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Almost dying or considering your death can be enlightening. People who barely escape death mature and feel more connected to life.  Survivors of falls, near-drowning, combat, cardiac arrest and attempted suicide wind-up more spiritual, joyous and relaxed than before. Golden Gate suicide survivors–miserable when they leaped–transformed as they fell.  In the seconds before they hit water, they reviewed their lives. 

Rescued, they started solving their problems; they savored life, helped others and valued the divine more. East Indians deployed doom to spur the spiritual.  They threw a disturbed man to de-fanged cobras or to an elephant, trained to charge but not crush.  Or they staged a trial, sentence, execution and last-minute pardon.  American Plains Indians, initiating youths to spiritual adulthood, also staged near-fatal ordeals.  Amazon Indians to this day evoke psychedelic death-visions in new shamans. 

Patients in psychedelic therapy–legal in the U.S. till the ’50s–likewise experienced dying, karmic life-review and spiritual deepening. People of every age, culture and religion who die then revive report similar experiences.  You know you died, feel peace, float out of your body.  Loving relatives and friends who already died guide you to a light.  A Being of Light reviews your life and shows you its purpose: learning and love. When you almost die, you appreciate life more, take joyous responsibility, think more clearly and upset yourself less about trivia. After a near-death, you believe in an afterlife and no longer fear death.  You love others more and seek further education.  You connect with everyone and everything.


The spirits of people you treasured who died before you do appear to you in your final days to help you adapt to the new existence that you’ll experience as a disembodied spirit.  You do not have to be one of a “Chosen Few” Judeo-Christian dogmatists say you need for “Redemption”; deathbed visions are “peaceful and highly positive and prepare you for transcendence.” Deathbed visions tune you to the Soul Dimension.

The spirits of your treasured persons who died before you appear to you in your final days of life to help you adapt to your new existence as a disembodied spirit.  Your dead loved ones, as disembodied souls, live in the soul-dimension as whole personalities “with intelligence, perception, intention and will.”

When you die and at ceremonies for you, spirits of your dead parents and loved ones stand above or near your body.  They’re with your spirit whenever a living loved one approaches your coffin, grave, or memorial.  Souls of babies that predeceased you may appear as young adults in the visions you get.

If you had great loves who already passed, they stay with you.  When you too die, you stay in constant contact with your still living beloveds. [Hardy, 2020: 52,65-75]

Example of Near Death Experience: Russell Brinegar’s *

August 2009, mowing, I was having a heart attack. Something surreal crept over me.  I was separated from my girlfriend Julie and yet I felt her presence.  Then my mother and father, who were still living along with my brother, my estranged daughter and my best friend Marty drew close to me in the yard. 

“August 2009, mowing, I was having a heart attack. Something surreal crept over me.  I was separated from my girlfriend Julie and yet I felt her presence.  Then my mother and father, who were still living along with my brother, my estranged daughter and my best friend Marty drew close to me in the yard. 

After a few minutes, a transcendent vision of me was standing in the midst of a small group of discarnate individuals who were close to me in this life, along with an immortal version of myself and an accompanying presence of some complex machine.

“I realized, if I chose to, right then, I could leave my physical body behind to join welcoming, familiar people from my life who were there for me.  Though I knew all these individuals were still alive in the material world, here they were with me in a restored version of themselves, simultaneously existing in a separate, immortal, electronic reality.  I sensed this transcended aspect of their consciousness was keenly aware of their earthly forms.  However their earthbound versions were not aware of the transcended aspect of their being I was experiencing.  They were all alive with an aspect of their consciousness temporarily inhabiting physical bodies on Earth simultaneously as a future version of themselves with no knowledge that they were now with me as a future version of themselves who had drawn with me to comfort me and welcome me to their immortal world.

“They beckoned ‘You may cross over now if you wish, we welcome you, but you have a choice.  Our earthly selves would miss you.  We have more life to share with you here on Earth, but if you chose, we will welcome you here with this version of ourselves and join us now as one of us.  We urge you to consider staying with the earthly version of us for a while longer.’” [Brinegar, 2016:1-9]

“All these people were alive in the distant future, a realm in which all of us who are alive have parted from this present world into a realm ahead of us.  These recognizable, immortal, etheric entities, one of whom was me, were still alive with an aspect of their consciousness temporarily inhabiting physical bodies on Earth simultaneously.

“I realized that, as we live our lives on Earth, we all simultaneously exist in another realm as a transcended being, completely outside time and space.”

When Bringear almost died of a heart attack and had a near-death experience (NDE) he experienced the underlying interdimensional nature of reality and lived to study UFOs and the paranormal. Building on his NDE, he delved into the supernatural, the reality of flying saucers and their occupants, influences of UFO lore, and the ultimate purposes of the UFOs that have haunted Earth for millennia.

ATTEND YOUR OWN FUNERAL: Do-It-Yourself Experiential Cues

Imagine a way you–but nobody else you know–are dying.  Describe your death scene and what leads up to it in the present tense, as though it happens as you tell it. Put your body in the physical position it has as it dies.

Notice who’s present when you die.  Describe the situation.  What would you do if you still could?  How would that feel?

Say goodbye to each of the people you loved.  Address each in turn and say your final words to them.  

Tell each of them any unfinished feelings you have for each of them. 

Tell them withholds–secrets, desires you held back. 

Say what you appreciate, your loving feelings and physical impulses toward them. 

What negative conclusions you draw from this life that you’re now completing? 

What vengeful thoughts do you still have as you die? 

What jealous thoughts do you have at your death scene?  Say what you failed at in this life.  Relate your successes in this life.

 What positive conclusions do you draw from this life you’re now exiting? 

 What grateful, forgiving and loving thoughts are you dying with?  Say your last thoughts aloud.

What’re your last words? 

What does the life you’re exiting leave you feeling emotionally?  

What angry feelings do you have as you leave this life?  What resentments do you carry to your death? 

If you want to let go of those thoughts, rather than carry them to future lives, express those resentments to those involved now.  See them in your mind’s eye and talk aloud to them.

 Recall any sad or hopeless emotions you have as you leave this life.  What are your regrets? 

What bitter feelings do you have as you leave this life?  What fears do you carry as you leave this life?     

 What pains or physical traumas do you experience as you die?

If you’re female and have the spirits of any babies in your abdomen, talk to them aloud and release their spirits.

Express aloud emotions stored in injured, abused or neglected parts of your body before you die, so you don’t take these feelings on to future embodiments.  If your wounds were perpetrated by another person, express your feelings to him or her.  If you injured or abused yourself, just express the emotions of your hurt aloud.

What’re the last things you see?  Notice the last thing you hear.  Say the last things you touch, smell and taste. 

Move and make sounds as you experience your death.  Feel life ebbing from you. [Allow several minutes, at least]


Imagine that you are laid out as you might be in a coffin, urn, or other funerary receptacle.  (Lie in a position of a body in a coffin.) You’re going to go to your own funeral.

 See all the people who have come to your funeral.  See them all. 

There may be someone whom you’re surprised to see at your funeral.  See if there’s someone like that. 

Is there someone at your funeral who’s glad you’re dead?  Take a look. 

Notice if someone at your funeral wishes he or she were dead instead of you. 

See the flowers people sent to your funeral.   See them all.  See and smell each bouquet separately. 

Who sent you which flowers?  

There’s music at your funeral.  Hear the music.” 

The people at your funeral come, one by one, to view your remains and pay their last respects to you. 

The first  person to view your earthly remains is someone who you loved deeply when you were alive.  Who is this person? 

         (the person’s name) approaches your coffin (or urn), you know what she (or he) is feeling and thinking.   

Become  (name.”)  As voice your feelings and thoughts toward (partner’s name).        

Now you’re quite dead, you cannot respond or reply to this person whom you loved.   But if you could reply, what would you say at your funeral to this person you loved?”    

If you were still able to move, how would you like to touch this person? 

And now that person moves on, and the next person comes up to your coffin.  This is a person who, when you were alive, loved you a great deal.  Become this person, view and express your thoughts and feelings toward the deceased.

If you weren’t dead, and you still had one last chance to respond to this person who loved you, what would you do and how would you move toward this person?

The next person to come up to your lifeless form is someone who, in life, you had difficulty with. Who is this person? 

Become this person and state your existence as you look from his or her eyes at your remains.    

Become yourself, dead, again.  Reply to this person as you might and move as you might if you weren’t dead.

From your funerary receptacle, successively CONFRONT EACH PERSON of emotional to you present at your imaginary funeral.  For each, successively become the viewer and voice thoughts and feelings as the other views your remains.  You then identify with yourself in the coffin or urn and respond as you would were not dead.

Now that you’re dead you can reflect on a decision you were making in life and know clearly what you should have decided.  What should have decided?

Your EULOGY-is about to begin.  Notice who rises to speak about your life and its meaning.  Who is this person and what do you feel about his (or her) speech?

Become the eulogizer and summarize, moralize and review the life of the deceased (you) and the meaning of the life you led. 

Now become yourself as you hear your eulogy.  Do you agree with what the eulogizer is saying?  Are there parts you disagree about? 

This is your last party.  Speak aloud to everyone there, tell them all about yourself, your mistakes, suffering, love and longings.  No longer do you need to protect yourself.  It’s your last party; you can explode, be miserable, pitiful, insignificant or despicable.  At your funeral, you can be yourself.  

Imagine your coffin is being covered (or your ashes are about to be cast, etc.) The light is shut off from your corpse.  Your coffin is lowered into the ground.  Then the handful, then shovels full of earth cover you.  The world as you knew it is distant.  

Are any disembodied souls or demonic spirits attached to you?  Review what you know about them. 

See, from above, the people nearby.  Try, but fail to talk to and touch them.  Realize you died. 


Whoosh down a tunnel, then up toward the light.  Let the spirits of loved ones who already died extend their hands to guide you and take you to the place of karmic review.  Who reaches out to guide you up toward the light? 

Let your guides take you to the loving beings of Light, the Karmic Guides or the Life-Review Committee.  Let them show you, by giving you direct experiences, the main events of your life and their consequences for others.  What do you see? 

Witness and feel the love you gave and the love you got.  What did you need to learn from your life? What did you need to experience that life? 

At what, if any, point, did things go wrong? 

What was the meaning of that life, taken as a whole? 

What would you do differently, if you had it to do again? 

What did you contribute to humanity, to the consciousness of the cosmos?   

Find in the spirit world, one-by-one, the spirits of those you hurt, betrayed or abandoned.  What do you have to say to each of them? 

If you failed in this life, communicate with the spirits of those whom you let down.  Let them forgive and comfort you.  Remember what they say. Can you forgive yourself?

Find in the spirit world, one-by-one, the spirits of people who hurt, betrayed or abandoned-you.  Let each of them, in turn, use your voice and talk to you. 

And, now that you’re in the spirit world too, what do you have to say to each of them? 

Dialogue aloud with any disembodied spirits attached to you from the life you just lived.  Tell them to find their loved ones here in the light and to leave you now.   Converse aloud with any demonic spirits attached to you from the life you just lived.  Tell them, “Look within and see that you, too, are of the light.  So go now to your appointed place in the light.” 

Imagine that the Beings of Light have decided that your tenure in the life you just reviewed shouldn’t be over so soon, that you’re being sent back to complete missions.  What’re your assignments? 

If it was hard to forgive yourself for anything, let the Karmic Guides assign you tasks to balance your karma.  You need not make up your karma with the same persons you hurt or failed.  What are your karma-balancing tasks? 

Return to this world. Wiggle your toes. Open and close your hands. Stretch. Swallow twice. Open your eyes; look at three things you enjoy seeing.

Return to this world. Wiggle your toes. Open and close your hands. Stretch. Swallow twice. Open your eyes; look at three things you enjoy seeing. Listen to three sounds you enjoy. Say your name and today’s date.

* Brinegar’s story is featured in the EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES 


Until the recent past kept their encounters private to avoid ridicule, punishment or even pluralistic ignorance of how many millions have had ET, paranormal or spiritual experiences. They and you too maybe have had 3D encounters, near-death experiences, rebirths, remote views, astral visits, guide visitations, ghosts communication, teleportation, entheogenic journeys, hypnotic regressions and deep meditations. You’ve boarded alien craft, been on Admiralty, Corporate and extraterrestrial bases.

Together, let us lower the veils of the perverted paradigm that shroud the loving oneness that is our spirit-right. Remember who we really are beneath the matrix; our souls remember we are one with each other and all.

According to the latest surveys, millions have been abducted by aliens. One contactee revealed that he was told by ET that all human beings are taken at punctuated periods of their lives, tested and analyzed for various factors known only by ET, and then some are chosen for ongoing contact throughout their lives. Based on that information we’re all experiencers yet don’t know it because the memories of our encounters are blocked.

Abductees are among the groups that are studied by Experiencer organizations such as F.R.E.E. aka The Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. According to their website (www.experiencer.org), experiencer categories include: NDEs (near death experiences), OBEs (out of body experiences), Hallucinogenic/Entheogenic natural substances, hypnotic regression, Mystical Meditation Travel, Channeling, Remote Viewing, and human encounters with non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences. Thus we focus on all types of paranormal contact experiences.

is a manual for you to experience advanced tantra and teach it to other people.
**TEACH TANTRA includes experientials for dealing with death in death’s many forms.

You learn to teach lovers and others how to: 
* Master advanced tantra techniques 
* Open all energy vortexes (chakras) to each other 
* Refine relations 
* Encourage female ejaculation and master male ejaculatory control
* Find meaning and purpose in relationships and life
* Reprogram parent imprints that diminish sex and love

* Get satisfaction and sustain sex 
* Mutually make more in sexualloving 
* Delve dreams and pastlives 
* Worship women and gratify guys

Also by the Lessins:

guides you through experiences that help you:
* Love each other more and better 
* Open your energy vortexes (chakras) to each other 
* Share your diverse inner-voices 
* Learn what hurts and scares your Inner Kids 
* Discern when to lower your subself shields 
* Share vulnerability and connect with each other 
* Synergize your inner selves’ dance within and between you 
* Refine how you relate 

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