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MARS ROVER FOUND ANCIENT BLACK EGYPTIAN PHARAOH’S INTAGLIO: On Web Radio, Whistleblower Reveals Observations he and Obama made on Mars & Secret U.S. Info for Secret Transporter Couriers

by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Mars Spirit rover

Mars Black Pharaoh photo from Spirit rover
Mars Black Pharaoh photo from Spirit rover

Mars Black Pharaoh2


Presidential Candidate and whistleblower Andrew Basiago says, “Solar System catastrophe utterly devastated Mars and Earth [it made Earth’s Deluge].  Our ancestors–advanced, intelligent, tool-using humans as are we–survived at a primitive level. 
“In the early 1970s, our ‘Yellow Book’ lessons (under the U.S. Defense Department’s tutelage) told us that civilization was kick-started again.” 
On Earth, after the Deluge, “Civilization,” Basiago continues, “was re-initiated.”  We Earthlings got a second civilization, a civilization extraterrestrials [Anunnaki-Homo Sapiens from the planet Nibiru] helped reflourished in Sumer 5,000 years ago.  “This,” Basiago says, “explains why both the Masons and Hebrew Bible date the start of civilization 5,000 years ago.”
Basagio’s 5000 member Mars Anomalist Research Group [you can join on Facebook] publishes photographic proof that what they call “high Egyptian civilization” flourished on Mars, before 13,000 B.C., when  Ra-Marduk, Anunnaki ruler of Egypt, ran Mars-Base. 
When Nibiru passed between Jupiter and Mars, the passing destroyed all the advanced development on Mars, Anzu–boss of the Nibiran astronauts on Mars, then (after the Anunnaki executed Anzu for treason) added under Marduk, had created.  Mars had expanded Marsbase, to create recreation facilities, lack of which had fueled Anzu’s rebellion.
Basaigo cites data NASA’s rover Spirit recorded on day Sol 2012, that proves Ra’s Egyptian civilization rocketed to and from Mars.  The Mars Anomalists have published irrefutable evidence of contact between Marduk’s high Egyptian [brought by Marduk’s father, Ptah-Enki, from Sumer-Iraq] civilization and Mars.  
On Spirit’s right side, we see an intaglio–a piece of stamped or carved metal or rock–on a flat slab.  The image stamped or carved on the slab shows an Egyptian pharaoh-someone who possesses both African and European features.
“Egyptians,” says Basiago, “to make peace with their Ethiopian adversaries, adopted the brightest Ethiopian children into their ruling class and groomed them to become pharaohs.”  The pharaoh depicted on the tag “bears a striking resemblance to President Obama, himself a person of mixed racial heritage.
Anunnaki rocketed  supplies to Mars from both Nibiru and Earth.  They used rockets to take people and genetic starts from Nibiru to Earth and  to return Nibirans from Earth and Mars back to Nibiru.  They also freighted refined gold from Mars to Nibiru.  But, Basiago suggests, the Anunnaki had another way to transport goods and people.
The pyramids of both Earth and Mars, Basiago says, may have contained teleportation devices like those our clandestine government has used for the last 50 years.  The transporters in the pyramids of Mars and Earth, he  “were probably transportation devices, like the Tesla Teleporters I confronted in Project Pegasus.  
The transporter devices propagated radiant energy between two straight- or ellipical-shaped armatures we leaped through to literally tunnel to Mars.”  Simialrly, reports from Angkor Wat, report Cambodian traditions of their highest tower, one shaped like an Anunnaki spacecraft (Vimana). The Khmer ruler retired alone each night and experienced a device, mythologized as a snake that turned into a beautiful woman, who took him to the home of the gods on Mount Mashu.  This seems like the same sort of experience Basiago and the pharaohs of pre-diluvian Egypt describe.  
TSIOLKOVSKI RIDGE: Heritage Garden Like Tiahanaco
Basiago, in his paper, The Discovery of Life on Mars, analyzed NASA’s pictures of Tsiolkovski Ridge, found an extensive monument, similar to that found on Earth in the Andes at Tiahuanaco, at the entrance to the Anunnaki base at Ollantaytambo.  
These monuments–Tsiolkovski Ridge on Mars and Tiahuanaco on Earth displayed statuary of the various species that sojourned there.  “Tsiolkovski Ridge is a heritage sculpture-garden in which they left memorials to the groups in antiquity who were reaching Mars.”  Statues there include, in the southern corner of the ridge, “an Asiatic head” like the Budda-heads of Southeast Asia and China–a very rotund face with epicanthic eyefolds.  Epicanthic eyefolds emerged on Earth at the end of the last ice age, 20,000 years ago–before Earth’s Deluge.
“The life on Mars consists of intelligent, bipedal hominids capable of carving statues and building structures and a variety of animal species that exist, that once existed, or that have never existed on Earth. Reptilian species predominate.  Among the numerous colossal heads that litter Tsiolkovski Ridge can be seen a large gold face of the highly articulated Gray species that has appeared in the UFO literature.
“A photograph of the Martian surface that was taken by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit during November 6-9, 2007 and beamed back to Earth” shows earlier Martian settlement [NASA-JPL ; PIA10214]. “This photograph is a panoramic montage of a series of photographs taken by the Rover Spirit from November 6th to 9th, 2007.  At the time that it was taken, the Spirit was perched near the western edge of the plateau called Home Plate in the inner basin of the Columbia Hills range inside Gusev Crater. 
“Artwork on Mars found thus far consists almost entirely of statues of human and animal heads, intaglios carved casually on rocks featuring human and alien faces, and vast etchings carved on the ground conveying human and animal themes. “Giant grotesque heads exist in several places (including The Rock Garden) that are either the skulls of large, dead hominids or sculptures designed to resemble demonic entities, with head and hands rising from below to devour or bury those on the Martian surface.
“The built structures found in the photograph include evidence of stairways leading to ornate rock sculptures of substantial refinement; derelict waterworks; metal works of exotic design that may once have served as viewing platforms, one forming the stylized face of a bovine or reptilian; and several large stone sarcophagi, including the ossuary of a king in the Egyptian style laid on a cliff top and another in the Easter Island style half-buried in the valley below.
There is evidence of extensive digging into the Martian soil.The panorama itself presents massive evidence of a cataclysmic event in Martian history.  The western edge of the Home Base plateau and the West Valley below are littered with the half-buried remains of thousands of victims of an apparent deluge, caught in alluvial deposits like slag heaps that resemble a pebbled moraine. This cataclysm may have been the destruction of the planet Maldek [Tiamat], which created the asteroid belt and pummeled Mars so that it was squeezed into an oblate spheroid and fractured.
The region photographed may be a nature reserve, a fossil dig at a paleological site, or a memorial park related to this cataclysm and the veneration of the fossilized remains present in situ. “Humanoids on Mars are intelligent, social, peaceful beings that do not endanger us. They are cooperative and make art with both high intelligence and a child-like sensibility. The implication of the ancient artifacts is that the Martians are in some way related to us.”
 Mars’ signage, says Basiago,  warns humans of predatory beasts.
  Andrew Basiago is a lawyer enrolled in a US secret space program/CIA mars visitation program/time travel and teleportation programs under DAARPA as a early as age 7, to when he was young adult.  There were 140 kids and 60 adults in the program. He went to Mars regularly for a decade. He time traveled dozens of times.
The program is still active.  As of 1980, 97,000 people were already sent to mars, and only 7,000 have survived on the surface for 3 years.
Basiago recalls being able to breathe, no water on the planet, and he also recalls being greeted by CIA workers upon his first Mars arrival. He says there may bebases on mars that contain hundreds of thousands of people, as revealed by Bob Dean (Project Camelot) at the European exopolitics summit.
LAURA EISENHOWER, Ike’s great grand daughter of a president revealed she was invited to join the secret US colony on mars Laura, 25 years after Basiago & Stillings’ class).

BRETT STILLINGS Stillings also teleported the jump room on Mars.  On one trip to Mars, Stillings found Basiago already there; Basiago stood, right there in the jump room station on Mars, next to Barrack  Obama (who was Barry Soetero then).  Stillings confirms that the jump room training sessions Ed Dames identified both Barack Obama and Basiago as future presidents.


by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)
Mars approach

Extracted from Anunnaki: Gods No More and based on works of Zecharia Sitchin

450,000 years ago, Mars “was a planet with pleasant seasons, flowing water, oceans and rivers, cloudy blue skies and simple plant life. It’s now going through an ice age that started 13,000 years ago.  When the next Martian warm period (interglacial) arrives, Mars will again flow with water.”
Mars Lake 2

Mars goes greater distance and takes more time to orbit around the sun than distance Earth goes and time Earth takes, since Mars’ orbital path stretches longer over its elliptical circuit than Earth’s also elliptical orbit takes.
Orbits Mars & Earth 





Mars’ summers, when Mars passes passes closest to the sun and warms, lasts longer than Earth’s summers.  The length of Mars’ winters, when it’s colder and farthest from Solaris lasts longer than Earth’s winters.   Mars’ seasons last twice as long as Earth’s.  Both Earth and Mars rotate on their own axes in about 24 hours, so they have equivalent cycles of day and night.

Mars also has both longer colder glacial periods and longer warmer interglacial periods than Earth.  Mars’ cycle of glacial and interglacial periods is 50,000 years; Earth’s glacial/interglacial cycle’s only 41,000 years.  When the Enki, Anzu and crew first  landed on Mars, Mars was in its warm, interglacial phase, when its waters flowed on its surface.  [ZS,Genesis: 232 -234]


“Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king. Anu to the palace was escorted.”

“Alalu to the palace did not return. From the crowds he stealthily escaped; of dying like Lahma he was fearful. Unbeknownst to others, to the place of the celestial chariots [rockets] he hurriedly went. Into a missle-throwing chariot Alalu climbed; its hatch behind him he closed. The forepart chamber he entered; the commander’s seat he occupied. In the celestial boat Alalu from Nibiru escaped. To snow-hued Earth, Alalu set his course.” [ZS, Enki: 24 – 39]


Alalu nuked asteroids en-route to Earth and, 440,000 Earth years ago, he landed on marshy land near Basra, on the Persian Gulf and waded ashore. He confirmed gold. He targeted Nibiru with missiles. “The Speaker-of-Words he stirred up; toward Nibiru the words to carry, “On another world I am, the gold of salvation I have found. The fate of Nibiru is in my hands. To my conditions you must give heed! Return my throne [ZS, Enki: 60]

On Nibiru, the Council heard Alalu’s demands.

Enki said he’d rocket to Earth and see if it had enough gold to send miners. “If from gold dust of Earth a shield for Nibiru its atmosphere to save,” said Enki, “let Alalu Earth rule as King. For kingship on Nibiru, let him wrestle Anu. Let me in a chariot [rocket] to Earth journey, a path through the Bracelet [Asteroids] with water, not fire I shall fashion. On Earth, from the waters let me the precious gold to obtain; to Nibiru back it will be sent.”  So Anu sent son Enki to Earth to mollify Alalu. Enki could mediate between Anu and Alalu, since Alalu was Enki’s father-in-law.

To Earth with Enki, Anu also sent Alalu’s grandson, pilot Anzu (an astro-navigation expert), and fifty men. The name, “Anzu,” means ‘He Who Knows the Heavens’ or astronavigator. Anzu charted the course toward the Sun.

Enki diverted water from the ship’s engine-cooling system to a water cannon. With the cannon, he blasted rocks from his course though the asteroid belt. “Critical Water depleted,” Anzu warned; “engine failure immanent.” Mars’ waters could save them.


Enki and Anzu landed on Mars which had water and air too.
Mars Lake 2

The water was good for drinking but the air was insufficient for breathing; they needed their Eagle’s helmets to breathe.” On Mars, they drew water from a lake.” [Sumerian clay tablets show water on Mars long before Twenty-First Century scientists found water traces there]. [Tellinger, Slave Species: 432]

Rocket’s water renewed, Enki launched for Earth, “its gold Nibiru’s fate for salvation or doom containing.” [ZS, Enki: 71]


When Anu and his sons divided rule of Nibiru and Earth, “Forward toward Anu Alalu stepped, shouted, ‘Mastery of Earth to me was allotted; that was the promise when the gold finds to Nibiru I announced! Nor have I the claim to Nibiru’s throne forsaken. [ZS, Enki : 93]

Anu wrestled Alalu. They grappled.[Sitchin, Wars:86] “Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring, ‘I am King.”

Alalu vs aNU







But when Anu lifted his foot from Alalu, “swiftly he the manhood of Anu bit off, the malehood of Anu Alalu did swallow.” [ZS, Wars: 94]

Enlil subdued and tied Alalu while Enki gave Anu first-aid. Anu groaned, “Maroon Alalu on Mars, I shall. Slowly will he die from my flesh ingested, “His flesh killed anyone who ate it.

So Anu, en-route to Nibiru, left Alalu with food and tools on Mars. On Mars also, Anu left Anzu to tend the ex-King as he died. [Tellinger, Slave Species:438]

On Nibiru, Anu ordered freight rockets to shuttle from Earth and its moon, as well as other planets and satellites between Nibiru and the sun.

The Nibirans much later had Sumerian scribes, identify, for Nibiran pilots, that Mars could give them “water  as they passed Saturn and Jupiter.” This inscription shows Sumerians knew Mars had water long before modern probes confirmed this long ridiculed fact. Adding still more credence to the Sumerian recording of Nibirans’ dictates about their route from Nibiru, the scribes made a chart that showed Mars as the “planet where the right course is set, turn right.” 


The King sent daughter Ninmah with female medical officers to Earth. “On Mars stop,” he said, “If Anzu lives, to him give men to there a base start.”

On the shores of a lake on Mars Ninmah found Alalu Theand Anzu dead but she revived Anzu. To honor Alalu who found the gold that could save Nibiru, “The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain [Cyndonia] with beams they [Ninmah’s crew and Anzu] carved. They showed Alalu wearing an eagle’s helmet; his face they made uncovered.”  Alalu’s head, the Cyndonia statue, climbed a full half mile. 

Before she left Mars for Earth, Ninmah, as Anu had ordered, gave Anzu twenty astronauts from her company and told them to build a way-station for the gold freighters.*  They, and later shipments of workers built three pyramids, which they used as power stations for the complex they built near Alalu’s statue.  * [ZS, Genesis: 232 -271; Enki: 104].



From Marsbase, Anzu ruled 300 Nibirans, a space station that circled Earth and the shuttle service.  His men, the Igigi, rocketed to Sippar and loaded gold from submersibles up from Africa.  Anzu’s men on Mars took the gold to Nibiru, where scientists powdered and spread it in the air. “Slowly was the breach in the heavens healing.” [ZS, Enki: 117; Time: 232]

From Mars, Anzu and the Igigi demanded Enlil better their work-conditions, issue more elixir and build a recreation center on Earth.  Anu, from Nibiru, ordered Anzu to Earth to talk with Enlil.  The King told Enlil to show Anzu everything.   At Nippur [Iraq], Enlil wouldn’t, at first, show the Durnaki control room to Anzu.  Enlil told Anzu, “I alone rule all Earth operations: You and the Igigi must obey, not challenge, me.” 

Enki, however, told Enlil to show the gold mining, refining and transport system to Anzu.  “Get Anzu to keep his men on the job.”    So Enlil told Anzu, “Let’s cover ourselves with sterile clothes for the restricted area.”   But when Enlil stripped, Anzu stole his keys, slipped into the control room and seized the crystals [computers] that ran Sumer’s spaceport and cities.

Anzu forced pilot Abgal to take him to the spaceport,, where Anzu’s men declared Anzu King of Earth and Mars.  Anzu turned off vital services at headquarters (Nibru-ki), cut Earth-Nibiru communications, and, from his aircraft, buzzed Enlilite positions.  

Ninurta launched his jet and shot Anzu down.  Then the Ninurta freed Abgal, retrieved the crystals that controlled the Expedition’s facilities. Finally, the Champ captured Anzu and dragged him before Enlil.

The Seven Who Judge–Enki, Damkina, Marduk, Nannar, Enlil, Ninmah and Ninurta–found Anzu guilty of treason.  Ninurta executed him “with a killing ray.”  Enlil ordered Marduk to display Anzu’s body on Mars, then bury him there; let the astronauts see Ninurta kills rebels. [ZS, Wars: 95 -102, 124–Drawing of cylinder seal VA/243, Berlin Museum]

In a few thousand years, Adapted Earthlings workers (whom Enki, Ninmah, and Enki’s son Ningishzidda bred with the Nibiran genome, clay, copper and a few proto-Bigfoot [Erectus] genes)  proliferated.  They worked the African mines and submersible cargo boats that, in just ten days, brought the gold from the mines to Bad-Tibira in Sumer to smelt, refine and form into portable ingots for transshipment to Mars.  “The vital gold to Nibiru was coming; steadily.  Nibiru’s atmosphere was slowly healing.” Nibirans shuttled to and from Earth and took gold to and from the base on Mars.[ZS, Lost Realms: 232; Enki: 151; Giants: 99]


When Nibiru crossed between Jupiter and Mars, Nibiru’s gravity jounced planets and disrupted Nibiru’s atmosphere. When, 300,000 years ago, Nibiru crossed, hurricanes and “brimstones” hit Earth’s Moon.  The crossing agitated atmosphere, ignited volcanoes, and loosed mighty earthquakes on Earth.  Nibiru’s crossing battered Mars too then.  It ruined the astronaut base, destroyed the smelting plant and wrecked the transshipment warehouses on Mars.  Marduk, Mars’ manager, asked Enlil to employ him on Earth.  Commander Enlil beamed King Anu on Nibirum who replied: No more gold transshipment from Mars.  Rockets had to take gold right from Sumer to Nibiru.  So Anu ended gold transfer on Mars and with it, Marduk’s job as Operations Boss.  Out of a job, and passed over for command of the Astronauts on Earth–Enlil gave that job to Marduk’s cousin Utu–Marduk proclaimed he’d marry Sarpanit, daughter of his dad’s Adapted Earthling overseer, Erkime.

The Nibiran astronauts, called the Igigi, rebuilt Mars’ base.

In 3450 B.C., Enlil let Marduk and Sarpanit wed at Eridu [Basara].  But he ordered the couple, after the ceremony at Eridu, to retire to Egypt (henceforth Marduk’s fief) within Enki’s Africa.  “A great multitude of Civilized Earthlings in Eridu assembled.  Young Igigi from Lahmu [Mars] in great numbers came.” They captured 200 beautiful Earthlings and forced Enlil to let them settle on Earth and build lineages.

When, 13,000 years ago, the Deluge threatened, Enlil ordered Marduk and his followers to shelter on Mars and the lineages the Igigi from Mars had begat to shelter atop Earth’s peaks till the waters receded.


To Baalbek [Lebanon] Enlil summonsed Nibirans who survived the flood on the Earth’s peaks and the astronauts in spacecraft orbiting the planet.  He also called in Nannar from the moon and Marduk from Mars.

Marduk reported Mars “By the passage of Nibiru was devastated. Its atmosphere was sucked out, its waters evaporated, a place of dust storms it is.”

* Thousands of years later, Marduk’s armies threatened Enlil and his Enlilite lineage.  Enlil shifted the Nibiran gold-shipping from southeast Africa to Tianhanaco and Pumapunku atop the Andes.  Sumerian clay tablets identify Mars as “a source of water for Nibiran astronauts as they passed Saturn and Jupiter.”  On Sumerian planet-lists, “Mars was called ‘Planet where the right course is set’, showing a right turn at Mars.”

 At Tiahuanaco Ninurta and Adad-Viracocha laid out power-generator and space-marker pyramids. On  Mars’ “Inca City” area, Sitchin discerned interlocking huge stone blocks, like those found at Sacsahuaman, Peru.  A chunk of these blocks, probably moulded into a cement with the Anunnaki equivalent of our Brown’s gas, buried itself as a meteorite in Antarctica [Mariner 9 photo frame 4212-15].  

Anunnaki pyramids on Earth, and probably on Mars too, amplified vibrations from the planet pumping stagnant water beneath them, boosting it with the controlled explosive  release of hydrogen gas and further magnified with crystals to meet their power needs.  Nibiran-built pyramids on Earth, and probably on Mars too, amplified vibrations from their planets.  The pyramids pumped stagnant water under them.  The pumped water sent a pulse upward in the pyramids.  To boost this ascending pulse, they fed hydrogen chloride and hydrated zinc though stone ducts into an explosion chambers.  The HCL and zinc combined in the chambers and sent an ongoing controlled explosive release of hydrogen gas upward through a series of crystal amplifiers.  The pulse thus enhanced exited the tops of the pyramids as perpetual microwaves out the pyramids tops to meet their power needs.

 H generation in Queens Chamber Giza Pyramid H Channel1H generation in Queens Chamber Giza Pyramid H Channel

H generation in Queens Chamber Giza Pyramid H Channel3Pyramid to saucer

 Pyramid as power house

Inside Anunnaki pyramids, after the hydrogen gas exploded and amplified the pulse from the pool beneath, crystals, says Christopher Dunn, amplified it’s with crystals, as shown:

Crystals amplify microwave in Giza's Great Pyramid
Crystals amplified microwave in Giza’s Great Pyramid

The Nibirans set out Earth’s pyramids both in Giza and Tiahuanaco exactly as they’d set out Mars’ pyramids just west of Alalu’s statue.  Near Cyndonia, they raised beds of crops they irrigated  from canals that reached the nearby lake [NASA Frame 52-A-35, Plate L].

On both Mars and Giza, the Nibirans marked their pyramids’ entrances with statues.  On Mars, the mile-high statue that fronted their big pyramid featured Alalu’s face [Viking photo 76-A-593/17384].  Alalau’s head rose a half-mile above Mars’ plateau.  In Egypt, where the Nibirans built the Giza complex much later,  around 10,500 B.C., the statue of a crouching lion (Sphinx) initially featured the face of Ningishzidda-Thoth, who’d designed the complex.  In 3100 B.C., Marduk-Ra displaced Ningishzidda from Egypt.   Marduk replaced Ningishzidda’s face on the Sphinx withthe face of his murdered son, Osiris.  The face of  the Sphinx face mirrored Alalu’s statue’s face on Mars.
Earth Mars Pyramid collageGiza’s on right; Mars, left.

The complex of statue and pyramids the Nibirans laid out at Giza (around 10,500 B.C.) served as beacon for incoming rockets.  On Earth, incoming rockets could sight a line from Mount Ararat in Turkey–Earth’s most obvious natural marker–to the Sinai Landing Corridor.  This mirrored their layout on Mars.  The entire Cyndonia plan marked a path in line with Olympus Mars, Mar’s most obvious visible (15 miles high) natural marker for Mar’s Utopian area.  The Utopian area on Mars featured “a pentagonal structure[NASA frame 086-A-07] and a runway next to evidence of mining [NASA frame086-A-08, PlatesI and J]. The runway led “to an elevated structure of geometric design with straight sides and pierlike teeth on one side–a structure now mostly buried under windblown sands–to the shore of what was once a lake.”  

Other photos of Mars “show tracks on an escarpment above the great canyon in the Valles Marineris near the Martian Equator.”  These tracks, like those at Nazca, crisscross in a way that natural tracks would not. 

At Tiahuanaco, canals connected the  Nibirans’ structures  to Lake Titicaca, just as on Mars, canals connected their structures  to an adjacent lake.  

At Tiahuanaco, the main buildings were the Kalasasaya, a square hollowed out pyramid they used for astronomical readings, and one called the Akapana, “engineered to process ores.”

The nearing (perigee) of Nibiru to the inner solar system, 11,000B.C., destroyed the Nibiran space facilities in Iraq.  The nearing also threw a huge boulder on the north wall of the big pyramid on Mars, just west of Alalu’s statue.  The wall of this pyramid on Mars crumbled in the great onslaught.  The rain of debris and proximity of Nibiru to Mars also vaporized Mars’ surface water and stripped away its atmosphere.  The  north corner of the pyramid just west of Alalu’s statue at Cyndonia was crushed by a huge boulder, probably during the same 11,000 B.C. nearing of Nibiru to Earth, the same perigee that caused Earth’s Deluge.  The smashed pyramid at Cyndonia was fed water from the nearby lake by “an array of large piers, just as at Pumapunku  [ZS, Genesis: 232 -271; Plate H].

Sitchin wrote, and Basiago confirms, Mars’ “ancient space base has been reactivated in our own time.”



References click here

Anunnaki Chronology Link click-me

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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)


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