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HORUS by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., (Antropology, U.C.L.A.)

HORUS by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., (Antropology, U.C.L.A.)

Enki, Chief Scientist of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition and African operations, moved to Elephantine (Abu) Island near Aswan (Syene). From Abu, Enki (now called Ptah) ruled Egypt. His Earthlings built dams, dykes and tunnels and controlled the Nile’s flow to the Mediterranean. Then Enki abdicated and gave Marduk, (now Ra) official rule of Egypt and its Earthlings. He divvied Africa among his sons. Marduk ruled Egypt, Nergal ruled southern Africa. Enki kept Gibil (whom he’d taught metalworking) in north Africa’s mining region and gave Ninagal the Great Lakes and headwaters of the Nile. Enki gave the grazing region, further north (Sudan) to his youngest son, Dumuzi.[ZS, Wars:Wars: 126 -127, 242 – 248, 346]


In 11,000 B.C., before the Deluge, Marduk, Sarpanit, and their sons, Osiris (Asar) and Seth (aka Satu or Enshag) sheltered with Marsbase’s Igigi Commander, Shamgaz. Osiris and Seth married Shamgaz’s girls, Isis (aka Asra–Ningishzidda’s child with Marduk’s granddaughter). Osiris married Isis. Seth married Nephys (aka Nebat). [ZS, Enki: 243 – 244.]

“Shamgaz with Seth connected and bonded.” The full siblingship of Seth and Neptys disqualified their offspring from rulership. Osiris and Isis lived near Marduk in the northern lowlands of Lower Egypt. Seth and Nebat settled in southern Upper Egypt’s mountains, near Shamgaz’s villa and the Lebanon Landing Platform. Shamgaz and Nebat told Seth that while Osiris lived he and the Astronauts would lack good fiefs on Earth. Osiris, Shamgaz argued, lived near Marduk. So Osiris, said Shamaz, will succeed Marduk and rule of the fertile lower Nile. Only Upper Egypt for you and the Igigi.

So Seth, Nephys and Shamgaz decided to kill Osiris. Shamgaz and Seth invited Osiris to an Astronaut and Royals banquet honoring Aso, Ethiopia’s visiting Queen. Shamgaz drugged Osiris’s wine, and when Osiris passed out, sealed him in a coffin they tossed in the sea.

Shamgaz & Seth sealed Osiris in a coffin

Word of Osiris’s murder reached Isis, Sarpanit and Marduk. They retrieved
Osiris’s coffin from the sea.

Seth said he, as Marduk’s sole surviving son, ruled all Egypt.

Papa Marduk wanted Seth dead for killing Osiris but Grandpa Enki forbade this.
Instead, Enki had Isis extract semen from Osiris’s corpse and inseminate herself
with it.

Isis said, “I carry Osiris’ son. Our son, not Seth should rule Lower Egypt.”
She hid and bore Horus (Horon) to fight Seth and avenge Osiris. Shamgaz and the
astronauts ignored Isis.

Isis raised Horus to avenge Osiris

The Igigi astronauts spread their estates and their Earthling armies from
Lebanon all the way to the edge of Ninmah’s neutral Jerusalem region. They
advanced toward the Interplanetary Landing Zone on Sinai.

Meanwhile, in Upper Egypt, Marduk’s brother Gibil tutored Horus to manhood.
Gibil taught Horus to pilot aircraft, made multi-headed missiles for him and
taught him and his Earthlings to smelt IRON and make iron weapons. Horus’ army
marched on Sinai.

Seth, rather than face Horus’s better-weaponed army, dared Horus to an air


Horus flew his fighter toward Seth, who hit him with a poison dart missile.
Ningishzidda gave Horus an antidote and a “blinding weapon.” Horus hit Seth
with the weapon, then with a missile called the harpoon. Blind, Seth crashed,
his testicles squashed; Horus bound him and dragged him before the Council.

The Council, though Canaan was reserved for Enlilites and their Earthlings, let
Seth live there. The Council had ordered Enkiite Nibirans and Earthlings
descended from Ziusudra’s son Ham restricted to Africa, but the Ham-ites defied
the Council and occupied Canaan. The Council let Seth live among these
Enkiites. Seth soon ruled Canaan.

Seth’s rule in Canaan meant Enkiites controlled the Giza Spacecraft
Marker-Pyramid, the control tower and runways on Sinai, and the new Mission
Control Jerusalem.


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