Anunnaki History

Uploaded by TonyTuthill on Jul 31, 2010

Music by ‘king’, Arthur Yoria! Cartoon/music video based on ‘The Lost Book of Enki’ & Sumerian tablet translations of scholar, Zecharia Sitchin. If you have questions/concerns about the subject matter of this video, please consult your clergy, biblical scholar, art historian (or watch/read the Sumerian tablet translations on YouTube).

Some of the ‘high linear’ languages were only deciphered in the mid 1990’s. Scholars say we have ‘Cultural Amnesia’ & have lost touch with the ancient past & keys to our future. This is a ‘very loose’ attempt to tell one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) story in the world! –T.Tuthill

Art: Tony Tuthill ( Illustrator/Designer. Artist & designer for the Venetian Princess, “The Red Shirt Who Lived”, Hailing Frequency, Subspace-Radio, STO-Radio,STO-Zone Live, The Argus Array…

Music (Licensed from): Arthur Yoria.”Houston’s Indy Pop KING”,The OC, Felicity, Camp Jim, Laguna Beach, National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve, National Lampoon’s Breaking Dawn, Domino’s Pizza, Arizona Jeans,, Zig Zag, CBGB’s, Sine’, the Knitting Factory, The Viper Room, Schuba’s, Tasty World, The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe.

Created for the ‘YouTube/Guggenheim Biennial’. Got ART?
Additional artist notes: An attempt to get a grasp on ‘basic’ animation. While also attempting to grasp: squash, stretch, overlaping action, weight, mass, timing, keyframing, in-betweening, style/layout/,story,sound & sequential art.

I learned a lot and look forward to making more videos & continuing to practice the above techniques.
Synopsis: A caricature of Zecharia starts his lecture and clears his throat (Sitchin is always clearing his throat.)The planet Nibiru (Planet of the Crossing) begins to lose atmosphere. The satellite reports temperature drops. Ship commander Enki is dispatched to discover a solution. He comes up with the idea to suspend gold in the Nibiru atmosphere to repair damages.

Lacking gold on Nibiru a search ensues leading to Earth’s abundant deposits. The landing facility in Lebanon (Baalbek. Temple of Jupiter/Cedar Forest) is set up & Nibiru hero-miners are dispatched. Gold shipments to Nibiru begin.

Commander Enki discovers early humans on Earth & is surprised. He gives humans knowledge & an infusion of DNA.

9,000 years pass (I believe it was more like 100,000 years though). Man has florished & established civilization, agriculture/irrigation,the wheel, the plow,mining, masonry,mathmatics,the calendar, engineering, etc.

The Nibiru hero-miners strike & man is sent to the mines.

Enki surrounded by the women. This section of the video is based the Lost Book of Enki AND the Holy Bible passage: “…The sons of God saw the beautiful women and took any they wanted as their wives.” –New Living Translation (2007). The song says: “You think I’d be among the ones with self-control”. It was surprising to me to have read that Enki took a human wife(wives).

The satellite informs Enki & mankind that Nibiru is about to make it’s crossing into the inner solar-system and that this will cause disturbances.

Enki leaves to survey the situation and demonstrates there is nothing he can do to stop the effect Nibiru will have on Earth.

Enki rushes back to Earth to tell the humans to build a ‘submersible’ ark.

The planet Nibiru causes the south pole ice-sheet to slide in the direction of the Persian Gulf, causing the Great Flood & depositing the ark on the twin peaks of Ararat. At this point in the song Arthur pauses & clears his throat again. That is very much like Sitchin again & how he is always clearing his throat when speaking.

The space shuttle rises to greet Enki.

The Guggenheim said: “Show us the future!” In my conclusion with the Space Shutte rising, I believe I have done that. We are on the verge of going WAY OUT in our solar system & galaxy. Advancements in space propulsion technology (like Magnetohydrodynamic & ‘External’ Plasma Propulsion) as well as a new understandings of the fabric of our solar system/galaxy may create a very fast paradigm shift & fast track to the stars.

Also: ‘Exopolitics’ is now a word & the Vatican iteself has some pretty remarkable things to say about WHO is currently ‘out there’ & how we should think about them …or treat them (in the unlikely even we meet 🙂 ).

So. The future: Humans among the stars coming to grips with the fact we are NOT alone & discovering the supreme diety is still the same to us as he is to them. Daily life will continue as usual…but with a much larger neighborhood.

Special thanks to: K’Suan’Indra for her love & support. To, Jake Volcic (my confidant). To, Arthur Yoria, one of the greatest musicians of this time.