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ERECTUS/SAPIEN SLAVES MINED GOLD 300,000 YEARS AGO Article by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Michael Tellinger Radio Show (Coast-to-Coast)


ETs, whom the scribes of ancient Sumer called “gods” (the Bible’s Elohim), dictated clay tablets and statue tags. Statues show the ETs looked like 7- 12 foot (and taller) Swedes with space-age weapons. These so-called “gods” lived millions of Earth years. The ETs said an atmospheric crisis 445,000 years ago on Nibiru drove them to Earth for gold.
445,000 ago, Ea (Ptah, Buzur, Hephaestus,Vulcan and Adoni), a Nibiran Sumerians called Enki, rocketed to Earth with fifty men. 50 Medics, 600 miners and 300 astronauts and Royal administrators followed them. The Expedition sought gold to refine to floating monoatomic white powder of gold and create a suprerconductive shield for Nibiru’s decaying atmosphere. Sumerians named the Nibirans Anunnaki–those who came from the sky.

Expedition personnel created a slave race from a hybrid they called “Adamu”. They blended their genes with genes of an African human we call Homo Erectus to make hybrid Nibran Earthling slaves. The Expedition leaders made sure the slaves had “food and shelter while they performed grueling tasks, the reason for which they did not understand. The stuff [gold] they were digging up had no value to them. They could not eat it, or use it in any way.”

The Nibiran Royals, their staffs and the Astronaut Corps needed “a steady stream of fresh laborers for projects. In the South African settlement area, from Mozambique to Botswana, Zimbabwe and beyond, where the descendants of Adamu labored for the Nibirans, “the extended ancient settlement covers an area much larger than modern Johannesburg, more than 500,000 square kilometers.” At the center of the huge goldmining town, the Nibiran mining operations boss, Enki, had a huge home and a ceremonial calender, explained in the radio show below, as “Adam’s Calender.”

The Nibirans and their Adamite slaves built circles of stone linked by a never-ending web of over 500 kilometers of roads or connecting channels lined on both sides with over 500 million large iron-rich, magnetically-charged stones. The roads climb slopes too steep for animals. The Expedition sent sounds along the magnetic connector lanes atop the natural energy lines of the underlying earth. The sounds capacitated energy and floated goods and water along the channels–the same way trains float above electromagnetic tracks.” Connector channels linked leach pits houses, terraces, workstations and ceremonial centers. Three of these South African cities contained 1086 million circular stone ruins over a 10,00 kilometer arera.” [Tellinger, Slave Species: 125; Temples:53-82]

In pits, the Nibirans and their workers leached some of the gold they mined into dark green monoatomic gold. They applied heated inert gas to the gold and stripped away one of the gold’s two protons and converted to a snow-white powder that only weighs 45% of what it weighed before the heated gas turned it to superconductive monoatomic gold, capable of levitating matter.

“The white, fluffy powdery substance, when exposed to a very small electrical charge absorbs energy and stores it–a capacitator and storage device, a superconductor, conducting information instantly between one end and the other.”
Nibirans also used monoatomic gold, which emits a “single frequency bright white light” to prolong life and heal. This white light “repairs genetic defects in our DNA and heals human cells from any disease.”
70,000 years ago, South African slaves, the Bantu (devotees of Antu, wife of Nibiru’s King Anu) fled to India after a super volcano at Lake Toba in Sumatra erupted. “The prevailing winds carried most of the dust and poisonous gasses westwards towards eastern and southern Africa [and] caused a mini ice-age.

Radio Show:
Tellinger 1 & George Nori on Coast to Coast Radio

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