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by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.).


The Big Think
The Big Think

Our genetic creators, the Anunnaki, didn’t consider themselves gods, though they made us call them gods.  The Anunnaki prayed to the Creator of All and believed the Creator had manipulated them, through the Emissary Galzu, to foster us Earthlings.


Sky Father ANU


King of Nibiru.  Anu deposed Alalu as Nibiru’s King and then ran Nibiru as a military dictatorship. Anu begat Enki, his eldest, Enlil, his legal heir and daughter Ninmah and sent them and the goldmining expedition to Earth. Anu visited Earth 400,000 years ago to set up the Expedition, visited again 300,000 years ago to settle the Nibiran miners’ strike Enki staged to justify mine slaves adapted from the Nibiran Homo Sapien genome with genetic material from Homo Erectus.  When Anu visited again in 3,840 BCE, he took Inanna, his great granddaughter, as concubine. He divided Earth among his descendants. Anu believed that the Creator of All, through Galzu, got the Anunnaki to create and save the adapted Earthling race. 

War God: ENLIL

Enlil as his zodiac avatar, Leo
Enlil as his zodiac avatar, Leo






  A Nibiran, also known as Set, Jehovah, Jupiter, and, in Egypt, “The Bull.”  Assyrians called Enlil “Ashur;” Jews called him “Yahweh.”   Legal heir to Anu, Enlil commanded the Earth Goldmining Expedition.  He fathered Ninurta with his (and Enki’s) sister Ninmah.  Expedition Leaders forced Enlil to marry Sud, whom he’d raped and impregnated.  Enlil and Sud (elevated as his wife to “Ninlil) begat Nannar and Adad.    Enlil ordered Earthlings drowned in the Deluge (here he’s Yahweh), but let Enki’s line of Earthlings who survived rule Earth for the Expedition.  Enlil murdered thousands of both his rivals’ Earthlings and his own Earthling followers.  

Fertility God: ENKI

ENKI Enki in Greek versionEnki in Greek version       





Also known as Ea, Nidimmud, Adonai, Poseidon, Yam, Neptune, Aquarius, Ptah, Khnemu, Buzur, Serpent, Nahash, Hephaestus, Vulcan, Merlin and sometimes, Melchzdek, Enki graphed as entwined serpents. Born Anu’s Firstborn Son but not legal heir–that was Enlil–on Nibiru, Enki betrothed sister Ninmah but Anu forbade their marriage when Enlil impregnated her. Enki instead married King Alalu’s daughter, Damkina.  They parented Marduk, Alalu’s heir.  When Alalu failed to secure gold to sprinkle over and save Nibiru’s atmosphere, Anu deposed him and Alalu fled to the Persian Gulf on Earth, aimed his nukes at Nibiru, and demanded his throne back.  So, 450,000 years ago, Anu sent Enki to on Earth to pacify father-in-law Alalu.  Enki and his pilot Abgal hid the nuclear missiles Alalu had brought to Earth.       

Anu made Enki, under Enlil’s overall command, master of Basara as well as Chief of Africa, Goldmining Operations and the Seas.  Ninmah joined Enki and they had many daughters, whom Enki kept impregnating.  Enki, his son Ningishzidda (whom Enki fathered with Ereshkigal) and Ninmah, created our Nibiran/Erectus hybrid ancestors as the solution to a mutiny of Nibiran astronauts working in the South African mines.  Enki fomented the mutiny just to get Enlil to support genetic creation of mine Earthlings to replace the Nibiran astronauts. Each generation, Enki mated with the prettiest females born to the hybrids; he multiplied the ratio of Nibiran to Erectus genes in our stock. He gave his part-Earthling son Ziasudra a computer program that showed Ziasudra how to build the submersible to save his community.      

Goddess of Compassion, Mediation:

Ninmah (aka Ninharsag, Ninti, Mammi, Hathor, Isis, Athena, Minerva), Nibiran-born, youngest daughter of King Anu. Ninmah 2 pixThe King ended her betrothal to her eldest brother, Enki, when she and Enlil, her next brother, begat Ninurta.  She took female Nibiran Medical Practitioners and grape starts to Sharuppak (Iraq) on Earth.  Enroute, she stopped on Mars where she found Alalu dead.  She revived Anzu, marooned with Alalu.  Her crew made a massive stone monument, a rendering of Alalu, facing the sky, at Cyndonia.  Ninmah left Anzu with 20 men to start Marsbase and flew on to Earth.       

On Earth, she loved Enki and bore him many girls, including both Ninsun, mother of Gilgamesh and Gestinianna, Nishzidda’s consort.  With Enki, and with his son Ningishzidda, Ninmah created us, today’s Earthlings.  Ninmah tutored Enki’s son Ziasudra, the learned patriarch of Sumer.  Ninmah voted on the ruling Anunnaki Council, where she repeatedly supported Earthlings. On Mount Ararat, Turkey, after the Deluge, 11,000 BCE, Ninmah forced Enlil to spare the Earthlings.  He could govern them, she said, through Ziasudra and his male descendants. Enlil gave Ninmah rule of the entire Sinai–Tilmun (Land of Missiles–as neutral turf between his Enlilite lineage and Enki’s.  In 8670 BCE Ninmah mediated war between the Enlilite lineage (her son Ninurta’s) and the Enkiites, who were holed up in the Giza Pyramid. Enlil, Enki and Ninurta installed Ninmah in a Sinai palace where Enlil titled her “Ninharsag, Mistress of the Mountainhead.” 



Contemplate an ancient god to whom you feel either attracted or repelled. Identify with it; become it.  As it, say your NAME out loud.  As this god of old, say WHAT YOU ARE LIKE.

Become yourself again.  Ask the god a QUESTION.

Be the god again and reply.  As the god, tell the person playing you WHAT YOU WANT of her or him and what you need.

Be yourself again.  Tell the god the realistic LIMITATIONS you, as a socially conscious person, enmeshed with family, friends and institutions must live.  Have a dialogue with the god about its expression and your limits.  Shift between being the god and yourself as appropriate. 

Ask the god if it has rivals. Establish a similar DIALOGUE with any RIVAL GODS suggested by the one with whom you initially spoke. Alternately become each rival god and dialogue with the other god until you and they feel unity your underlying unity.

Imagine the god you personified is the core of one of your inner voices.  Become–IDENTIFY WITH–THE VOICE THAT ECHOES THE GOD you enacted in the exercise.  As that inner voice, say what you need of the person who enacted you so your person, from her or his CENTER, can coordinate your needs into her or his ecology this week.

Disidentify with your inner voice that resonates with the god and instead, identify with your person’s chooser, her or his CENTER.  As Center, say how you’ll express this inner voice this week.
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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)


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