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Rebuilding Sumer after flood 2
Nibirians Engineered Dams and Canals for the Sumerians after the Great Flood receded
Anunnaki Astronaut Commanders (wearing Eagle Helmets) give us cities and knowledge
Nibiran Astronaut Commanders (wearing Eagle Helmets) give us cities and knowledge

The flood of 13, 000 years ago receded.
After Deluge Downsize




Prince Enki, Chief Scientist for the Goldmining Expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth, dug up the seeds under the Lebanon Platform above the Cedar Forest.









In his lab, he quadrupled the grain chromosomes and had Ziasudra’s son run bakeries for the re-builders, then had him supervise the laborers.  Ninurta and Enki mapped a dam, sluice and canal system for Sumer.

Adad surveyed fruit trees that lived and found grapes Ninmah brought from Nibiru. Earthlings again grew white and red wine grapes.

Ninagal reported, “Life essences and life eggs in the four-legged animals from Ziusudra’s boat can be combined.  Sheep for wool and meat will multiply, cattle for milk and hides will all have.”  Enki bade Dumuzi replenish the livestock; Ziusudra’s middle son ran the shepherds for Dumuzi. So began the Neolithic, the Age of Domestication. [ZS, Enki: 229 – 234]

The plants, animals, guidance and knowledge the gods gave let us multiply.  We built them magnificent temples and cities.

     To make cities, they showed us brickmaking, taught us to make bronze impliments.  They let us help them build a new spaceport on the Sinai Peninsula. 

      Both Anunnaki factions—Enlil’s descendants and Enki’s—as well as our ancestors– renewed Earth’s crops and beasts.  Cooperation, synergy, 1000 years of peace, a Satya Yuga.

      The farming the gods taught us in Sumer “spread over the world from the Near Eastern mountains and highlands.”  They gave us wheat and barley, then “millet, rye, spelt, flax (for fibers and edible oil), onions, lentils, beans, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, apples, apricots, cherries, pears, olives, figs, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, as well as tame dogs, geese, ducks, sheep, goats, and pigs.”  We got “horned and hornless cattle for hides, meat, milk and wool.”

The gods showed us to reinforce bricks—fire them with chopped reeds in a kiln. With the bricks, we paved roads.  With the strengthened bricks, we could raise highrises and temples.  They gave us kiln-furnace technology and with the kilns, we forged Earth’s first durable pottery–cups, bowls, plates, urns, storage urns.

The kilns “allowed intense but controllable temperatures to be contained in furnaces without contamination from dust or ashes. The gods showed us how to make paints, pigments, pottery glazes and artificial lapis lazuli. They had us mass-produce bronze tool and weapons.  Via Kiln-metallurgy, the gods led us to coins, then to banking.

Sumer had naphtha, asphalts and bitumens.  They seeped above ground all over Mesopotamia. With naphtha, we surfaced roads, waterproofed boats and buildings.  With it, we caulked, cemented, painted and molded.

Sumer itself lacked raw ores to make metals, but we used the naphtha for exchange for ore. The gods had us develop “extensive international trade routes.”

They showed us how to weave fiber into cloth, make flour, bread, porridge, cakes, pastries, biscuits, yogurt, butter, cream, cheeses, beer and wine.  Our communities grew.

     Ninurta introduced plows. First, we Earthlings pulled them, then cattle pulled the plows. The plows, plus  Enki’s new grains, boosted our food-growing.

      Anunnaki and their foremen helped us regulate the Nile.  We made, as they directed, pastureland for herds of cows and goats. 

      The gods gave us the wheel, carts and chariots. [ZS, 12th Planet: 6 -9; Wars: 125]

      Enlil, his sons and his grandchildren ruled Sumer: Innana, Elan (southeast); Adad ruled the Taurus Mountains, Asia Minor and the northwest.  Ninurta reigned in the highlands; Nannar, controlled the North. Utu commanded Lebanon’s Airport. 

      Enlil kept Nippur, Sumer’s center, and there stored his computer programs, “Tablets of Destinies” and the “Command and Control Center for Earth to off-planet communication, as well as the Bond Heaven-Earth in his high-rise stepped pyramid.  In Nippur, Enlil had Earthlings built schools of science and scribing as well as a library with 30,000 inscribed clay tablets. [ZS, Wars: 125; Giants: 67 – 69]

 Nibirans and their foremen directed Earthlings to regulate the Nile and create pastureland for Dumuzi’s herds.  The Nibirans gave Sumerians the WHEEL, carts and chariots, which Dumuzi’s oxen and horses pulled. [ZS, 12th Planet: 6 -9; Wars: 125]


Enlil and his sons and grandchildren ruled Sumer: Innana, Elan (southeast); Adad, the Taurus Mountains, Asia Minor and the northwest; Ninurta, the highlands; Nannar, the North; Utu, Lebanon’s Airport.  Each Sumerian god walled his sacred precincts, “each with a skyscraping ziggurat [stepped pyramid]. The ziggurats rose in several steps (usually seven) to 90 meters. They were build of two kinds of mud brick sun-dried for highrise cores and kiln-burned for extra strength for stairways, exteriors, and overhangings; held together with bitumen as mortar.”

Enlil kept Nippur, Sumer’s center, and there stored his computer programs, “Tablets of Destinies” and the “Command and Control Center for Earth to offplanet communication, the Bond Heaven-Earth in his high-rise stepped pyramid.  In the city, Enlil had Earthlings built schools of science and scribing as well as a library with 30,000 inscribed clay tablets. [ZS, Wars: 125; Giants: 67 – 69]

Enlil, Enki, Inanna, Adad, Ninurta, Utu and Nannar taught the Sumerians “every ‘First’ of what we deem essential to advanced civilization: wheeled transportation, brick that made possible high-rise buildings; furnaces and kilns essential to baking and metallurgy, cities and urban societies, kingship, temples, priesthoods, festivals, beer, culinary recipes, art, music, musical instruments, musical notes, dance, writing and record keeping, medicines, textiles, multicolored apparel, a mathematical system, sexagesimal, that initiated the circle of 360, timekeeping that divided day/night into 12 double hours, a luni-solar calendar of 12 months intercalated with a thirteenth leap month, geometry, measurement units of distance, weight and capacity, an advanced astronomy with planetary, star, constellation and zodiacal knowledge, law codes and courts of law, irrigation systems, transportation networks and customs stations, even taxes.” [ZS, Giants: 58, 70]

Enlil ordered a new rocket terminal at Sinai, on the Arabian Peninsula, for freighting gold to Nibiru.  Enlil told Enki and his lineage to build the new terminal, Mission Control and guidance facilities in a mountain-like Great Pyramid at Giza, near the Nile at the 30th Parallel. “Although the Sinai Peninsula and the Giza pyramids were supposedly neutral under Ninmah, Enki and the Enkiites” intended to control the peninsula.  Whoever ran the Giza Pyramid and Sinai, controlled “space activities, the comings and goings of the ‘gods,’ the vital supply link to and from Nibiru.  Only Enki, the master engineer and scientist had the know-how and experience for the massive works.”




.From 10,000 B.C. on, Enki’s sons Marduk and Ningishzidda assisted Enki, as did his descendants Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut.“The secret plans of the Great Pyramid were in the hands of Ningishzidda.” [ZS, Wars:149-155]

Viracocha [Adad/Ishkar] gathered the survivors atop the Andes who survived the Deluge; he had them build palaces for him and his Nibiran Overseers.  Viracocha educated couples he chose to establish an empire ruled from Cuzco. [ZS, Time: 247]


Nibiru’s perigee 13,000 years ago created the Deluge and also “ripped away the shield of gold dust around Nibiru, gold the astronauts struggled for millennia to ship to the mother planet.  Nibiru’s atmosphere was again dwindling.  The mother planet again desperately needed Earth’s gold.  While survivors on Earth rebuilt their lives, word came from Nibiru, ‘The shield of gold dust was torn.’”  Nibiru ordered the Expedition to send lots more gold at once.

For more gold, the Expedition needed more Earthling miners and a new rocket terminal.  But in Africa mud interred the mines as well the miners.  In Sumer mud topped the Bad-Tibira refinery.  Mud smothered the rocket terminal at Sippar. 


Mud covered all the stone and minerals Sumerians needed for building.

Ninurta, who ran the recovery for the next 7000 years, taught the Earthlings who survived how to make bricks and bronze tools and build houses, temples, canals and dams.

bronze casting

Sumer and Europe failed to yield enough CASSITERITE, which Ninurta needed to refine copper for tin and bronze, so he hunted gold and natural copper.  He found them in alluvium of rivers that run into the east coast of Lake Titicaca in Peru–huge chunks of pure gold and copper.  The copper needed no refining.

On an island in the lake (Titicaca), Ninurta also found beardless descendants of Ka-in, now Andean Indians, who’d survived the flood on rafts.  They could mine the gold Ninurta found. Ninurta brought Adad, Sumerian overseers and African technicians to organize the Indians.  [ZS, Lost Realms: 228- 222]

“When the Anunnaki gods decided to help humans learn skills of survival after the flood, not all humans were convinced this was a good idea.  Some did not trust the brutal gods who had oppressed them for so long, and therefore remained in their mountain hideouts, too scared to enter the newly established settlements of people.  It looked to them like a new version of the labour camps that persisted for millennia around the gold mines.

Eventually [the gods] found these communities of rebellious Earthlings and imposed their control on them in the remote locations.  Even the most remote tribes of the planet all had a similar relationship with the omnipresent gods.  As the new communities’ need for labour increased they went into the mountains or neighboring village and caught themselves some slaves.  All ancient cultures in the world were practicing slavery.  From the very first day of civilization man practiced what he was taught by his maker: obsession with gold and keeping slaves.” [Tellinger, Slave Species: 217 -218]


Ningishzidda (with power tools better than ours to cut and move rock) built two pyramids in Egypt.  First he built a model, then the Great Pyramid.  Then he built the Great Pyramid over the records of the Nibirans, inscribed on emerald tablets, in a secret chamber, the Halls of Amenti.  He installed Nibirans’ master computer programs and astronavigational equipment in the Great Pyramid and configured the pyramid itself as a communication device send messages directly to Nibiru. [Sereda, 2012]

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