Dumuzi Inanna

Earth Born: Part 1, INANNA by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

 Inanna, called Irnini, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Annutitum, Aphrodite, Athena, Anat, Venus, Eshdar, Innin, Ninni, Kali and Shakti, was genetically Nibiran but born on Earth to Ningal and Enlil’s son, Nannar. Ningal, bore Inanna and her twin Utu who seemed immortal to the Earthlings. But offspring born to Nibirans on Earth matured faster than those born on Nibiru. Inanna’s growth seemed stunted; she reached a mere 66 inches height, whereas Nibirans born on the homeplanet usually over 84 inches [Sitchin, Z., 2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, page 221]. Inanna visited Nibiru at least once.


13,000 years ago, “After the Deluge, on the Landing Platform [Lebanon], Dumuzi and Inanna their eyes on each other set. Hesitant at first they were, he of Enki’s lineage, she of Enlil an offspring [son’s daughter].” Enkiite and Enlilite elders hoped that if Dumuzi wed Inanna, the deadly rivalry between their lineages would stop. Enlil ordered the Indus Valley developed as a dowry for Inanna and Dumuzi. [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 251; 2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, page 215]


Marduk, ruler of Egypt and Babylon, induced Geshtinanna, his sister and also Dumuzi’s to Dumuzi then yell rape. Marduk’s security team drove the fleeing Dumuzi to his death. Inanna returned Dumuzi’s body to Sumer and had it mummified to rise, she said, on a “Final Day” and rejoin her bodily. She told the Earthlings Dumuzi’d revive, since Nibiran gods like him live forever.


Inanna went to Dumuzi’s older brother, Nergal, in South Africa, so he could impregnate her for Dumuzi (This custom’s called levirate). Nergal’s mate, Inanna’s younger sister Erishkigal, killed Inanna but Enki sent medical androids who revived Inanna.

In 8670 BCE Inanna helped defeat Marduk and the Enkiites in the Second Pyramid war. Marduk’s armies retreated from Ninuta’s attack into the mountains but Inanna blasted them with “an explosive beam that tore the enemy apart” and forced them south. She demanded Enlil appoint her ruler of Egypt in Marduk’s stead since Marduk had caused Dumuzi’s death.

But, when Enlil re-assigned areas of rule, not only did he give rule of Egypt to Ningishzidda, but he also he assigned her none.

She and Dumuzi, she shouted, should’ve ruled the Upper Nile. As Dumuzi’s Queen to Be, she should rule the Nile. I led the war against Marduk and that too entitles me to my own domain, she roared.

She hallucinated that various Earthling men she with whom she coupled were Dumuzi, but usually killed them after sex.

The Enlilite leaders tweeted Anu on Nibiru. He hadn’t visited Earth for 7,000 Earth Years. Come to Earth, Enki pleaded, deal with Inanna.

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