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by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

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Sumerian scribes wrote 6000 years ago that ET s from the planet Nibiru–the Anunnaki (Those-Who-Descended-from-the-Sky) told them what to write about history, astronomy, geology and technology for clay tablet and captions on monuments. The clay tablet and monument inscriptions the Nibirans dictated tell the history of Earth history better than any other explanation. The inscribed history makes more accurate predictions of facts we can measure than any other theories we have.

Theories are hypothetical formulations, words and mathematical models to account for what we saw, see, and will see. Theories say what to look for in the evidence of the past, present and future. Theories generate hypotheses or guided guesses. In science we also test the null hypotheses–we look for data would disprove our hypotheses. If we go by the principle of PARSIMONY, also known as Occam’s razor–which explanations best account for all the data–and skip the least ooparts (data and artifacts other explanations can’t account for)–, Sumerian accounts of our history do best.

Consensus–what most people think–determines social reality. But consensus doesn’t predict the chemical composition of asteroids or the shape of the landmass beneath the Antarctic icepack the way ancient Sumerian tablets do. We’re left with alternate explanations of much.

Enjoy the theories consensus explanations of our leaders and masses. But wonder, and ask what ideas to cut with Occam’s razor from consensus theories and to replace with better theories. And the Sumerians, as you’ll hear in today’s program, had better explanations than our religious, academic and mass consensus ever did.

We grasp the elephant of reality from varying perspectives. See them all and get a clearer picture of the beast and the blind who generalize from their particular hold on the it to the nature of the whole creature and its context.

An explanation or theory that most parsimoniously (simplest, with least words, numbers, adumbrations) accounts for the all the data and makes more accurate predictions of future behavior as well as past accumulated data helps us understand better than one that uses more words and symbols and must exclude exceptions to work. Thus, for example, Copernicus’s heliocentric explanation of the apparent movement of planets takes less math than Ptolomy’s epicycle system, though the latter also can predict apparent planetary movement.

Philosopher Neil Freer writes: “I am convinced of the correctness of Sitchin’s thesis [of our Alien origins] and of Sir Laurence Gardiner’s [of how the line of the Alien Royalty hybrids still rule the world as our power elite] are the only explanations which contain no inexplicable elements, no contradictions and in which all the facts dance together in total consort. Our species’ internecine violence, a product of Babel-factoring for crowd control that has carried through to great wars and the religious mayhem of crusades, jihads, inquisitions and persecutions and not intrinsically of human nature.

“The Catholic Church, a continuation of the fear of the god Enlil [Yahweh] type of subservient religion came into ascendance by an alliance with the gradual assimilation of the Roman empire and adopting its practices. Suppression of our true history through promulgation of the Hebrew Old Testament forgeries done to make Enlil their single monotheistic deity affected a racial amnesia and the ancient Sumerian culture was forgotten and only rediscovered in the late 1800s. Military and political controllers have suppressed the knowledge and data about alien presence on this planet by denial and ridicule.” [Colaw, 2004]

All explanations and theories are but symbolic hypothetical variable sets that our limited mental capacities apply to phenomena. They are not the phenomena, any more than a map is the territory or a menu is the meal (menus taste lousy compared to food).

Theorists–people who make a theory–always slant it. Theorists first guess what they think they’ll find; that’s their hypotheses. Hopefully they say what info would disprove their guesses (null hypotheses). If their prejudices lead them to not even think of what to guess, they may never find it. Thus 18th century Christians thought Earth only 8000 years old and even students of ancient Sumer did not look for the fossil humans Cremo cites in Earth’s strata millions of years before Nibirans colonized Earth settlement 400,000 years ago.

Writers of the Bible painted Jezebel as a whore, when a modern scholar points out that her “whoring” was no more than religious tolerance, which her intolerant and woman-hating enemies like Yahweh wished to discredit.

The establishment, fundamentalist Jews, Muslims and Christian fear the more efficient explanations Sitchin, Pye, Tellinger and the Vedas cited by Cremo and Thompson, for they would undermine research monies, social control and sinecures they treasure.

Examine evidence that Ancient Astronauts settled Earth from another planet and hybridized their genome on a bit of the genome of ancestor of an ancient Neanderthal, probably Homo Erectus to make us as slaves for their goldmines.

Rocket images, descriptions, route maps and calculations Sumerian space maps showed Uranus and Nepture, planets beyond eyesight of the Sumerians, who lacked telescopes. The Nibirans noted twin traits of Uranus and Neptune 6000 years ago, traits we only recently confirmed. The Nibirans figured out what the asteroids were made of long before our modern scientists found out. Nibirans left huge doodles & rockets takeoff lines. And Nibirans mapped Antarctic land deluge divulged. All these observations were possible for them because they saw and mapped the Solar System and saw the exposed Antarctic landmass from outer space and from the sky above Earth.

Nibirans said they saw, and we much later confirmed, water on planets & moons. Nibiran moon info predated ours and the Sumerians knew first, from what the Nibirans taught them, how the moon formed.

Nibirans and us Earthlings share DNA because, 300,000 years ago, Nibirans juggled genomes more than we have yet. Nibiran geneticists created chimeras–minotar, cyclops, mer-people.

The story Nibirans dictated to the Sumerians accurately predicted modern findings of Earth’s make-up and history. Nibirans long ago told accurately how life evolved on Earth.

Nibirans, with millenia-long lifespans and carefully recorded astronomical observations, taught sumerians 2150 year precession of equinoxes

Nibirans tapped energy from the Earth, capacitated it in pyramidal power plants with hydrated potassium and hydrochloric acid to create microwaves to power their machines. They moved larger, heavier stones greater distances than we now can, and built massive, precisely-fitted buildings. Nibirans used computers, batteries and electrical lighting in ancient times.


Six thousand years ago, men from Nibiru dictated Enuma elish–the Creation Epic–to the Sumerians. From Sumer, The Epic spread to all Earth’s ancient civilizations; the Bible’s Old Testament echos the Enuma.

Our Solar System grew from a gas cloud that circled the Milky Way Galaxy. The cloud circled counterclockwise around its own center. The cloud spread and it cooled. The Sun and planets near the Sun coalesced from the gas cloud too.

A dimmer star, the subbrown dwarf NEMESIS, also precipitated from the gas cloud. Nemesis and our Sun were a binary pair which circled each other. Both the sun and Nemesis developed planets that circled them.

Tiamat, was the first planet to orbit the Sun. Tiamat was mostly water-covered. It rounded the Sun in what would later become the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.






“All parts of the Solar System that oribited the Sun kept moving in the original direction of the cloud, anticlockwise. Planets orbit the Sun in the same direction as the original nebula; so do their satellites” and debris from comets and asteroids that have been captured into orbit around Solaris. Nibiru, we’ll see, orbits the Sun clockwise. [ZS., 1990 Genesis Revisited, page 70]

 The Enuma and clay tablets like the one below depict our solar system half a billion years after the Sun and its planets clarified.  The Nibirans considered Earth the seventh planet because it was the seventh they encountered coming into the inner solar system.

Solar System Diagram2Solar System Diagram3

Solar System Diagram

Solar System Diagram4

The Planet Nibiru revolves around the Dark Subdwarf NEMESIS, (48 astronomical units from Earth) crosses our inner solar system every 3,600 or 3,450 years

.Nemesis & Nibiru 1Nibiru & Nemesis 2Nemesis & Nibiru 3Nemesis & Nibiru 5Nemesis & Nibiru 7

Enuma says how Earth, Moon, and the Asteroid Belt formed when Nibiru entered our solar system.  Our scientists confirm the astronomy Enuma depicts [Sitchin, Z., 2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, page 103].  The summary I give below omits Enuma’s allegorical language, which anthropomophized planets and stars as sentient and capable of choosing behaviors.

Four and a half billion years ago our Sun (then a solitary star) created the planet Tiamat, the proto-Earth. It orbited the Sun counterclockwise.

Then the Sun created Mercury and blasted parts of Mercury as comets and meteorites with water and gold to Tiamat.  If Mercury indeed had gold to transmit, meteorites from Mercury to Earth would contain gold–which in modern times, a meteorite from Mercury did indeed contain gold.

Planet-pairs formed: Venus with Mars, Jupiter with Saturn, Uranus with Neptune.  These planets orbited the Sun counterclockwise, as did Tiamat.

Tiamat lacked a partner-planet, but one of her moons, Kingu, enlarged.  Kingu started to partner with Tiamat as had Venus and Mars. Then Kingu could orbit the Sun, not Tiamat.   But, four billion years ago, before Kingu could orbit the Sun, Nibiru invaded the Solar System clockwise, the planets’ orbits shifted toward Tiamat,” andTiamat and Nibiru sprouted moons.


Nibiru’s gravity tore off a piece of Neptune and pulled the piece clockwise, Nibiru’s direction, into space near Neptune. That’s how Neptune’s moon, Triton, formed and why, unlike other moons in the System, Triton orbits its planet clockwise.
Nibiru strike captioned slide






In the first Proto-Earth/Nibiru meeting, the planets didn’t hit but Nibiru’s smaller moons (“winds”) struck Tiamat, “fracturing her midst, extinguishing her life.” The small moons shattered into retrograde [clockwise] orbiting comets.”

Nibiru Incoming

Nemesis & Nibiru 8Nibiru Smites 2

Nibiru orbits clockwise; other planets orbit counterclockwise.
Nibiru orbits clockwise; other planets orbit counterclockwise.

Kingu, our moon, “turned into a lifeless circler, doomed forever to circle Earth” rather than orbiting the Sun, as it would have been had Nibiru not invaded the Solar System [ZS, 2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, pages 111 – 114].

When Nibiru pierced our Solar System, it lost three of its moons and tore four moons from Uranus. When Nibiru passed Uranus, it tilted Uranus’s orbit.  Nibiru pulled Gaga, Saturn’s largest moon, into clockwise orbit (between Neptune and Uranus). We call Gaga Pluto.

One orbit of Nibiru into the inner solar system forced all Tiamat’s newly sprouted moons from counterclockwise orbit into clockwise orbit.  Tiamat’s new moons circled Nibiru instead of Tiamat and became more “retrograde orbiting comets.”  Nibiru’s perigee sucked off Kingu’s air and blocked Kingu’s orbit around the Sun.  Kingu remained Earth’s moon.

 200 million years ago, North Wind, one of Nibiru’s moons, struck Tiamat.  Then Nibiru itself hit Tiamat and gouged a huge gap, the Pacific Basin,  in it. Chunks of Tiamat, now asteroids, careened into space.  Earth’s what the collisions left of Tiamat.
Nibiru hits Earth4Smite4Smite5

Nibriu and  its moon, North Wind, hit and gouged out the Pacific Basin.  Earth’s crust age is 4 billion years old on continents but only 200 million years old under the Pacific.  The crust measures 12 – 45 miles deep on continents but only 3.5 – 5 miles under the Pacific.  200 million years ago, when North Wind and Nibiru hit Tiamat, no crust at all remained in the Pacific Gap,  only a gaping hole.  After the collisions, silt ran into the hole from the continents and volcanoes spewed lava into it; they created the thinner crust under the Pacific.

Pacific smite2jpg

Pacific smite3

Pacific smite1

North Wind and Nibiru broke Earth’s crust into slabs. Then “Earth evolved and attained the shape of a globe dictated by the forces of gravity, the waters gathered into the cavity on the torn-off side.  Dry land appeared on the other side of the planet. Breakup of the Earth’s crust, plate tectonics, differences between continental and oceanic crusts, emergence of a Pangaea [a single continent] from under the waters, the primordial encircling ocean” led our scientists to confirm the Nibiran model of Earth formed after NorthWind then Nibiru hit Tiamat. [Sitchin, Z., 1990, Genesis Revisited, pages 96 -105].

Pangaia and the Pacific
Pangaia and the Pacific

When North Wind and Nibiru hit Tiamat, they gave it rare molybdenum, needed for enzymatic reactions.  Nibiru and North Wind set a “single genetic code for all terrestrial life.” [Sitchin, Z., 1976, The Twelfth Planet, pages 255 -256; 2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, pages 109-114].

In the Pacific, waters and life-seeds of Nibiru and Tiamat evolved together. [Sitchin, Z., 1976, The Twelfth Planet, pages 255 -256]

Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise orbit (Nibiru at the time revolved around the sun once for every 3,600 times Earth circled the Sun; one Nibiran year equaled 3,600 Earth years).

10,900 B.C.: Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Nibiru toward Earth sooner than 3,600 years.  As Nibiru flew by, Uranus caught Miranda, a moon of Nibiru.  Miranda, now a moon of Uranus, circled it instead of Nibiru. From 10,000 B.C.E. on Uranus has boosted Nibiru’s speed so Nibiru circled the sun every 3450 Earth years rather than every 3600 years.  Nibiru next returns to the inner solar system in 2900A.D. rather than 2012 as predicated on the earlier 3600-year orbit [Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days, pages 315 – 317].


Nibiru acted “as a spacecraft that sailed past all the other planets, gave them a chance at repeated close looks.” [Genesis: 19, 46]

Space map1
Map for Rockets Approaching Earth from Nibiru


Incoming from Nibiru to Earth: Route of Enlil, Commander of Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth, 400,000 years agoSolar System Chart on Sumerian Clay Tablet

On “a clay tablet in the ruins of the Royal Library at Nineva shows how to go through inner solar system [shown above].  Commander Enlil’s route to Earth: The line that inclines at 45o shows “the spaceship’s descent from a point high, high, high, high through vapor clouds and a lower zone that is vaporless, toward the horizontal point, where the skies and ground meet.” [ZS, 12th Planet:275]

“In the skies near the horizontal line, the instructions are ‘set, set, set’ their instruments for the final approach, which should be raised up before reaching the landing point because it had to pass over rugged terrain.” [ZS, 12th Planet:276]

Route back out inner solar system after Nibiru's Perigee with EarthRoute back out inner solar system after Nibiru’s Perigee with Earth


Clay-tablets from Sumer say Mars had water. They show water on asteroids, comets, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and on Saturn’s and Jupiter’s moons. Our astronomers recently confirmed water where Sumerian scribes said.

“Mars once had enough surface water to form a layer several meters deep over the whole surface of the planet. There’s enough water hidden in the crust of Mars to flood the entire planet to 1000 miles deep. Martian canyons may have flowing water in their depths or just below the dry riverbeds. Mars, Venus and Earth confirm Sumerian texts of water ‘below the firmament’ on the inner planets.” [ZS, Genesis: 53 -55]

Uranus: Our scientists only recently confirmed water on Uranus. Sumerian scribes long ago said Nibirans told them water covered Uranus. Before Voyager 2 proved otherwise, our astronomers dismissed the Sumerian “myth” of water on Uranus. They thought Uranus made of gas only. Voyager 2 showed Uranus indeed covered with a 6000 mile layer of “superheated water, its temperature as high as 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit.” [ZS, Genesis: 12]

Neptune: Sumerians scribes wrote on cuneiform that Nibiran goldminers documented the orbit, watery surface and presence of swamp vegetation on Neptune, three billion miles from Earth, long before Le Verrier and Galle “discovered” Neptune in 1846 (when wobbles in the orbit of Uranus–closer to Earth than Neptune¨Caugured “another celestial body beyond it”). In 1976, before Voyager 2 in 1989 showed Neptune’s “floating surry mixture of ice water,” Sitchin published Sumerian records of Neptune as “blue-green, watery, with patches of swamplike vegetation.” [ZS, Genesis: 5 -9]


Sumerians recorded Nibirans’ observations that Neptune and Uranus were “twins.” Rings surround both, satellites orbit both, water covers both and both show blue-green color. Both planets have 16-hour days and “extreme inclination relative to the planets’ axes of rotation. Sumerians recorded this in 4000 B.C.; NASA didn’t get it till 1989, 6000 years later [ZS, Genesis: 13 -14].


Sumerians recorded Nibirans’ hypothesis that satellite moons evolved to planets with their own orbits around the sun instead of around the planet whose satellite they’d been. Modern astronomers too came to this after they saw the twin qualities of Uranus and Neptune, studied Pluto’s orbit and after Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft showed that “in the past decade Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, was a planet-in-the-making whose detachment from Saturn was not completed.” [ZS, Genesis:16 -18].

Scholars dismissed as myths Sumerian tales of moons on outer planets. But Sumerians said their Nibiran gods said they saw moons circling Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. But then, in 1610 A.D., Galileo saw four of Jupiter’s. Before Galileo, “it was unthinkable for a celestial body to have more than one” moon, since Earth had just one.” Mars has 2; Jupiter, more than 16, Saturn, more than 21, Uranus, up to 15 and Neptune, 8. Sumerian knowledge of outer planets’ moons supports the hypothesis that Nibirans saw these moons from of beyond the inner solar system. [ZS, Genesis: 50]


4.6 billion years ago, when Tiamat¨Cthe proto-Earth–orbited Solaris beyond Mars, Tiamat’s moon, Kingu, almost attained solar orbit; but 600 million years later, the planet Nibiru entered the inner Solar System. Nibiru¡’s moon, Evil Wind, hit Tiamat into orbit within Mars’ and left Kingu circling Earth.

Our Pioneer and Voyager probes sent back evidence Kingu formed from Tiamat, the planet that became Earth. Tiamat, then beyond Mars, generated Kingu.

“The laws of angular momentum plus the comparisons of the Moon with that of Earth’s Mantle rule out capture” of the Moon by Earth.)

Glassy material with nickel in the Moon’s rocks show a body (Evil Wind, a moon of Nibiru, say the Sumerians) impacted Kingu 500 Million years after Kingu grew into a Tiamat’s satellite, when Kingu was about to attain planetary orbit around the Sun. Then, “Tiamat was split in two; one half was shattered [and became the asteroids]; the other half, accompanied by Kingu, was thrust into a new orbit to become the Earth and its moon.” [Wood, J., 1984, The Origin of The Moon; ZS, 1990, Genesis: 107 – 131]

The collision depleted most of Kingu’s iron, “resulting in decrease in its density. The mass of the Moon’s core “bears the mark of the “big whack” compressed the moon, just as the Sumerians related.”

Uranium and radon on the Moon decayed into lead. Sitchin wrote, “The Sumerian assertion that Kingu turned into a “pot of lead” is an accurate scientific statement.

“Contrary to views the moon was always inert, it was found in the 1970s and 1980s to possess all attributes of a planet except independent orbit around the Sun: rugged mountains, plains and seas formed by water [or] molten lava. It retained a magnetic field caused by rotation of a molton iron core, heat and water, astrue of Earth and other planets” until the Evil Wind struck it.

“The Moon witnesses the accuracy of ancient knowledge.” Nibirans, who ruled the Sumerians, knew the Moon’s history long before our scientists did.


Nibirans described asteroids as pieces of Earth knocked into space when, four billion years ago, a moon of Nibiru struck Pro-Earth (Tiamat). “Debris from the lower half of Tiamat stretched out into space. Sumerian texts and the biblical version thereof” said the asteroid belt, a bracelet of debris, orbited the sun between Jupiter and Mars, “but our astronomers were not aware of that” until in 1801 Piazzi found the first asteroid, Ceres. “It’s taken modern astronomy centuries to find out what Sumerians knew 6,000 years ago. [ZS, Genesis: 51].  And Ceres, as the Sumerian account of asteroids formed as pieces of the watery Tiamat predicted, exhibits spouting water. a Ceres


The detailed, multigenerational observation Sumerians needed to predict the sun’s apparent shift backward along the line of Earth’s orbit requires 2150 years for each degree of shift. [Lloyd: 2-36]

“The sun’s apparent movement from north to south and back, due to the tilt of 23.5 degrees–causing the seasons–results from the fact that Earth’s axis tilts relative to the plane of its orbit around the sun and is associated with the equinoxes, when the sun passed over the Earth’s equator (once coming and once coming back) times when daytime and nighttime are equal.

“Because of the wobble, the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is retarded each year; the retardation amounts to 1 degree in seventy-two years. Observance of sunrise on the spring equinox in 2160 years is in the preceding [not the following] zodiacal house. In zodiacal time, matching the clockwise direction of Nibiru [all the other planets orbit counterclockwise] [means that] on Earth, in zodiacal time, the Past is the Future.”

Enki devised the division of the ecliptic (the plane of planetary orbits around the sun) into twelve to conform to the twelve member composition he invented. “That gave 30 degrees per house. So “retardation of all twelve houses “added up to 2,160 years. The complete Processional Cycle or “Great Year” added up to 25,920 years. Relating 2160 to the then 3,600 cycle of Nibiru’s return to the inner Solar System, Enki gave us the sexagesimal system of mathematics which multiplied 6 by 10 by 6 by 10.” [Sitchin, Time:20 – 26]

The Precessional movement is so slow ordinary people could not possibly notice this movement in single lifetimes. Sumerians said Nibirans gave them the 2150 year formula so they could determine which of the twelve zodiacal houses–indications of which Nibiran ruled was ascendant.

Contention as to where on the ecliptic the Spring Equinox occurred was critical in the conflict between Ninurta and Marduk in 2156 B.C..

The advanced astronomical observation and its precise recording over hundreds of Earthling lifetimes needed to predict the precession of the equinoxes is totally beyond the capacity of Earthlings without the help of Nibirans’ advanced instruction. [Lloyd: 2-36]

– See more at:


“Earth’s crust, plate tectonics, differences between the continental and oceanic crusts, emergence of Pangaea from under the waters, the primordial encircling ocean: the findings of modern science corroborated ancient knowledge. The only explanation of the way Earth’s landmasses, oceans and atmosphere evolved is a cataclysm four billion years ago. What was that cataclysm? Mankind has possessed the Sumerian answer for six thousand years: The Celestial Battle” between the planets “Nibiru/Marduk and Tiamat [Proto-Earth].” [ZS, Genesis: 88-106]

Sumerian Tale Predicted Earth’s Geo-features: “In the aftermath of the Celestial Battle [in which a moon of Nibiru hit Tiamat, the Pro-Earth, and broke Tiamat into Earth and the Asteroids], Earth evolved into an independent planet and attained the shape of a globe dictated by the forces of gravity. Waters gathered into the cavity on the torn-off side. Dry land appeared on the other side of the planet. Earth’s crust is 12 miles to 45 miles thick; but in parts taken up by oceans the crust is only 3.5 miles thick. While the average elevation of continents is 2,300 feet, the average depth of oceans is 12,500 feet. The thicker continental crust reached much further down into the mantle [rock layer], whereas the oceanic crust is a thin layer of solidified sediments. In the Pacific, the crust has been gouged out at some points 7 miles. If we could remove from the Pacific’s floor the crust built up over the last 200 million years, we arrive at depths 12 miles below the water’s surface and 60 miles below the surface.” [ZS, Genesis: 93- 98]


“Scientists now believe Earths atmosphere reconstituted initially from gasses spewed out from wounded Earth. Clouds thrown up from these eruptions shielded Earth and it began to cool, the vaporized water condensed and came down in torrential rains. Oxidation of rocks and minerals provided the first reservoir of higher levels of oxygen on Earth; plant life added both oxygen and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and started the nitrogen cycle with the aid of bacteria.

The fifth tablet of the Enuma elish describes the gushing lava as Tiamat’s “spittle as it poured forth, “assembling the water clouds; after that the foundations of Earth were raised and the oceans gathered” just as the verses of Genesis reiterated. Thereafter life appeared: green herbage upon the continents and “swarms” in the waters.” [ZS, Genesis:134 (Genesis condenses Enuma.)]

3.4 billion years ago, “clays acted as chemical laboratories where inorganic materials were processed into more complex molecules.  Inorganic proto-organisms in the clay acted as a template from which living organisms [one- celled microscopic algae like today’s blue-green algae] evolved. Defects in the clays acted as sites where stored energy and chemical directions for the formation of proto-organisms developed.” Green algae’s “the precursor of chlorophyllic plants that use sunlight to convert their nutrients to organic compounds, emitting oxygen in the process after algae spread upon dry land. For plantlike forms to process oxygen, they needed rocks containing iron to bind the oxygen; free oxygen was still poison to life forms. Such banded-iron formations sank into ocean bottoms as sediments, the single-celled organisms evolved into multicelled ones in the water.  The covering of the lands with algae preceded the emergence of maritime life” [ZS, Genesis: 136 – 139] .

Crick and Orgel, our Nobel laureate scientists, say, in “Directed Panspermia [Icarus, vol. 19], a technologically advanced society on
another planet in a spaceship with due protection and a life-sustaining environment, seeded Earth” Crick and Orgel “rule out the possibility that the essential genetic material had time to evolve on Earth.” They found the same twenty amino acids in all living organisms on Earth. All Earth’s organisms, when they evolved, incorporated within themselves the same four nucleotides “that and no other. [ZS, Genesis:152].

The Nibirans “figured out the course of evolution on Earth.” The first maritime vertebrates appeared 500 million years ago; land vertebrates, 100 million years later. 225 million years ago, fish abounded in the waters. Sea plants, and amphibians transitioned from water to land.  Plants on land attracted the amphibians to evolve into egg-laying reptiles. Reptiles who flew evolved as birds; those who roamed Earth evolved as dinosaurs. 65 million years ago, dinosaurs came to an abrupt end. “Full agreement here” among the Enuma, Genesis and modern science. [ZS, Genesis:141 – 145].

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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

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