us more and more.  The junk along Horus’ path thickens in 2012, when Horus lines up ( as the Maya tell) with the core of our galaxy.   That’s when Horus’ comet and asteroid-strewn path intersects our sky between Jupiter and Mars and may kill us all.

The greenhouse effect contributes a mere 15% of the heating we’re getting.  Marduk, Horus and the comets and rocks on Horus’s path around Marduk cause 85% of our  heating.   All our orbits crowd in toward the sun and evoke gargantuan solar storms, huge earthquakes and titanic volcanic eruptions.  The crossing will destroy global communications and reverse our magnetic poles.


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