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ET Ambassadors, Contactees & Supersoldier: Vilas-Boas, Lessin, Bradley, El Ka, Dean, Wilde, Brinegar, Lindsey, Hawker, Rodriques, Walton, Cooper, Ross, Tremaine, Titor, Ross, Orozco, Hernandez, Aurora, Stone, Lalish, Basiago, Crawford, Perala, Green, Cramer, Johnson, Johnston, Adamski, Jansen & Onec–Youtubes & Raps

Aloha. I’m Dr. Sasha Lessin. Wife Janet and I are hypnotherapists. We specialize in nonordinary consciousness, including alien contact.  Colleague Karen Christine Patrick and John Polk joined us for some of the radio shows below as we interviewed hero whistleblowers, ET ambassadors and genetic donors.

Hear Bob Dean, Russell Brinegar, Gloria Hawker, Penny Bradley, Travis Walton, Tony Rodriques, El Ka, Michael Salla, Daniel Cooper, Nancy Tremaine, Gen. John Titor II, Suzanne Ross, Barbara Jean Lindsey, Clifford Stone, Travis Walton, Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramer, Ken Johnston, George Green, Sherry Wilde, Miesha Johnston, Cynthia Crawford, Robert Peralta, Janet Kira Lessin, Reinerio Hernandez, Hildregard Gmeiser, Nadine Lalich, Geraldine Orozco, Aurora, Olaf Jansen, Onec and others share their experiences.

Click on the sound band, arrows or yellow dot in the upper left-hand corner of the interviewee’s photo for each entry below to listen; okay to skip around. I’m adding hotlinks to most of the interviews below. If you click the links, you get extended information pages to which you can click through for illustrations, experiencer bios an publications and contact info on each.



From FIRST CONTACT * (Dragon at the End of Time Series) by Janet Kira Lessin [pp 61-68]

Antonio Vilas-Boas, a Brazilian farmer at his homestead close to São Francisco de Sales,  said that extraterrestrials abducted him in 1957, when he was 23 years old. 


As he worked his tractor at night (to avoid scorching daytime heat), Boas saw what looked like a “crimson star” in the sky.  ). As the light came closer, he saw a red beacon at the front of a shiny, egg-shape atop which a dome rotated.

The ship stretched 3 legs, stabilized itself in the plowed dirt, and landed next to Boas.  He initially tried to escape on his tractor, but its lights and motor shut down after a few yards.  Four people, about 5 feet tall, who wore grey coveralls and helmets, emerged and came toward Boas.  He jumped off the tractor and ran.

One of the people, obviously a human of some sort, caught him.  It had tiny, blue eyes and made noises that sounded to Boas like barks or yelps. Three entities that looked alike helped the first one overpower Boas.  They pulled him into their ship, stripped him, covered him head-to-toe with a strange gel, and examined him.

The saucer people took Boas next into a large semicircular room through a doorway with red symbols. Boas memorized the symbols (reproduced in our graphic), where they drew blood from his chin. Then they took him to a third room and left him alone for 30 minutes or so and pumped gas into the room. The gas made Boas violently ill.

The humanoids took the confused Boas into a semicircular room. This room featured red symbols on its walls. His captors took his blood samples, left him alone, then pumped a strange gas that nauseated him.

As he recovered from his nauseous, his captors brought him into another room into which entered a beautiful 5-foot tall humanoid female, naked with a small, pointed chin, large, blue catlike eyes, and long, white, platinum-blonde hair on her head. She had bright red hair above her vagina and under her arms.

Though she spoke not a word, Boas said he felt strongly attracted to her.  They copulated twice but did not kiss.  However, during coitus, the female nipped him on the chin.
When he was sated, she smiled at him, rubbed her belly, and smilingly pointed to the scythe way does. She pointed to her lower belly, indicating her womb.  She rubbed her belly and pointed upwards to the sky [the way Giorgio Tsoukalos does]. Her gesture, Boas said, meant they conceived a child to raise on another world or in space.

He said that the female showed signs of relief that they had fulfilled their mission.

Listen to “ET Experiencer Kira’s Contact Part I” on Spreaker.

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Listen to “Starseed Awakening with Miesha Johnston 2015 09 19” on Spreaker.
Listen to "Starseed Awakening-Janet, Sasha, Miesha~09/26/15" on Spreaker.

Janet Kira Lessin wrote “Journey of Souls, Book 1: Pierce the Veil”--the story of her hero’s journey through consciousness. Janet tells how at eighteen months of age, Masons ritually evoked her spirit and how she stayed connected to the paranormal her whole life. Extraterrestrials revived her from a brutal rape she suffered at age 4. They foretold her role in helping humanity survive and thrive.

In 1996, a team of Grey Aliens and American soldiers abducted Janet from her dorm on Johnston Atoll in the Pacific. They took her in a USO to a base under the atoll. There, twelve-foot Nordic-looking extraterrestrial humans, the Anunnaki, marched with her to a huge female dragon. The Dragon readied Janet to speak for modern feminine Homo sapien aspirations before the Galactic Federation. The Dragon opened Janet to the consciousness of Ninmah, Mother of Humanity, charged with creating a civilized civilization based on peace, love, and partnership.

The audio program ends with a meditation for extraterrestrial, spiritual and helpful paranormal experiences to assist you on your journey to higher consciousness and to aid your return to humanity with what you learn.

Listen to "My Alien Abduction by Janet Lessin" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Spirits of the Departed- Michael Jackson" on Spreaker.


From FIRST CONTACT  [pp 63-67]* (Dragon at the End of Time Series) by Janet Kira Lessin

In my 40s in 1993 in Honolulu, I woke, shocked and disgusted, in bed and remembered an Extraterrestrial had abducted and raped me, then returned me to my apartment.

I woke alone—unusual for me, since I practiced polyamory and one of the two guys whom I dated usually slept here with me. I had spent most of my sex life, starting at age 13, in monogamous, heterosexual relationships.

I remembered that last night a humanoid alien had kidnapped and raped me but I couldn’t recall his facial features.  Aliens had taken me before and I sometimes could remember their faces (later found out that they had sex with me) but until last night’s episode, though I could remember their faces, I could not remember sex with them.  This time, however, I remembered sex with the ET.

Now, I could picture his penis, round at the end, flat towards the middle, and attached to his body via a V-shaped skin flap. I yelled at the other aliens who watched. I demanded they stop that penis from penetrating me. I thought they’d protect me from it, but I realized that they had propped my legs open and locked them in stirrups. I felt betrayed.

When his weird organ went into me and moved against my inner skin, it felt like a vibrator.  I felt his vibratory frequency (way higher than mine) and knew that he belonged to a species other than mine. His vibration made me orgasm. I ejaculated and so did he. My orgasm relaxed me but then I felt panic when I saw some brown sperm or residual of some kind leak out of my vagina. I knew I would be pregnant.

When I awoke in bed in Honolulu, I ran to the bathroom and I wiped myself,  expected to see brown sperm from the ET.  But I found no brown ejaculate.

Although I thought he raped me, I now know I’d agreed on a soul level to create a baby with him for a greater purpose.  The ETs subsequently let me know that they gave my Human/Hybrid revered children leadership positions.

Though my Inner Child aspect felt fright, my Inner Witness reassured me that sex with aliens comprised part of a pact I had with them and that they had—until now, blocked my memories of sex with them.

I knew my ET rapist sported brownish or tan with a yellow or orange hued skin. 

ETs chose their skin color.  Abductees allowed to recall their contacts with abductors of many hues can generalize their intimate contacts with aliens of unusual color to get over bias, racism, and prejudice.  Sex with aliens of many colors generalizes.  Sex with humans of all races as we see different skin tones of human sex partners against ours become turns-ons.  ET sex let me know that love generated in sexual contacts for the moment, for a lifetime, or for eternity last forever. 

Before last night’s episode, I knew the ETs took my DNA and eggs; but after last night, I realize that I probably also had sex with them some of the times.  When I joined Pali Paths, the polyamory support group in Honolulu, I re-enacted in my waking life the sex with aliens I experienced with aliens onboard their craft.

I have since seen many of my children; they carry genes of many species. I love and honor them all. None of them look alike. Male, female, androgynous, heterosexual, homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, over two sexes in one body, and many genders—all look unique and gorgeous. Alien Contactee-Breeders like me can read souls and see the beauty of every being.  My ET rapist showed patience with me even though I resisted him. He and I must have known each other many lifetimes and all the way back to the Source level of existence.


Penny writes, "This episode is about my trip to Mars in 1964 through the New York Jumpgate. About my time in Schule with the German colonists' kids on Mars. About the war between the Germans and the Mars Raptors and Mantids [that the Germans started] and my service in Mars Defence Force. MDF is a combo of local police, national guard and coast guard that defends the colony and it's 'airspace'."

Penny talks about her time in Mars Defense Force and how she survived experimentation at Montauk, childhood CIA assassin training, and 60 years in a U.S. Navy exchange program with the Deep Space fleet and Mars Colonies. After she served she was  Human Trafficking In The SSP & Her Experiences With The Dark Fleetre-aged and sent back to earth to live out the remainder of her life with health disabilities.

The message is clear from Penny; business as usual needs to stop in the SSP programs. This is interview is not so much about Forgiving and much more about Revealing. Penny is one of the leaders in exposing human trafficking in the SSP. Why is this true? Your answer is the most important one.

The NSA agent that woke her up was killed in Dec 2016 during a routine visit to a PA hospital – no reason he should have died. He resided in Wash DC."Penny was shot with an energy weapon in Jan 2016. They opened up a portal in her home and shot the energy weapon. This can be done just by knowing the coordinates.  They told her she can be killed anytime. Most super soldiers her age are dead. 20 people left Facebook super solder self-help group after they learned that NSA agent was killed. They are all at risk.

"The entire SSP program is based on criminal activity. They kidnap little kids, drown them until their minds fracture, use them as slave labor. When they do return them home they are damaged. They keep using them until they die. This is what happens to the ones they like. The ones they don’t like, they turn them into a cyborg super soldier and sell them to ET’s so they never come home. So these cyborgs are created out of human beings whether they are kidnapped earth humans or clones.  They are now doing 100,000 cyborgs per day between the various factories. This is how many humans are being converted into cyborgs – 95% are being sold off-world to ET’s.  Sale of human cyborgs to ET’s is funding most of the SSP. They only us the head for the cyborg. The rest of the human body is sold off too (food, genetic material)."


The SSP wants "the METAGENE that "allows one to create his own reality. Other super advanced ET’s don’t have this and they want to keep us from using ours. A chronovisor that lets you see into a parallel reality. The CIA has this so they can see what happens in the future that negatively affects them. So they time travel back in time, and change the outcome.

Benjamin Fulford wrote, "Human trafficking is the largest industry in the world.  Penny was the navigator of a freighter that shipped human cargo all over the place.  She was ‘woken up’ by an NSA agent. She doesn’t know why he did it. He told her code word over and over until she woke up and had to deal with memory seals with booby traps: 1. suicidal program – kill your self and 2. harm the holder – kill someone else.


Bradley writes that SSP veterans like her “are shot up with Draco DNA, I'm going to talk to you all about what it's like to be a lab-created hybrid.

We did NOT volunteer for this. 

Draco is an Empire made up of 7 races of intelligent reptilian beings in a caste system with a pecking order.  The top layer is the Alphas, and they conquered everyone else.  They value Honor and Loyalty like we honor wealth and power.  They are 3D physical beings that can be killed, just not easily.

The CIA has been collecting high metagene bloodlines for the whole time they have been in existence and have been 'enhancing' them by adding Draco DNA to them almost since the beginning.

 So what do you get from this?

  1. You are stronger both physically and immune system. Things that will kill normals just phase you.  And you can accidentally kill a normal if you aren't careful.
  2. Your psi abilities beat anything a normal can do. At worst you are empathic.  At best, you are telepathic, can leave your body at will, do telekinesis, remote view, go interdimensional and take ships with you.
  3. You have a sense of honor that normals don't. If someone insults your personal honor, you won't forgive it.  Ever.
  4. There are physical deformities that come along. Draco don't have external ears.  Draco have 3 fingers.  Draco have 3 toes that they walk on, with their heels in the air like a dog or cat.  So any expression from Draco feet to fewer toes to deformities of what is there is possible.  The usuals are ears that curl shut, shorter outer fingers, hammertoes, bunions.  Occasionally the feet look completely reptilian.
  5. Skin issues. Draco have scales.  Scales that are made from keratin.  So when humans are shot up with Draco, they secrete lots of keratin.  That causes a condition called acne piriformis that itches terribly.
  6. Hormonal issues. Draco have a different set of pheromones that appeal directly to the cerebellum, bypassing the usual higher functions entirely.  They also have a different hormone balance.  Draco hybrids are oversexed as a general rule.  Both genders.  And normals respond to those pheromones too, but generally can't keep up.
  7. Draco are not quite warm-blooded. So hybrids have a lower body temperature.  When they also have hypothyroidism, they can be seriously cold when everyone else is comfortable.
  8. Draco are normally in the 300 to 400 IQ range. Normals are from 100 to 120.  Hybrids are usually over 140.


On November 5, 1975, a group of loggers in the mountains of northeastern Arizona observed a strange, unusually bright light in the sky. One of those men, Travis Walton, recklessly left the safety of his truck to take a closer look. What happened next sent his companions fleeing in fear. When Travis failed to reappear, the men were suspected of murder. For five days authorities mounted a massive manhunt in search of Walton or his body. Walton eventually reappeared, disoriented and initially unable to tell the details of his terrifying encounter. His book Fire in the Sky provides an account of his experience. A major motion picture was also made with the same name.



Travis Walton & Jennifer Stein Preview of Travis Walton documentary:


Genetically engineered by Japanese scientists in 1952 to be a super-soldier, and delivered through his surrogate mother on March 2, 1953, at Samson Air Force Base (now a closed USAFB but, still an open US Undersea Naval Base), Dan Cooper was born into one of the US Military’s Secret Space Programs (SSPs).

 From 1955 to 1970, before he was deployed, he was trained by Japanese and Shaolin sword fighting instructors to sword fight, at various SSP underground military facilities throughout Japan and the United States. In 1970 he was deployed and served a “20 and back” (1970 – 1990) with a joint US and German (NAZI) Military SSP contingent known as Dark Fleet.

Though in that capacity, he engaged in numerous covert military operations, his primary function was dueling with swords. Cooper became a Niten Ichi-Ryu master (Japanese style sword fighter using two swords) and prevailed in numerous duels (tournaments and one on one challenges) throughout this galaxy and several adjoining galaxies. Besides the fact that Cooper was genetically engineered from Cossack (Jewish) stock by the Japanese geneticists that engineered him, he became the bane of his NAZI, US, and Draco, commanders because he often refused to follow their orders.

Cooper’s insubordinate and insolent demeanor towards his superiors not only endeared him to his brothers and sisters in arms but, it gained him real respect from the leaders of the worlds from where he bested their champions in mortal combat.  Warrior cultures (extra-terrestrial) that do not permit non-combatants to enter their realms, wouldn’t speak to a suck-up, even were he, or she, to prevail in mortal combat against their best.

All during his 20 and back stint with Dark Fleet, Cooper constantly criticized and demeaned his superiors for their intractable stance opposing the release of advanced technologies to the general population of Earth.

He vowed, upon his return, to personally affect the release of those advanced technologies. To insure the success of that vow, Cooper made packs with several of the more powerful and more technologically advanced Warrior cultures to watch his back, which they did and continue to do. The ICC was/is well aware of the packs that Cooper made with these Warrior Cultures to protect him, and in morbid fear of them, wisely decided to release Cooper back to Earth in 1970, instead of executing him.

As with all super-soldiers, at the end of their 20 and back stint in the US Military SSP, upon Cooper’s return (honorable discharge) to Earth, in 1970, his memories of that period in his life were completely wiped. Imbibed with an overwhelming desire to release suppressed technologies, Cooper entered College (Mt. San Antonio Jr. College, Walnut, CA) with a plan in mind to teach the Chinese how to defeat the US in business. He figured that they (the Chinese), who had been denied a seat at the table (with the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate; the ICC), were they to become financially able, might just do that; release, or facilitate the release, of suppressed technologies to the public.

Eventually, in December 1985, Cooper graduated from the University of Colorado, at Denver, with two degrees; one in business and the other in political science. Knowing of Cooper’s plan to teach China how to do business, Ike’s people arranged for him to lecture both, the Chinese Finance Minister and then (Dec. 1985), Undersecretary of Defense, Xi Jinping. Cooper’s first question to China’s Finance Minister was; “How many Central Committee Members, out of the 25, are in favor of doing business?” The Finance Minister responded; “I’m the only one.” As Cooper explains it; “Solving the problem was more about convincing the Central Committee of China why they should do business rather than, how they should do business.”  The Finance Minister credited Cooper with the development of modern China in his memoirs, which were publicly released throughout China.  

The second phase in Cooper’s sojourn to release suppressed technologies entailed the study and practice of engineering. He worked with Westinghouse Electric Company as an electronics technician from 1975 to 1976. He worked as an urban planner with various civil engineering companies from 1988 to 1994.

The third phase in Cooper’s sojourn to release suppressed technologies entailed the study and practice of the law, which he did from 1994 to 2013. He attended law school for one year and then worked as a paralegal for various law firms and non-profit organizations. As Cooper explains it, “Without legal power, you can’t prevent the theft of your inventions.” Cooper’s specialty in law is mandamus; suing the government. He is well known, throughout the United States, for his unique ability to consistently prevail in such actions.  

After all that preparation, and ground-laying, in January 2014, Cooper was finally able to focus on personally inventing and patenting advanced technologies. Since then, he has filed six US patents for “free energy” generators, the latest of which was filed on December 9, 2018. Cooper describes his free energy generator patents as being for very low level “transitional” technologies. Though Cooper has independently derived all eight forces, he only discloses technologies employing the first five to the public. As Cooper explains it; “The world may OD from too much, too soon; and, no faction of the ICC is in favor of full disclosure, all at once.”


Nancy's main mission is to assist humanity in this spiritual evolution by urging them to come forward and lose the fear by stepping out of their safe zone and complete the contracts they signed up for.  She has spent the past 6 years reaching out to be heard despite the many people that tried to ignore her hoping she would go away and despite the many that worked so hard to silence her.  These are the very people that contributed to her becoming the warrior she is today.

Radio host Kevin Estrella and Nancy describe their encounters with ETs and discuss ET's showing up at UFO Conferences. this show.

Symbiosis: A Love Beyond Space and Time Paperback

Nancy Tremaine was born in Detroit, Michigan, the middle of five children. She is a lifelong experiencer, messenger, and participant in the hybrid project. Symbiosis is the true story of Nancy's lifetime relationship with a Reptilian being she has named Mr. He is her friend, teacher and sometimes lover. In this book, she shares the information she receives in the form of downloads and the loving messages she has been asked to share with humanity.
Two of Mr.'s  22 messages*:
"We are you--we are all one.
"Your destiny is to learn what you are and then express it perfectly."
     * Buy Symbiosis and get the other 20 messages
Loving synchronicity, which placed in her path of those that tried so hard to silence her, has also equally contributed to her role as a warrior of truth. Nancy shares how despite her age, menopause and a Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation at the age of thirty, she became pregnant with her hybrid son, Drax. She also shares why and what his purpose will be for the new Earth. For over six years, despite severe frustration and pain, and after failing to receive the support of her family, Nancy has nonetheless continued to reach out, hoping to be heard and find joy in a world in which she often feels she does not belong...

Aquarian Radio at

 Listen to "Sacred Matrix with-Nancy Tremaine & Kevin Estrella - Hosts Sasha and Janet Lessin-2017-07-02" on Spreaker.

The 1st illustration from Nancy is a picture of a hologram.  She writes, "I discovered these infected looking scratches as I was putting on make up.  There was absolutely no feeling to them and in a matter of 4 hours or so they were nearly completely gone.  I was later given a vision of bonding with my son Drax.  It was his little hand grasping my breast as we bonded.  The year was 2012.
The 2nd illustration is of me on board in 1961 and the beings placing the cylindrical rod in my hand which contained information I would not come to know for over 50 years.  The message was, "take this baton and run with it, be an Ambassador.


After being escorted onto an Arcturian craft in November of 2017 and downloaded with advanced energy technology, Suzanne discovered her ability to energetically re-activate dormant DNA strands by identifying and reuniting one's multidimensional soul aspects.  Arcturians showed her how the eternal soul projects holographic fragments of itsself into multiple dimensions of time and space.  They told her how by tuning into the eternal soul, we reveal and reunite those aspects. Each fragment carries 10% of our soul's DNA.  As we reconnect our scattered soul-fragments through quantum entanglement, we return to wholeness and bring 100% of our DNA back online.

Suzanne shares how to access multiple holographic space-time personalities that our souls project from the eternal realm. She teaches how to explore your soul's journey from the watery womb to the realm of eternity and multi-dimensional space-time.  You learn to open the portal between these realms and tune into the frequency of your own unique personality.

She says our perfect DNA blueprint is imprinted upon the sacred geometry of our Eternal Soul.  “The sound of our soul is the symphony of our own unique frequencies sourced in eternity and resonating throughout time and space. Like a sheet of music with many different notes, our soul has written upon it a beautiful song in synchronized geometric forms. However, many of our notes are scattered about and the symphony we tune into is off-key. By tuning into the source of our eternal soul's symphony, we can gather the notes and harmonize our being with the sound of sacred geometry. Includes toning and visualization.”

Click arrow and hear Suzanne.


Start at 1:03:53 to hear the Lessins interview Aurora.

Aurora is a galactic walk-in who came into her Earth body when its previous occupant died in 2001. Aurora came to Earth via a genetic portal--higher dimensional torus shape and a new way of “dancing” DNA strands—she created. She calls the transformative dance she offers the “Flying Rainbow Lasagna.”

The Flying Rainbow Lasagna dance transforms space/time/consciousness with new possibilities that supersede existing genetic patterns. The dance starts with basic colors and proportions that comprise toroidal energy centers (chakras) in our bodies, then moves into a genetic level, the Singularity in the torus and finally, a higher dimension.

Aurora says, “DNA is not a static object but is instead dynamic and “dances.  DNA is our connection from moment to moment, and mastering its “dance” makes it possible for us to consciously direct our flight through time” and apply the movement she facilitated to manifest in each dancer’s existing genetic format and gives each expanded levels of freedom and awareness.  She says, "Master the FRL genetic dance and become a virtuoso of reality, collaborating with many other living musicians in the symphony of life (from microbes to galaxies in scale) and across all possible time, with the ability to write new events into existence and combine tougher energy and matter into a new type of conscious matter.” 


Abductee Gloria Hawker saw her husband Fred in the hospital just after he died.   A few years later, ETs abducted her.  Aboard their craft, a man who looked just like Fred presented himself to her and said he’s the real Fred--the one with all the highest military clearance.  He said that the Fred she saw die was his clone.

“Just before I was supposed to die,” Fred said, “They took me up and put a clone who died in the bed.”

Her alien/military abductions began in the summer of 1988.  The UFO community helped her come to peace with terrible traumas her abductors inflicted on her.  She describes her life path in Morning Glory: Diary of an Alien Abductee and Morning Glory Ever After The Story Continues.   

Click the arrow below and hear the rest of Gloria’s story.


Tall Greys took  Geraldine through her bedroom window to a saucer board where she met tall grays (probably Anunnaki).  They introduced her to her eight hybrid children.

In hypnotherapy, she recovered memories of how, as a child, the ETs had put an implant in her uterus to monitor her readiness for the various genetic experimental hybrids they started implanting in her when she was 16.  Her abductors readied her body with substances to nurture and develop her hybrid fetuses while protecting her body from the foreign fetuses.  Each hybrid implant, however made her sick and when she took any medicine, even Advil, the protective substances the ETs had pumped into her reacted to make her very ill.

But Geraldine not only remembers her experiences, but after each hypnosis session was able to draw her abductors, the various ETs and hybrids she saw onboard their ship and her hybrid children.  The ETs let her know that they intend, with the hybrids, to free Earth from the malignant matrix which binds people here as part of their ongoing harvest of energy within the Intelligent Universe.

Below are several findings from the WORLD’S FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMIC RESEARCH STUDY ON INDIVIDUALS THAT HAVE HAD UFO RELATED CONTACT EXPERIENCES WITH NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE! Our Executive Director is Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild. Our Research Committee Co-Chairs are 2 retired academic professors-- Dr. Bob Davis (Neuroscientist) & Dr. Jon Klimo (Transpersonal Psychology). All of our Phase 1 & Phase 2 research data and our research methodology is available in our FREE Website:

Our initial survey findings, based upon 600 questions and almost 3,300 survey responses, totally contradict what is being circulated in the Internet and in the field of Ufology.
Over 3,300 participants from over 100 countries

  • Surveys conducted in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German
  • Memories only from CONSCIOUS EXPLICIT MEMORIES NOT from Hypnotic Regressions
  • The following data is only from the ENGLISH LANGUAGE SURVEY
  • 65%, or 1,024 of these individuals have had a witness to the UFO sighting
    1,072 have physically seen a Non-Human Intelligent Being
    Over 75% of individuals have viewed their physical contact experiences as “Positive"
    Only 15% have viewed their contact experiences as “Negative”
  • The “Energy Beings” (55%) and “Human Looking Being” (54%) is the most common type of being seen by Experiencers and not the Short or Tall Greys
  • 593 individuals have seen an “Energy Being”
  • 5% view the Energy Being as “Mainly Negative
  • 570 individuals have seen a “Human Looking Being”
  • 5.5% view the Human Looking Being as “Mainly Negative"
  • 542 individuals have seen “Small Grey Being”
  • 11.72% view the Small Grey Being as “Mainly Negative"
  • 498 individuals have seen “Ghost/Spirit Being”
  • 6.6% view the Ghost/Spirit Being as “Mainly Negative"
  • 346 individuals have seen “Tall Grey Being”
  • 10.5% view the Tall Grey Being as “Mainly Negative"
  • 270 individuals have seen a “Reptilian Being”
  • 23% view the Reptilian Being as “Mainly Negative"
  • 238 individuals have seen a “Praying Mantis Type Being”
  • 9.44% view the Praying Mantis Type Being as “Mainly Negative"
  • 1,092 individuals stated they saw “Other Types of Beings”
  • 8.8% view the “Other Types of Beings” as “Mainly Negative”
  • 85% have undergone major transformations for the “POSITIVE” per 75 Life Style Changes Questions (more spiritual, less egotistical, more concern for the environment, less concern for monetary values, etc)
  • 50% have reported a medical healing by a non-human intelligent being
  • 80%, or 1,570 have had an Out of Body Experience (OBE)
  • 35% have had a Near Death Experience
  • 32% of those that have had BOTH UFO Contact AND Contact with a Non-Human Intelligence have had an “Abduction”
  • 71% state that they are "CONTACTEES" and NOT ABDUCTEES
  • 84% do NOT want their ET contact to stop
  • 450 individuals have had “conscious” memories of being aboard a craft
  • 55% have had “missing time”;
  • 79% state the ETs have a personality
  • 66% have received telepathic messages
  • the majority of Experiencers have seen non-human intelligent being (NHIB) more than 10 times;
  • 395 individuals have stated that they believe that they have been involved in what is commonly called an “Alien Breeding Program”;
  • 100 individuals have stated they had a MILAB Abduction
  • 83% of Experiencers believe that the non-human intelligent beings (NHIBs) are somehow related to the “Spirit World”
  • 95% of Experiencers have had some type of “paranormal” experience
  • 826 have received information about advanced science or technology
  • Only 15% have RH Negative blood-- the national average
  • Finally, there appears to be a very strong relationship between NDEs and UFO-related Contact (OBEs, Telepathic Communication with Human Looking Beings, both groups experience numerous physical and psychic changes such as increased ESP skills, ability to see energy fields, effects on electrical devices, medical healings, “Spirit World” connections, and many other similarities)

Listen to "Sacred Matrix Rey Hernandez with-Sasha and Janet Lessin-2016-09-11" on Spreaker.
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Rei's old dog was dying.  His wife prayed over it.  She called Rey to see what she perceived as an angel that Rey perceived as an energy ball.  The dog was healed.  Rey had been tapped as an ET experiencer ambassador.  He founded FREE, the scientific research and contactee-support organization cited at the start of this post.


Stone told Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin, "My name is Sergeant 1st Class, US Army, Clifford Stone. I had secret clearance with nuclear assurity. I was called in on special operations and participated in crash-recovery missions. “We did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies with some of these crashes, some ET s from the crashes were alive and we took them, prisoner. While we were doing this, we were telling the world there was nothing to it."

The military used Stone to communicate telepathically with ET s they took prisoner.  He spent 22 years in the US Army as a part of an extremely elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO or ET craft, bodies, and artifacts.  Among several types of Greys' bodies and ET prisoners, Stone saw ETs “That look much us and could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference,” he said.  

The list Stone’s team studied detailed 57 different species of alien life forms, many of whom he witnessed.  Though the Government tried to suppress what he saw, he saved documents that corroborated the various species and their recovery.  

Since he retired from the Army, he devoted his time to a Freedom of Information Act search of government archives.  He says we know intelligent life is visiting this planet in spacecraft capable of traveling distances of many light years quickly,  bypassing acceptably known physics. Recovery of ET spacecraft and artifacts let the U.S. make scientific gains of great potential benefit to the world.  This information is secret and beyond constitutional controls.  Black projects keep these discoveries secret.

cliffordstone 57 species

Clifford still maintains communication with an ET called Korona. 

He participated in the 2001 National Press Club, Disclosure Project press conference going on the record that there were 57 types of ET races. 

Stone's book Eyes Only: The Story of UFO and Crash Retrievals' is on sale at Amazon; all of the proceeds go to charity.

Stone trained to be an ET first responder and had a field guide to ET types and how to keep them alive until medics arrived.  He was cultivated from a young age for future assignments and still maintains communication with an ET called Korona.  

During one training mission to "Florida," Stone came upon Grays in the Cambodian jungle. "CLIF-FORD. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" they asked him telepathically.

In Virginia Stone as brought in to interface with an alien who exuded fear and asked for help.

Stone has amassed over 500 million pages of documents in support of his case that the U.S. has been involved with ETs since the early 40s and he's still at it. 

"Our visitors have rogue elements with access to technology," Stone says. "But with that said, if any of these rogue elements were to threaten us, others would come to our aid and neutralize that threat. That may be what's happening out in space. Something is"Someone needs to come and say: 'First of all don't panic, but here are the facts.' That will be the start of disclosure.  Otherwise, some event is going to happen that thousands of people will witness. A lot of people will panic and we'll be our own worst enemies.

"I want my message to be one of enlightenment, and hope for a new beginning and a brighter future. Yes they're here. They're not hostile. They are very spiritually and technologically evolved. They mean us no harm."


Click on the little arrow on the bar below and hear how

Johnston got photos showing mile-high domed spaceports, large cities and ancient ruins on the moon and how his regression session with Dr. Lessin awakened memories of how extraterrestrials trained him and other whistleblowers to bring about disclosure of the ET presence on the moon, Mars and Earth.

Listen to "Sacred Matrix Ken Johnston Bret Shepphard with-Sasha and Janet Lessin-2016-02-14" on Spreaker.

Johnston was hired by Grumman Aircraft Corp. because of his training as a pilot with an avionics background for the Apollo Lunar Module testing. His duty was to assist with cockpit and instrument development and Astronaut training at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Ken later worked at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, where all the moon rocks were stored, cataloged and in some cases, distributed to scientists from around the world. As the Director of the Data and Photo Control Department, he had access to all the original lunar pictures, film and slides.

When the lunar sample distribution wound down, he was instructed to destroy what remained of the photo archive, but Johnston kept one set as a personal collection for a work portfolio. This personal portfolio became known as “Ken’s Archive” and has been used by researchers from around the world to help them discover evidence of ET presence, past and present on the Moon.

Dr. Johnston’s latest works are the documentation of his Metaphysical Journey and contact with ET’s since he was only 7 years old.


Listen to "Andrew D. Basiago ~ 03-27-2016 ~ Sacred Matrix" on Spreaker.


William White Crow was a U.S. Army and also CIA Security Agent on the Mars Jumproom Project.  He revealed that he taught time traveler-Mars Jump Room Courier Basiago karate and aikido during Basiago's 5th-grade year to prepare him for training for time travel in Project Pegasus.  White Crow and Basiago met again a decade later on Mars.  On the Red Planet, where White Crow and Basiago were involved in a live-fire incident in which they protected themselves and a third Mars jumper, William Stillings, from an attack by dive-bombing pterodactyl-like predators.

White Crow was a Shaman and seer of future events including the 911 event, the collapse of the St. Louis bridge, Mt Saint Helen eruption and Fukushima.  He was in several secret limited access programs.  

In a major disclosure as time travel and Mars whistleblower, US Army veteran William White Crow came forward as a witness last night on Truth Frequency Radio with Chris and Sheree Geo and revealed that not only did he teach Andy karate and akido during his fifth grade year as part of his training for time travel in Project Pegasus but the two met up a decade later on Mars, where they were involved in a live fire incident in which he and Andy protected themselves and a third Mars jumper, William Stillings, from an attack by dive-bombing pterodactyl-like predators.

White Crow predicted two futures for mankind and both of them depend on the decisions we make now. "We have the ability to choose whether we are going to become a part of the sixth great extinction which is taking place right now, or advance to a higher level of humanity as a species spiritually, intellectually and technologically. It's all up to us." William WhiteCrow

He wrote: "I became a Shaman because I wanted to see further into the future of things and help others reach their highest goals in life. I wanted to know the things that I felt deep inside were true. And over time I found that these feelings would become the guiding light of my life in all areas. I can, at a moments notice, simply phase out this world at will and interact with the world of spirit or energy, which to me is the same thing. They are not disconnected from one another.

Basiago, in the podcast below, relates his hypothesis that White Crow was assassinated for whistleblowing:


USMC Captain Randy Cramer is an officer who has been given authority to address the public on behalf of the command staff of the Marine Corps, special section, which was created by President Eisenhower in 1953, as a covert military intelligence branch with specific authority over Extra-Terrestrial, multi-dimensional, non-human, and off-world beings, consortiums and collectives, either sanctioned or unsanctioned, within actionable reach of any and all global territory.

Cramer is the product of soldier augmentation project Moon Shadow, a training program for children which he began at age 4, and later spent a 20-year tour of duty off-world, over 17 of which was serving with the Mars Defense Force. He finished his service aboard the EDF S.S. Nautilus under the command of Capt Roger P. Kirkland, as a pilot under project Radiant Guardian.
In August 2013, his superior officers requested he consider going public with their blessing, and he began to share his personal experience with the world in April of 2014.

Listen to "Randy Cramer on Sacred Matrix with-Sasha and Janet Lessin-2015-10-04" on Spreaker.
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Listen to "Sacred Matrix ~ Cynthia Crawford ~ 11-15-2015" on Spreaker.
Cynthia Crawford was born a fraternal twin with a totally different blood type and tissue type than her twin sister. Unlike her twin, she was born without an amniotic sac, baffling the medical community since it had never happened before. Prior to her birth, her father had been approached by agents with the OSS to participate in a secret government project and eventually rejoining the Army to work on another secret project for the OSS.

However, it was not until she was in her mid-30s that she learned from her father that she was a hybrid created in a petri dish by a government program utilizing DNA from two different alien races added to human DNA. Throughout Cynthia’s toddler years, she was taken to underground military medical facilities at night for testing and examinations. During this time and throughout her life, she encountered what she believed were alien abductions, examinations, impregnations, as well as miraculous healings and organ replacements.

Through the 1950s and into the late 1970s, Cynthia tried to seek help and understanding of her experiences, but there were no support groups at that time, nor could she find anyone who would believe her experiences. She was chastised for having and using psychic powers. Her life changed when she gave up fear to consciously face these otherworldly beings, only to learn that they are her star family. This awakened her to the truth of her mission that brought her to this planet at this very special time in history.

In 2003, Cynthia began making ET sculptures with the assistance of the various star beings that she had encountered and later added more sculptures that other contactees had experienced. It is important to note, however, that Cynthia’s Guides only allow her to make sculptures of benevolent beings for it is these beings that put their frequency into the sculptures to assist the star seeds in their mission on Earth. To date, she has received thousands of emails from people all over the world who share their experiences and or communication, as well as healings, with benevolent beings after receiving their sculptures.

Cynthia devoted her life to doing counseling, workshops, and talks, teaching how we are all connected to the star people and how to live in an integrated Galactic society in the very near future. She also taught about DNA activation, remembering and reactivating your own true powers, and self-empowerment.


KIDNAPPED BY ETS, Nadine Lalich reflects on what she learned & what might happen to you

In 1991, camping in a remote area of Sedona, Arizona, Nadine experienced intelligent, non-terrestrial life forms.  Contacts continued and Nadine witnessed non-terrestrial species visiting Earth, advanced technology, human experimentation, genetic cloning, hybrid production, tracking and recording devices implanted into humans, psychological and emotional manipulation, the revelation of future events, and a human military/alien conspiracy.

In 1991, Nadine and her friend Pamela pulled into the empty lot of Banjo Bill Park in Sedona, Arizona, and fell asleep. After midnight, Nadine awoke to the sound of people outside walking around the vehicle. A moment later, the door of the vehicle opened lighting up the interior. Reaching toward her was a thin grey arm and a hand with only three fingers reached for her.

After 13 years, she could speak of it and other ET contacts she had, but this started military abducting her too.  In her book, Evolution - Coming to Terms with the ET Presence (Alien Experiences), Nadine discusses the intentions, crafts, the psych tests they gave her, and their bases underground and underwater.

In 2005, Nadine met Barbara Lamb, a researcher with whom she shared her story. In 2008 Nadine and Barbara co-authored the book, Alien Experiences, 25 Cases of Abduction, which highlights the Sedona experience and many subsequent experiences in the chapter, “Marie.”

In early 2005, Nadine met Barbara Lamb, a researcher with whom she shared her story. In 2008 Nadine and Barbara co-authored the book, Alien Experiences, 25 Cases of Abduction, which highlights the Sedona experience and many subsequent experiences in the chapter, “Marie.”


Listen to "George Green ~ 12-20-2015 ~ Sacred Matrix" on Spreaker.
Listen to "George-Green-12-06-14-Alien Contact Org" on Spreaker.
A former investment banker, George is probably the last person you’d expect aliens to choose to communicate with but that is exactly what has happened to publisher George Green. He shared how he was contacted, why he was chosen and the vital message he agreed to relay. George agreed to publish the extraterrestrial information to “awaken” us earthlings so we may all be in contact (those that choose to be). George will discuss how and when he saw his first spacecraft, subsequent investigation and how things began to “happen” in his life.

In the 1980's, Green said he went to visit Billy Meier at his complex in Switzerland, and it was there that he began having direct contacts with aliens, who he said looked human in appearance. Later Green said he moved to Idaho, to be able to more clearly receive transmissions from the beings, who informed him that Earth was considered a "prison planet" by other species in the galaxy. George rebuilt his world and is in direct contact with Pleiadian intelligences and other beings. He has devoted his life to spreading the word that all is not as it seems.

Listen to "StarGate-to-the-Cosmos~Sherry-Wilde-Hosts-Janet-Kevin-Sasha-2018-01-23" on Spreaker.

Listen to "Sherry Wilde~05-29-16~Sacred Matrix~Janet & Dr. Sasha Lessin" on Spreaker.


Sherry Wilde, Ambassador for ETs assisting our ascension, says they want us to know:




Sherry Wilde was living an idyllic life as a wife, mother and business owner until 1987 when her community experienced a UFO flap that was considered one of the most active in the world. No one could have ever guessed the unbelievable turn of events that would occur over the next 18-24 months as Sherry was forced to accept her involvement in a phenomenon that was totally unknown to her. Faced with the indisputable evidence that she was experiencing contact with extra-terrestrial beings was astonishing to this pragmatic and levelheaded woman of 37, but to learn her contact had been ongoing for her entire life almost pushed her over the edge.

Sherry spent the next several years of her life trying to erase the experiences from her mind and did her best to return to a normal life, but when heavy contact started again in late 2009, after several years of relative peace, she could no longer ignore it. Inexplicably she found herself writing a book about the encounters as her memory opened up to the past events and the teachings these beings had imparted to her. Overcoming her fear and learning the truth of her involvement with these ultra-dimensional beings became her life goal. She now accepts the truth of these encounters and has cooperative contact on a regular basis with the beings she affectionately refers to as “her guys.”

Sherry has had an overwhelming amount of physical contact with beings from an alternate reality and has worked her way through the layers of disbelief, fear, confusion, and ridicule. She found support and answers in places she never expected and through that process began to remember the truth of who she is. In this lecture, she shares highlights and intimate details of that journey and talks about the differences between being an abductee and a volunteer.

Sherry’s the real thing; I have looked into her eyes, felt her heart. She, like many of you, is an ambassador of powers that value us Earthlings and our beautiful planet.

Listen to "Sherry Wilde & Ruth Ann Friend ~ 01/14/18 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Hosts Janet & Sasha" on Spreaker.

Listen to "Miesha Johnston ~ 05/28/17 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Hosts Janet & Sasha" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Miesha Johnston ~ 01/07/18 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Hosts Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin" on Spreaker.

Listen to "Starseed Awakening-Janet, Sasha, Miesha~09/26/15" on Spreaker.

Miesha is a second-generational experiencer. She had her first experience at age three. She has, had numerous contacts and abductions and has been involved with at least 5 different alien types: grays, insectoids, mammalians, reptilians, and human-looking groups. She has had many MILAB experiences and has been in the underground bases which includes a black ops branch of our government and some Grey and Reptilian factions. She was born and raised in a MK-Ultra family started her trauma based training for Project Monarch at age 3 and was put into service at age 9. She has had three missing periods of time in her life extending to 8 months. During which time she has little or no memory of what happened. Including a wedding & husband, she has no memory of at all.


Listen to "Osie & Elizabeth April with-Sasha and Janet Lessin--05-08-2016" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Elizabeth April~09/24/17~Sacred Matrix~ Hosts Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin" on Spreaker.
Elizabeth April explores the topic of hybrids who combine human and alien species.  She had her first conscious abduction at age 18 and learned she connected to the extraterrestrials through her past life lineage. Through channeling, meditation and many inter-dimensional self-portraits, she came to terms with her connection, the information she accessed and the reason for her existence.

Osie, as a young child in rural Newfoundland on the outskirts of Grand Falls, woke up screaming every night from her terrible nightmares. She was abducted as a child and is still being abducted today by aliens who have been doing medical procedures for her entire life. She writes, "I have been experiencing “missing time” / “out of body” my entire life. In January 2015 I remembered what was happening to me.  It was terrifying. I'd wake from a nightmare, feel a sudden “pull” and I float to the sky, stars, then onto a metal table. I felt excruciating pain as things/hands/tools were forced into my body through my stomach.  I would blackout. I would see them above me. I could hear them (in my head) saying,  she’s awake. Then I was pushed down and would find myself in my bed again. It always happened at night and I was always taken from my bed."


Listen to "Robert Perala ~ 05/15/16~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio" on Spreaker.
Robert Perala was taken aboard a spacecraft by three extraterrestrial astronauts. He was returned sunburned and covered in a honey / oil-like substance. After locking himself in his apartment for 3 months, he found his way to the first UFO Conference of its kind headed up by Dr. J. Allen Hynek founder of Project Blue Book. Robert is a clairvoyant and has seen visitors and apparitions all of his life


Listen to "Mark & Hildegard ~ 06-26-2016 ~ Sacred Matrix- Host Karen Patrick" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Hildegard Gmeiner ~ 02/11/18 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Hosts Kevin Estrella & Karen Chri" on Spreaker.

In her early thirties, during many near-death-experiences Hildregard realized consciousness is not limited to the physical vessel, where generally put most of our focused attention.  She was able to experience her 3-D life, as well as many other realities simultaneously, without being bound by a physicality. Surrounded by the light, she was able to feel, hear and communicate telepathically with different levels of intelligence.  Since then, she has been receiving ongoing telepathic guidance from her Andromedan brother Lui Mar, a 7th-dimensional consciousness scientist from Boötes/Andromeda Galaxy. She regained her health against all expert medial prognoses given at the time by following the telepathically received insights from the invisible worlds.


Listen to "Michael Lee Hill & Sheldon Bird ~ 02/09/17 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Janet & Sasha" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Michael Lee Hill 07/26/15 Anunnaki, AR Bordon" on Spreaker.
Michael reveals that the Anunnaki pledge amends for suffering they caused us. Anunnaki Prince Marduk, who has been running the Earth atop the pyramids of clandestine governmental, intelligence, spacefaring, military, criminal, banking, opium-financed and ET-Earthling research projects has contacted Hill. Marduk claims to have had a great change of heart, been redeemed and wishes to make amends to humanity for the harsh treatment to which he has subjected us.

Michael says, "In July, 2008, a man called “Loki” led Hill into a round gazebo named, “I Dream of Genie Bottle”. There, Hill met MARDUK, in control of Earth since 70 CE. Marduk wore “a glowing, white-hooded robe and his face was not human, wavy with very sculpted features, very beautiful. He seemed transparent.” His face seemed translucent. Marduk brought in a man and a woman to do painless procedures on Hill to read his mind; they’d read and uplevel his “third eye”. They had shiny, flashing instruments and laser pointers. One device looked like a small wand with a bright purple/blue LED on top of it. They told Hill they’d remove some memory blocks. When they were done, the male said. “I heard that you wanted to meet us and that you filmed our craft over Lake Erie.”

Marduk said Hill’s belonged to the Serpent Lineage within the Anunnaki Ruling Family that supports Marduk. Marduk said Loki led Hill to the gazebo to discuss how Marduk would bring a change how Nibiru's King Nannar runs the Earth. Marduk said he had a new “game plan” for humanity and that both Hill and someone else were incarnated here now to help Earth with its end time changes.

Hill asked Marduk and his associates if he could see their faces, and they said, “Not now; Tomorrow.” Next morning, Hill saw Marduk and a female walking up to his tent on the dirt road, and though they looked like Earthlings, Hill instantly “knew” it was the Anunnaki leader and his consort. Marduk said, “Good morning, Commander Michael.” Hill now saw Marduk had radiant blue eyes. He and Hill spent that day together, and Marduk made dinner for Hill. (Bill Birnes writes,‘The Anunnaki are not 3rd Density beings; they are interdimensional and capable of bending and manipulating light so what we see can have a different shape and form if we look at them from a different light perspective.


(From Dragon at the End of Time: HERO QUEST by Janet Kira Lessin, CEO, Aquarian Media)
Contactee heroes from the 40s and 50s defied convention, criticism, judgment, and prejudice to tell their truths and reveal that aliens were contacting them. These heroes risked mockery and shame to bring humanity to a new dawn of potential progress and discovery that would solve all Earth's problems and bring us to a new golden age. Their peers may have scorned them, but we're looking again years later through fresh eyes and with new information. We applaud them, brave pioneers. Good job. They tried, and we ignored them.

The Polish-American author George Adamski (1891–1965 displayed many alien spacecraft photographs in the 1940s and 1950s.  Adamski was the initial and most celebrated of all the so-called UFO contactees that emerged in the 1950s.

Adamski said he met with friendly NORDIC ALIEN SPACE BROTHERS. He said they flew him to the moon and other planets.

In October 1946 during a meteor shower at the Palomar Gardens campground, Adamski and friends witnessed a large cigar-shaped "mother ship. 

In 1947, Adamski snapped a photo of another cigar-shaped mother ship passing in front of the Moon at Palomar Gardens. He said he had seen 184 UFOs fly over Palomar Gardens one night.

In 1949, Adamski gave lectures on UFOs to civic organizations in Southern California. He said as "The government and science authenticated UFOs (through radar tracking) of 700-foot-long space vessels on the other side of the Moon.

He told his audiences that "the planets in Earth's solar system have proven to have occupants and that photos from the Mount Palomar observatory substantiated that the canals on Mars were human-made.

In 1949, Adamski gave lectures on UFOs to civic organizations in Southern California. He said as "The government and science authenticated UFOs (through radar tracking) of 700-foot-long space vessels on the other side of the Moon.

He told his audiences that "the planets in Earth's solar system have proven to have occupants and that photos from the Mount Palomar observatory substantiated that the canals on Mars were human-made.

On November 20, 1952, Adamski and a few of his confidants in the Colorado Desert near Desert Center, California, saw a huge submarine-shaped object overhead. Adamski left his companions and turned off the main road. He said the vessel was looking for him.

A scout craft made of translucent metal landed near Adamski.  The craft’s pilot, a Venusian known as Orthon, disembarked. From afar, the folks with Adamski saw him encounter an individual in the desert.

Adamski wrote three books about his meetings with Nordic aliens and his treks on their spacecraft.  He wrote “Flying Saucers Have Landed (co-authored with Desmond Leslie) (1953), Inside the Space Ships (1955), and Flying Saucers Farewell (1961). The first two books were bestsellers; by 1960, they had sold 200,000 copies. Adamski's writings attained great renown in the U.S. and Japan and helped create the popular image of extraterrestrials and flying saucers.

OLAF JANSEN: Adventure in Inner Earth-Agartha Sasha and Janet Lessin read selected excerpts from "The Smoky God" by Willis Erickson. Erickson interviewed and published the notes of Norweigan sailor Olaf Jansen the Lessins read.

Jansen said a storm drove him and his dad in small fishing sloop near the North Pole into the Inner Earth. They returned to the surface world in Antarctica, near the South Pole, where the Dad drowned.

Olaf asked his rich Uncle Osterlind to fit out an expedition back to Agartha.
Osterlind brought Olaf before authorities to (Olaf thought) plan the expedition he proposed. But, said Olaf, “upon the conclusion of my narrative I found myself arrested and hurried away to dismal and fearful confinement in a madhouse, where I remained for twenty-eight years. "I never ceased to assert my sanity, and to protest against the injustice of my confinement. Finally, on the seventeenth of October,1862, I was released.

“I shipped with a fisherman on a long fishing cruise to the Lofoden Islands and eventually bought a fishing-brig of my own. For twenty-seven years thereafter I followed the sea as a fisherman, five years working for others, and the last twenty-two for myself. I took great care not to mention to anyone the story concerning the discoveries made by my Father and myself. In 1889 I sold out my fishing boats, and found I had accumulated a fortune quite sufficient to keep me the remainder of my life. I then came to America. When my days on Earth are finished, I shall leave maps and records that will enlighten and, I hope, benefit Mankind. The memory of my long confinement with maniacs, and all the horrible anguish and sufferings are too vivid to warrant my taking further chances.

“We'd left Stockholm in our fishing-sloop on the third day of April, 1829, and sailed around the Scandinavian coast to the westward for the Lofoden Islands. We sailed through the Hinlopen Strait, coasted along the North-East-Land, and sailed along Franz Josef Land to its West Coast. In 24 hours, we came to a one or two acre warm and tranquil inlet. In front of us to the North, lay open sea.  Father said that still farther north was land more beautiful than any that mortal man had. I exclaimed: "Why not sail to this goodly land? The sky is fair, the wind favorable and the sea open."

Jens, Olaf’s father, said: “Son, are you willing to go with me beyond where Man ever ventured?" When Olaf said yes, they sailed due north for thirty-six hours till they lost sight of Franz Josef Land.

Hear what the Jansens saw on this show; learn more about it at


Omnec portrays her life on Venus before she physically replaced a girl named Sheila Gipson at the age of seven.

In this interview with Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin, Omnec reveals how she trained in Tibet to wear an Earthling body in Sheila’s earthly family.

Listen to the first 30 minutes of podcast below.



Listen to "Access Your Contactor Through Your Center ~ Dr. Sasha Lessin & Janet Kira Lessin" on Spreaker.

Click circle to hear about Centering, Subselves and benefits of exploring the paranormal, extraterrestrial and multidimensional

If you’re an extraterrestrial or interdimensional Contactor, you may’ve suppressed an inner voice that agreed to your contacts. Perhaps you agreed and forgot you did. Maybe you remember ETs invaded you and think they did so against your will. But a protective part of you-- a primary subself--labeled the contact to which you agreed as “involuntary.” Your primary self may have hidden from your awareness that you said yes to paranormal or extraterrestrial contact.

I suggest you let yourself remember such experiences. You can opt to keep your contacts private or share them. You learn, when you follow the cues at…/ , to review and relive your contacts from your Center. Then you choose what to tell and what to hide from those who might freak if they hear what you experienced. The cues teach you to center yourself, to identify with your Center. Your Center is your conscious awareness of your many subselves or inner voices. From your ever-expanding Center, you coordinate behavior that meets the deep needs of ever more of your inner voices. Your Center takes into account the needs of your Contactor subself as well as the needs of your primary social and practical selves. Primary selves like your Pleaser, Intellect, Parent, Judge and Self-Critic may keep you from the full awareness of the Contactor part of you so you can meet your social duties and not sound like a crazy to other people.

From your Center, you choose the degree to which you reveal or conceal your Contactor subself and its unconventional experiences. You assess how much of your Contactor you reveal to your own awareness and to other people. From your Center you can assess probable pushback you’ll get if you remember and share your contacts. You predict possible pushback from mates, friends, bosses, disinformation agents, military intimidators, religious bigots, and people who fear your revelations. Such people may fear your revelations if they’ve repressed their own paranormal intimations. You decide how much to reveal and how much to conceal, but you can at least let yourself remember.

The cue sequence at…/  begins with an evocation of your primary inner voices. Seek their permission to explore your Contactor. Your primary voices that protect you from shame and punishment may’ve blocked you from either recalling your contacts or may have blocked you from recalling that you consented to contact. You’ve must get permission from your protective primary voices to let you hear the memories, desires and needs of your Inner Contactor. In the cue-sequence, you tell your primary voices you’ll let them stop interviewing your Contactor if these they sense that you’re recalling too much too fast. Your protective voices let you remember enough for you to handle as you respond to the cues.

Get the cues at…/


Cast paranormal experiences as your HERO-JOURNEY
of self-discovery, a journey to get boons for all humanity from aliens and spiritual guides. 

Dr. Sasha leads an experiential exercise to assist our hero-journeys and learn to facilitate others.


Below’s an experiential you might enjoy and learn something from also.  It’s called YOU'RE A HERO: An Experiential by Sasha.

Have a partner give you the directions below.  Tell her or him to read the cues printed in bold, but not the directions enclosed in [square brackets]; alternately, try this exercise solo.

Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply.  With each breath, relax more.  [Let her or him take ten full breaths.]


Imagine a voice softly calling you from once-upon-a-time. 

Lift a finger when you hear it. [Wait till she or he lifts a finger.]

You're drawn by it to a safe, private place, perhaps one you knew as a kid. 

Raise your finger when you see it.

Smell pleasant scents here.

Your private place has a door leading to the wondrous realm. Open the door and see steps down. Grasp the rail and step onto the smooth wooden steps. Descend ten steps to the landing. With each step, relax more.  With each, breathe more deeply.

Get in a boat at the landing.

Curl up on cushions in the boat.

Feel safe and drowsy as the boat gently rocks and drifts.  It beaches on the shore in front of the gate.*


Encounter a creature or force who will help you pass the guardian.

See your helper near the gate.

Pretend for a moment you are that helper.  Raise your finger when you start to feel what it's like to be Helper.

Say what you are like as Helper.

As Helper, tell your person how you can help her or him.


Be yourself on your quest again.

Imagine you approach the gate and its guard.

Become the guardian.

State your existence, Guardian.  Challenge the person approaching the gate.


Now become yourself and confront the guardian.

Talk to it/her/him.

Makeup and tell the story of how you defeat or get by the guardian.  In it, get help from your helper.  [Encourage her or him to use the present tense]


Experience and triumph in the greatest imaginable test.  Describe the scene to me.


Gain the reward, take the boon.***


If you're blessed by the powers, go under their protection.  If not, flee, encountering obstacles. 

Describe your exit.

At the threshold, leave behind the powers of the realm and re-emerge with your boon.

Find the boat drifted on the beach.  Get in and fall deeply asleep.  Become dimly aware that the tide is rising, lifting and gently rocking the boat.  Know that you're safe as the boat drifts back to the landing.  Go up the steps to the sanctuary.


Become the boon, the gift you have brought back to the world.

State your existence as a boon.  Tell humanity your significance.

Now become yourself again, deeply relaxed.  As I count from ten to one, become increasingly alert.  Ten, nine, eight--you're becoming more alert.  Seven, six five, four--get ready to be wide awake.  Three, feel relaxed and refreshed.  Two, feel alert and wonderful.  One--WAKE UP.


What comments do you have on his experience?

Now change roles with me and guide me through these cues.

* The fantasy, thus far, is inspired by Masters, R. and Houston, J., Mind Games, New York: Viking, 1972.  The rest of this exercise is adapted from Campbell, J., The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Cleveland: Meridian, 1956, pages 245-246.

** Among the recurrent tests at the threshold and deeper in the Wondrous Realm, Campbell finds battles with brothers and dragons, journeys of wonder and in the sea, dismemberment, crucifixion and descent into the beast's belly.  Describe going alive (or dying and going dead) into the realm.

***  "The triumph may be represented as sacred marriage, father atonement, divinization, bride theft, fire theft; intrinsically it is an expansion of consciousness and therewith illumination, transfiguration, freedom"  (ibid., page 246).

Click arrow on icon below and hear Janet's experience with the Anunnaki beneath Johnston Atoll in the Pacific.

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