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Indians Boated To The Americas Across Pacific And Atlantic: Web Radio, Article, Illustrations

by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)

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Nibirans brought Cain's descendants, African technicians and Semitic Overseers across the Pacific to South America, then Central America.

Homo Sapiens from the planet Nibiru brought Cain’s descendants, African technicians and Semitic Overseers across the Pacific to South America, then Central America S America migration of Cain descendants2jpg

Descendants of Cain–the “Indians”–ie, the Beardless Ones–crossed the landbridge between Siberia and Alaska met the Maya, a civilization that amalgamated Black, Semitic and new migrants (also descended from Cain) coming north from South America.  The Nibiran took newcomers from the Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan to South and Central America.  The Indians coming south met the Indians coming north in Teotihuacan in southern Mexico over 10,000 years ago.

 But some 2000 years before the Great Flood of  11,000 BC, Adad-Viracocha and his brother Ninurta, Champion of Enlil, Commander or the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth, created a huge landing platform and initial base camp at Pumapunku, 12,000 feet high (in Bolivia) half a mile from the later city of Tiahuanaco in Peru. He recruited Ka-in’s descendants (Amerinds) as laborers.  “How tools to make and music to play he taught them.  How in mining to engage and smelt and refine he showed them. How to build rafts of balsam wood trees, to cross a great sea he then guided.  In a new land a domain they established, a city with twin towers they built.  A domain beyond the seas it was.” [Enki: 203]

They built Tiahuanaco later with help from our Earthling ancestors from Mesopotamia, Africa and Pakistan–as well as Greys.  Adad kept his aircraft in a base beneath Lake Titicaca [similar to the U.S. Grey-Military base beneath Johnston Atoll in the Pacific].

Background of the Beardless Ones from East of Eden

13,000 years ago, Enki, Chief Scientist of the goldmining expedition from Nibiru to Earth, thwarted Commander Enlil/ (Yahweh).

Enki-Adoni, Chief Scientist, Overlord of Africa and Master of Waterways for Nibiru’s Earth Expedition











Enlil, Commander of the goldmining expedition to Earth.






The Commander, at a Council of Leaders he convened in Sumer (Iraq), ordered death for every hybrid adapted worker-slave. He called our ancestors “Earthlings.” Enlil hid info about a coming astronomical disaster that would kill us all; he tabooed saving our species.

Enlil said he’d let Nibiran miners and astronauts with families with us Earthlings know that soon Nibiru’s gravity as it passes Jupiter and Mars, would slide Antarctica’s icesheet into the South Sea. Waves would cover Mesopotamia. Millions of us Earthlings in the cities, goldmines, and South African power grid would drown.

Nibirans with Earthling families, he said, must “Leave for high ground.” The Expedition bosses would ride out the flood in spacecraft or shelter on Mars or the Moon. But we Earthlings must, he said, drown in flood.

“No Earthling survivors.” Enlil looked straight at Enki, his brother and rival. “Leak this to your pet Earthlings–the expendable short-term workers you engineered–and you’re dead. We won’t get out alive if Earthlings learn the flood’s coming and swarm of the spaceport.” The Commander further justified our extinction: our demise would put the Expedition into compliance with the Planetary Settlement no-slavery rule.

We Earthlings, genetically Homo Sapien, just like the Nibirans (well, almost like them; they lack foreskins and are a few feet taller), yet Enlil lacked any empathy with or compassion for us. Enki, sister Ninmah and his son Thoth, engineered and, in Enki’s case, begat us. To adapt the Nibiran genome to Earth, Enki added a few Neanderthal/Erectus genes. Ninmah added copper, reddish-brown African clay to our genome. They wanted us smart enough to obey, but short-lived enough to accept slavery, for only a thousand or so Nibirans controlled millions of us. Enlil and the Nibirans saw us as disposable mine, farm, army and brothel units. When the ice slid, Enlil would achieve his goal: destroy us, the pet Earthlings Enki so lauded. We’d served our purpose: mining enough gold to cloak Nibiru. Now we must all die.

But Enki thwarted Enlil.

Galzu, an emissary of the terraformers, gave Enki a computer program (called an ME) of a submarine in which at least the Earthling Noah, whom Enki had just begat with his Overseer’s wife, could survive. Enki realized Galzu was an emissary of the Prime Creator. Enki then chose to defy the Commander, but secretly.

At Noah’s settlement in Iraq (Basara), Enki slipped the Galzu’s program into Noah’s wall-computer.

Galzu give Pgm to Noah

Galzu directs Enki’s arm tossing the data program for the submersible to Noah’s computer bank.  Enki is shown upon his snake symbol.

Enki told Noah to say, “My people build this boat to sail to Enki’s place in Africa [Great Zimbabwe].” When Noah and his clan finished the sub, Enki’s Nibiran son, Ninagal, came to pilot it.

13,000 years ago, “in the Whiteland, at the Earth’s bottom, off its foundation, the icesheet slipped. By Nibiru’s netforce it was pulled into the south sea. A tidal wave arose, northward spreading. The wave, several hundred metres high, moved northward from Antarctica at 500 km per hour, like a giant circle around the world; it destroyed all lands lower than 2,000 metres above sea level.” [Slave Species: 472 – 473] “The boat of Noah the tidal wave from its moorings lifted. Though completely submerged, not a drop of water into it did enter. For forty days, waves and storms swept Earth, downing everything on the planet except those on mountaintops and in Noah’s boat.” [Enki: 227]

Ninagal surfaced, raised sail and steered to Mt Ararata (Turkey), where Ziusudra built a huge signal fire and roasted a lamb to honor Enki.

Enki and Enlil came down in helicopters from their rockets. “When Enlil the survivors saw, Ninagal among them, `Every Earthling had to perish,‘ he with fury shouted. At Enki with anger he lunged, to kill his brother with bare hands he was ready.”

Ninagal radioed Enlil’s sister, Chief Medical Officer Ninmah, and Ninurta, Enlil’s son and Champion,“Bring your whirlers down quick.”

Enki implored the Commander, “’Noah is no mere mortal, my son he is,’ Enki to Ziusudra [Noah] pointing. `To a reed wall I spoke, not Noah.‘” Ninurta and Ninmah restrained Enlil.  Enki told them the Creator-of-All made him save the Earthlings. Enki’d seen Galzu, messager of the Prime Creator, in a dream. Then, said Enki, when he woke, next to his bed he kicked a tablet from Galzu. The tablet, which Enki downloaded into the ME he put into Noah’s wall, showed Noah how to build the submersible.

Together, Enki, Ninurta and Nimah convinced Enlil to spare Enki. “End your rivalry with Enki,” they told him. “The survival of mankind the will of the Creator-of-All must be.”

Enlil, when he found out that Nibiru had also, in its nearing Earth, lost it’s cover of white powder of monoatomic gold and now Nibiru wanted more gold from Earth, pardoned Enki. Enki and Enlil coordinated their efforts to repopulate and resettle Sumer and to get more gold for the homeplanet. [ZS, Enki: 228 – 229].

When the floodwaters receded, people could live in the mountains. But the lowlands–the Spaceport at Sippar, all of Sumer, Enki’s goldmining and energy-generating stone circles in south Africa–lay under mud, silt. Less than a thousand Earthlings dug alive from scattered mountain caves to a world of mud. [Freer: Sapiens Arising:110]

Enki’s youngest son, Adad,(also called Ishkar, Tehub, Viracocha, Hadad, Raman, Rimac and Thunderer) ruled the Hittites of the Near East. He recruited metallurgists from the Hittites for the high altitude facilities in the Andes.

Adad-Viracocha and his seal at Paracas Bay, Peru, 130 Miles from Nazca runways
Adad-Viracocha and his seal at Paracas Bay, Peru, 130 Miles from Nazca runways
Lake Titicaca area: Pumapunca, the Landing Platform, is in Bolivia, 1/4 mile from Tiahuanaco, where humans pilgrims from all over the Earth, as well as Greys and conehead ETs are honored on a wall
Lake Titicaca area: Pumapunca, the Landing Platform, is in Bolivia, 1/4 mile from Tiahuanaco, where humans pilgrims from all over the Earth, as well as Greys and conehead ETs are honored on a wall

The Gateway in Tiahuanaco to nearby Pumapunku Basecamp; Viracocha, above gateway, is surrounded by Igigi astronauts.

Tiahuanaco Gateway to Pumapunku, where Viracocha made base camp2 Tiahuanaco Gateway to Pumapunku, where Viracocha made base camp3Adad added his men to some of Cain’s descendants, the Beardless Ones (descendants of Cain, whom geneticist Thoth, to punish Cain for murdering his brother, had engineered to lack facial hair), who’d sheltered from the Deluge on an island in Lake Titicaca. Adad organized his workers to build palaces for him and his Nibiran Overseers as well as to expand Andean mineral refineries. [ZS, Time: 247]

Early Sumerian script is inscribed in a gold bowl from Tiahuanaco; this evidence, shown below, proves the presence of Middle Easterners in the Andes [Childress, Ancient Aliens, Season 4, Disk 2]
Tiahuanaco and Sumer 3000 BC predeluvian scipt in metal museum in La Paz Bolivia AA s4d2 1-03-57



Ninurta brought more Beardless Ones to South America. He rounded up those who survived in the mountains of Eurasia and he had them build a balsa raft fleet. The fleet crossed the Pacific. The fleet commander, Naymlap, in the lead boat, held a green stone–a speaking GPS. A Nibiran voice broadcast from the stone the fleet, gave sailing and other instructions across the Pacific to Cape Santa Helena, Equador.


Naymlap, guided by green stone communication device.





The voice from the stone continued on land; it ordered the “Indians” up the Andes.

 The communicator told them how to farm, build structures and make handicrafts in their new home.





Adad had the newcomers help build the cities and airports of Pacific and Gulf South America. He put them to work in his tin factory at Tianhuanco.  40,000 people or so lived at Tiahuanaco.

Enroute across the Pacific to South America, migrants engraved rocks with the script they used in Sumer and South America.

Back in Sumer,“From the Deluge in 11,000B.C., 7200 years passed. Earthlings proliferated, from mountainlands to dried lowlands. Of Civilized Mankind Ziusudra there were descendants, with Nibiran seed they were intermixed. Offspring of the Astronaut Service (Igigi) who married Earthlings roamed about. In the distant lands Cain’s kinfolk survived.” Together, the Nibirans and we Earthlings reclaimed Sumer. We rebuilt on the silt that covered the Expedition chiefs’ predeluvian homes–Enki’s Eridu and Enlil’s Nibru-ki.  [ Enki: 203; Lost Realms: 194]

The Nibirans taught us to make bricks of Sumer’s mud. They showed us how to make tin into bronze, an alloy that could work the hard diorite-panels with which we faced the mud bricks. With bronze we made weapons and tools.

But “Few and lofty were the Anunnaki who from Nibiru had come, few were their perfect [genetically unmixed with Earthlings] descendants. How over Mankind lofty to remain, how to make the many the few obey and serve. About all that, about the future the leaders with King Anu on Nibiru words exchanged. To come to Earth Anu decided.” For Anu’s visit to Earth, they built Unug-ki, a temple in Uruk where neither Enki nor Enlil ruled.

Anu, Nibiru’s King (his aircraft shown as eagle), father of Heir, Commander Enlil and of the Expedition’s Chief Scientist, Enki





In 3800 B.C., Anu and his wife Antu landed at Tilmun, the rocket base on the Sinai Peninsula. Enki, Enlil and Ninmah–Anu’s three children–greeted them [Enki: 262 -268]. Anu said, “Divine Formulas, Enki, with other gods share, so urban centers establish they can. Civilization to all Sumer grant.” [Wars: 193-194]


“Anu to his great-granddaughter Inanna took a liking; he drew her closely, he hugged and kissed her.” At Anu’s temple at Uruk, Sumer’s sacred precinct, Anu’s wife, Antu, taught Inanna tantric sexual meditations and how to channel the sexual energy she and Anu would share to elevate their whole clan. Then Antu ritually gave Inanna to Anu. Antu and the Nibiran elite meditated outside the love-chamber as Anu and Inanna coupled. Antu and the Nibiran royals shared ecstasy, epiphany and satori. “The sexual experience was a merging of energies which enhanced the creative powers of both partners and the aggregate of their race.” [ZS, Enki: 273], Encounters:166 -176; Giants: 75]
Inanna Aphrodite

Inanna (Greek version)



On his sixth day on Earth, Anu called Ninmah, Enlil and Enki to the palace they’d built him. There, Enlil told Anu of abundant gold in the Andes.

Enlil, Anu, Ninmah and Enki together reasoned that the Prime Creator had, via Galzu, made them protect and develop the Earthlings they created in the lab and bred in bed. They decided:

Knowledge Mankind to provide. Cities of Man to establish, therein sacred precincts abodes for the Nibirans create. Kingship as on Nibiru on Earth establish, crown and scepter to a chosen man give, by him the word of the Nibirans to the people convey, work and dexterity to enforce; in the sacred precincts a priesthood to establish, the Nibirans as lofty lords to serve and worship. Secret knowledge to be taught, civilization to Mankind convey.

Nibirans “brought down from heaven symbols of King Anu’s military dictator-kingship: divine headdress (crown, tiara); scepter of staff (symbol of power, authority); and coiled measuring cord (representing Justice); these symbols appear in divine investiture depictions at all times in which the god or goddess grants these objects to a new king.” [ZS, Enki, 271 – 272; Giants: 127] The Nibirans turned Earthlings’ palace-servant duties into religious rituals that persist to this day. “Serving Nibiran meats became burnt offerings. The table became an altar. The transportation of the local Anunnaki ruler on a dias became a procession of statues. Nibirans’ palaces became temples.” [Freer, Sapiens Arising]

Anu decreed four regions on Earth, three–Sumer, Egypt and Africa, and Indus Valley–whom Ziusudra’s descendants would govern for the Nibirans; one reserved for Nibirans.

Region 1: Enlilites’: Enlil and his lineage named kings, men descended from Noah’s sons, Shem and Japhet the Fair, through whom they ruled Sumer. By 7400 B.C., Shem, and his successors ran nations from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. Around 3800 B.C., Shem’ s descendants settled the ex-spaceport area of Iraq and the Landing Place at Lebanon. Japhet’s issue ruled lands in Asia Minor, the Black and Caspian Sea areas, as well as the nearby coasts and islands, as they recovered from the flood.

Region 2: Enkiites’: Anu said Enki and his descendants would rule Egypt and Africa though successors of Ziusudra’s son Ham the Dark. Ham’s line ruled Canaan, Cush, Mizra’im, Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya from the highlands and spreading to the reclaimed lowlands.

Region 3: Inanna’s: Inanna would rule the Indus Valley (to settle around 2800 B.C.) as a grain-source for the other regions.

Region 4: Ninmah’s: Ninmah reigned in The forth region, Tilmun (Sinai). Anu reserved Sinai for Nibirans and their descendants. [Wars: 129-135; Enki: 271 – 272]

Anu and Antu flew (In the skyship Anu would leave to Inanna) with Ninurta to the Andes, to the Tiahuanancu temple, observatory and metallurgy (tin) works Ninurta’d built. The King saw the Spaceport on the 200 square mile Pampa plain below where. On the runway, “Anu and Antu’s celestial chariot stood ready, with gold to the brim it was loaded.” [Lost Realms: 255; Enki : 272 – 275; Journeys: 206]


Anu ordered Marduk from exile in North America to Tiahuanaco. Anu’s predecessor Alalu had long ago married Enki to his daughter Damkina and she bore Marduk/Ra. Though Alalu and Anu agreed Marduk would succeed Alalu as Nibiru’s King, Anu deposed Alalu. Marduk enraged Nibiru when he married hybrid Adapite Earthling, Sarpanit. Then Marduk supported the Nibiran Astronauts when they seized 200 Earthling wives and at Baalbek, the pre-flood Landing Platform in Lebanon. The Nibiran Council punished Marduk: banned him from the homeplanet and forbade him to ever rule there.
Marduk in space chair



Anu thought he hurt Marduk when, some 200,000 years ago, he favored Marduk’s brothers Dumuzi and Thoth/Ningishzidda and invited them, but not Marduk, to Nibiru. Anu wondered if “by Dumuzi and Ningishzidda to Nibiru inviting, Marduk’s ire I myself have caused.”

Marduk and Nabu, Marduk’s son with Sarpanit, came to the King and told him Sarpanit died. Anu pardoned Marduk and commuted his exile.  [Enki: 272]

“Anu said, ‘If Mankind, not Anunnaki, to inherit the Earth is destined, let us destiny help. Give Mankind knowledge, up to a measure secrets of heaven and Earth them teach, laws of justice and righteousness teach them, then depart and leave.[Enki: 275]

After Anu and Antu flew back to Nibiru, their rocket filled with gold, Marduk raged at the regions of influence Anu gave his rivals. Marduk said Inanna blamed him for Dumuzi’s death which she herself caused. Now, Marduk whined, Inanna consorted with Anu, who gave her reign over the Indus Basin, as well as Uruk. Enlil told Adad to guard the Enlilite South American facilities from Marduk while the other Nibiran Earth Mission leaders returned to Sumer.

When Sumer’s tin supply in Bohemia and Saxony along the Danube ran out, Adad brought his Cassite metallugists from Asia Minor to the bronze works around Lake Titicaca–Huanaco and Tiahuanaco. By 2200BC, the Andes produced all the tin Eurasia needed.

Adad’s cousin Thoth (known in the Americas as Quetzlcoatl or Kukluklan) “and his African followers worked with Adad to built an observatory as well as bronze and gold-processing sites around Tiahuanaco. They created a huge landing platform at Ollantaytambu. Thoth and Adad planned the Andean cities in visual grid from Tiahuanaco.

Pumapunca, Bolivia, built by Nibirans before Tiahuanaco
Pumapunku, Bolivia, built by Nibirans before Tiahuanaco
Pumapunka Tiahuanco Bolivia, landing platform and heads of Earthlings, Conehead ETs and Greys
Pumapunku Tiahuanco Bolivia, landing platform
Wall of Earthlings and others at Pumapunka
Wall of Earthlings and others at Tiahuanco; Gate arch above is entry to Viracocha’s Pumapunku basecamp
Pumapunku, Ancient Aliens reconstruction-Season 4, Disk 2, Ch 10
Pumapunku, Ancient Aliens reconstruction-Season 4, Disk 2, Ch 10
Pumapunku Tiahuanco Bolivia, landing platform reconstruct by Ancient Aliens (op cit)
Pumapunku Tiahuanco Bolivia, landing platform reconstruct by Ancient Aliens (op cit)

Closeup of wall at Pumapunka Closeup of wall at Pumapunka

Head of a Grey at Pumapunku from Childress, 2012, Ancient Aliens, Season 4, Disk 2 Head of a Grey in above wall at Tiahuanaco from Childress, 2012, Ancient Aliens, Season 4, Disk 2

 Georgio Tsoukalos, in Ancient Aliens, tells the ancients’ tale, that the stones traveled through the air, and moved precisely into place in a single night [Tsoukalos, Ancient Aliens Season 4 Disk 2 Chapter 10]

Michael Tellinger, in Temples of the African gods, shows how the such trumpet-shaped stones were used in South Africa to generate energy and move megaliths.

Tiahuanaco Adad Statue part of Pumapuka in Bolivia

 Adad–bearded, not Indian-Statue part of the Pumapuka complex of Tiahuanaco, the Enlilite city of 40,000 Earthlings in Bolivia


Around 13,000 years ago, Viracocha, son of Enlil, Commander of the Goldmining Expedition to Earth from the planet Nibiru, built Pumapunku, a landing platform.  His workers  later a shrine at Tiahuanco, a quarter of a mile away.    He  surrounded Pumapumku with a moat and ran canals to Tiahuanaco with water from Lake Titicaca, 15 miles away.  He got his workers to dig and line canals that linked hydroponic agricultural and genetic-breeding terraces.  The geneticists developed 200 potato types as worker-feed.

Tiahuanaco gave pilgrims a shrine, to behold Pumapumku, landing place of the Nibiran gods. Representations of Tiahanaco’s pilgrims remain in its remains.

Gateway at Tiahuanaco leads to Viracocha's basecamp at Pumapunku Ancient Aliens, S4D2Ch10
Gateway at Tiahuanaco leads to Viracocha’s basecamp at Pumapunku Ancient Aliens, S4D2Ch10


Ollantaytambu, Peru
Ollantaytambu, Peru

chan-chan-chimu-peru-Nannar's fief in PeruChan-chan of the Chimu, Peru–older brother Nannar’s fief





The Africans with Thoth became the Olmecs of Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. Indian revolts in Yucatan drove Mayans ever southward to Chavin, Adad’s city in the northern Peru. [Enki:199, 275-276; Lost Realms: 195, 204-205, 220-222, 235; Mayan Story’s at



In the reign of Chavin’s 12th ruler, Giants with metal implements disembarked on the coast and settled the whole coast. Then the giants, “moved inland into the mountains.” “The giants provoked the wrath of the Great God [Nannar or Adad] and he destroyed them. In 400BC, The Indians overwhelmedThoth’s mixed Olmec/Semite Mayan band at Chavin. [Lost Realms:193]

By 2600 BC tin from Tiahuanaco replenished petered-out supplies of the Danube. “Suddenly, fresh supplies appeared ca 2200BC to end the tin crisis and save civilization” around the Mediterranean, Anatolia and Pakistan. Cassites, related to Adad’s Hittites, carried Sumerian technology and art motifs to the Andes. Hittite and Indus Valley-type monuments on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and in the Andes bear script like the Hittites’. The Cassites and their laborers reached South America sailing west around the tip of Africa and across the Atlantic to Brazil or sailing eastward, around the tip of Indochina and the island archipelago. Then across the Pacific to Ecuador and Peru.” [Lost Realms:150]


Evidence of Nazca, the last Nibiran spaceport on Earth, includes 740 take-off trails atop huge scraped drawings [geogylphs] of “known and imaginary animals and birds made by removing the topsoil several inches, executed with one continuous line that curves and twists without crossing over itself.

Rocket runway, Nazca, Peru
Rocket runway, Nazca, Peru

Nazca rocket

Nasca monkey geoglyph
Nasca monkey geoglyph

Bird geoglyph atop take-off trails at Nazca

Bird geogyph, Nazca
Bird geogyph, Nazca





Attempts to show that a horde of workers working at ground level and using scrapers could have created these images failed. Someone airborne used a soil-blasting device to doodle on the ground below.“The feet-deep ’Candelabra’ in nearby Bay of Paracas was obtained in the same way” by aircraft “equipped with some ray gun gizmo.

Nibiran pilots used “the Nazca flatlands in their final spaceport, doodling for fun while killing time before takeoffs.” [Journeys: 192 -211]

Long flight lines criss-cross the flatlands. “Nazca Lines run straight–sometimes narrow, sometimes wide, sometimes short, sometimes long–over hills and vales no matter the shape of the terrain.” The lines “crisscross each other, sometimes they run over and ignore animal drawings. The lines run straight over uneven terrain, ignoring hills, ravines, gullies. They are not runways. They are the result, writes Sitchin, of takeoffs by craft taking off and leaving on the ground below ‘lines’ created by their engine’s exhaust.” However, on a nearby mountain, lines of grooves outline a landing corridor; “circles and squares form a cross, as in a modern heliport.”

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