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The giant gods of the ancient world and the successors they choose created mind-sets that shackle us to short desperate lives. These so-called gods rocketed to Earth from a planet they called Nibiru.  Nibirans stand way taller and live way longer than we. The ETs said they bred us as short term slaves and soldiers. We killed in their names: Allah (= Sumerian, Marduk or, perhaps, Nannar), Yahweh (sometimes = Enlil, at times Adad or even Enki), Ishtar (Inanna) and Adanoi (Enki)–mining expedition personnel all, all Nibirans. We Hybrids are one species, designed to slave in mines, armies, businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, brothels and building projects for ETs and the “royal” lines of ever-murderous hybrid rulers they begat.

The alternative history Zecharia Sitchin, Neal Freer, Lloyd Pye, Michael Tellinger, Andy Lloyd, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson articulate about our origins and development shatter the fetters of the lies with which the elite the false gods chose keep us in war, greed, poverty, shortened lives. Lies of church and state now hide hoard information, necessities and survival plans as Earth faces immediate danger from space debris.

We feel our oneness with all people and together survive when we see we’re all kin, descended from the same ancestors, ancestors from Nibiru with a bit of Neanderthal/Erectus/Bigfoot genes. When we accept our origins, we nullify what the elites the Nibirans imposed on us demand. We instead cooperate with all. We drop hate the gods scripted on us. When we feel our oneness, we survive together; we jointly plan for the periodic return of Nibiru, its astronauts, and the debris that lurks at its Lagrange point, 180 degrees from Nibiru on its orbit around its subdwarf primary star, Nemesis.

Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin displayed evidence in clay and stone of astronomical, geological and biological knowledge Sumerians said gods gave them, knowledge our scientists only verified many millenia later.

Sitchin with blowup of clay tablet made before we had telescopes that shows our solar system, including planets beyond eyesight
Sitchin with blowup of clay tablet made before we had telescopes that shows our solar system, including planets beyond eyesight










Sitchin disproved the power elite’s theistic and evolutionary dogma. His findings solved the mysteries of missing hominid links and periodic leaps in our social and industrial evolution. No missing physical links existed because we emerged suddenly, when Enki and his cohorts blended their genome and Neanderthal’s. We got stronger tools and weapons when a Sumerian “god” showed the Hittites how to mine and refine iron.

Sitchin’s work breaks the elite’s stranglehold on us.  Now we  can stop dismissing “myths” as superstition.

Sumerians labeled Nibirans’ aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and computers with their own words and words the Nibirans taught them. Our ancestors called aircraft and rockets “skyships, “celestial chariots” and “fire-breathing dragons.” They labeled helicopters “whirlbirds.”

Abidos 1





A whale that swallowed Jonah = a submarine. We called weapons “brilliances.” The Nibirans called their computer programs “MEs.” We labeled Nibiran medical and scientific achievements “miracles.” Our ancestors also recorded the history, scientific words and concepts the Nibirans taught them. Each of our cultures added descriptions, metaphors, simile and analogies from their experiences to the words the Nibirans bestowed. We can now evaluate what these ETs said and decode our ancestors’ metaphors instead of dismissing them and the tales of gods as superstitious myth.

“Sitchin advanced a coherent paradigm of our genesis to rewrite our beginnings and astronomically, evolutionarily, paleontologically, archaeologically and redefine ourselves. His thesis corrects creationism, redefines Darwinism. Sitchin read Sumerian as well as Hebrew, was steeped in the history and had material from the Middle East rediscovered only last one hundred and fifty years.” [Freer, N., 2004, Sapiens Arising]

The new view frees us the physical and economic slavery, hierarchic obsession, derogation of women, gold lust, antagonistic religions and nations the Nibirans and the hybrid elite they created dictated.

Free of short, desperate lives, we’ll create our future. We shall activate our latent Anunnaki genes, scientifically improve our own genome and take our place in the civilization of the galaxy.


The tablets Sitchin translated show the Sumerians’ version of our solar system’s history for the last 4.5 billion years. 300,000 years ago, the tablets say, the ETS added their genes onto those of a local hominoid–probably Homo Erectus, the ancestor of modern Neanderthal/Sasquash–to create Earthling-slaves.


Ningishzidda, Enki and Ninmah with Adam, the 300,000 years ago, first breeding model for the adapted Nibiran mine slaves.
Ningishzidda, Enki and Ninmah with Adam, the 300,000 years ago, first breeding model for the adapted Nibiran mine slaves.







13,000 years ago, as the ETs’ planet, Nibiru, neared Earth, the Antarctic icesheet slid into the South Sea and caused the Deluge, the ETS let most of the hybrid Hybrids drown.







ETS also nuked Sodom and Gomorrah in 2024 B.C. and decimated the Hybrids of Sumer with radiation.

Enlilites Nuked Sodom, Gomorra and Sinai but radiation killed Sumer too

Enlilites Nuked Sodom, Gomorra and Sinai but radiation killed Sumer too

Nibirans with advanced weaponry and biological pathogens murdered hundreds of thousands of Hybrids.

The ETs, whom Sumerian scribes called “gods” (the Bible’s Elohim), dictated the tablets and statue tags. Statues show the ETs looked like 7- 12 foot (and taller) Swedes with space-age weapons. These so-called “gods” lived millions of Earth years. They said an atmospheric crisis 445,000 years ago on Nibiru drove them to Earth for gold. Most Nibirans left Earth in 2024 B.C..

Nibirans shaped our societies, bodies, thoughts and consciousness. They scripted us to obey males ranked in hierarchy, to disdain underlings and perpetrate violence.

Some 440,000 ago, a Nibiran the Sumerians called Enki (aka Ea, Ptah, Buzur, Hephaestus, Vulcan, Neptune and Adonoi), had rocketed to Earth with fifty men.  50 Medics, 600 miners and 300 astronauts and administrators followed Enki and his men.

The Expedition sought gold to refine to floating monoatomic white powder of gold and create a superconductive shield for Nibiru’s decaying atmosphere. Sumerians named the Nibirans Anunnaki–those who came from the sky. Israelites called Nibirans “Anakin” and “Nefilim”; Egyptians called Nibirans “Neter” (Watchers).

The Anunnaki found gold aplenty in Africa and South America. Enki incited the African miners to strike, then pressed Enlil (aka Yahweh), the Expedition Chief, to pardon the strikers. Enki would, he said, breed short-term mining slaves to replace the striking Nibirans.

Ningiszidda–Enki’s son, Ninmah and Enki expedited the Creator’s design; they made hybrid Hybrids who could breed. We were like Nibirans, though Enki made our men with foreskins Nibiran men lack.

Enki created us hybrids short compared to the Nibirans. We were short– under six foot tall–versions of his 7- 12 foot tall Expedition mates. He shortened our lifespans vs the Nibiran livespan; his earliest hybrids might last several hundred years, whereas Nibirans lived millions of years. Earth’s orbit, smaller than Nibiru’s, may also have shortened us Hybrids’ lives. [ZS, Giants: 294 -347]

Nibiru revolves around Nemisis, a dark subdwarf star more massive than Jupiter. Nemesis nears our Sun, at the Kuiper Belt, 48 Astronomical Units from Earth, every 10,800 Earth years. Nibiru circles Nemesis but did not our sun. Instead, every 3,600 years Nibiru passes though our inner solar system between Jupiter and Mars. One of Nibiru’s years (the time Nibiru takes to circle Nemesis) is thus 3,600 Earth years–long enough for 180 generations of Homo Sapiens Hybrids to live and die. [Lloyd, Dark Star: 176 -181, 225 – 228]

Nibiru incoming
Nibiru incoming







Enki created our ancestors. He and the Nibirans on Earth begat babies with each generation of us Hybrids. Nibirans trained us to mine gold and copper. We tended their crops, livestock and mansions. From 300,000 years ago until the Great Flood, millions of us toiled for the ETs in South Africa.

After the Flood, 13,000 years ago, Expedition bosses had us call them “gods.” They made us build temples, palaces, hangars and cities in Sumer, Egypt, Mesoamerica and South America. They taught us astronomy, metallurgy, mathematics, agriculture, herding, tantra, brewing, writing, architecture and geology to support cities and palaces. They owned and ruled us.

Commander Enlil’s descendants, whom Sitchin called Enlilites, ruled the Hybrids of Sumer and India. Chief Scientist Enki’s descendants, whom Sitchin called Enkiites, ruled the Hybrids of Africa, Basara (then called E-din) on the Persian Gulf and Bagdad (then called Babylon). Enlilites and Enkiites pitted Earthling armies against each other. The pushiest Enkiites, Babylon’s “god” Marduk (aka Ra, Nimrod and perhaps Allah) and his “demigod” son Nabu, raised fifth-columns in Canaan and sent Earthling armies to wrest the Sinai Spaceport from the Enlilites. In 2023 B.C., Enlilites nuked the Spaceport and the cities south of the Dead Sea to keep the Spaceport from the Enkiites.

Fallout from the bombs spread to Enlil’s Sumer but not Marduk’s Babylon; Babylon nestled north of the nuclear cloud. Sumer’s Enlilite gods fled, but their Hybrids in Sumer, except for those at Edin, whom Enki saved, died. Marduk ruled Sumer for awhile.

The ETs and the bloodlines of Hybrids closest to them genetically (they begat babies on each generation of Hybrids) still rule Earth. They chain us in matrices of religion, war and business. Power hierarchies dedicated to Yahweh and Allah compete to the death.

Sumer’s history warns us to cast off the hierarchical godspell and mind-set of the Nibirans–Enlil, the patriarchal and genocidal Nibiran Commander who left Earth in 2024 B.C. as well as woman-degraders Marduk and mass-killer Inanna who stayed on Earth.

Nibirans taught us to war, fight, enslave, slave, defoliate and pollute. Each Nibiran god made us obey blindly. Some Hybrids fled mines and cities of the gods, hid in hinterlands far from ET abuse and wars, no longer fodder for spears, arrows, chariots, explosives, lasers, gas and biological agents.

Science confirms what the ETs saw and charted when they rocketed to Earth from beyond the parts of the solar system Hybrids could see. The Nibirans saw Earth as they neared it from space outside Neptune’s orbit. They saw Earth recede as they rocketed to rejoin Nibiru as it moved past Neptune to orbit around Nemesis.

Nibirans gave us physics, astronomy and biology better than we have now. Just nowadays, researchers verify genetic, metallurgical, geological, mathematic and astronomical data. We validate with hard data predictions and principles inscribed on the ancient Sumerian tablets dictated, say the Sumerians, by ETs.

The truth of our origins frees us from the “godspell.” Philosopher Neal Freer defines godspell as our yearning for Nibirans’ return and rule. Religions the Nibirans left in place keep us obsessing on genealogical status, hierarchy, male rule and war. Religions move us to fight, kill and grasp.

The bit of Erectus/Neanderthal in us–the short-lived hominoid a few of whose genes the Nibirans added to theirs to adapt the slave Hybirds–resonates with Gaia, this planet and with a natural cooperativeness and capacity for interspecies empathy the Nibirans lacked. When we know and balance our Nibiran and Gaian energies, we break the godspell, become peers rather than servants of the Nibirans. We embrace both our Nibiran and our Neanderthal natures, our capacities to strive and compete as well as capacities to support, encourage, love and celebrate every consciousness.

Sitchin cites archaeological records of an atmospheric crisis 445,000 years ago on the planet Nibiru, a planet that then crossed Earth’s orbit every 3,600 years. Long-lived twelve to eighteen-foot tall modern humans lived in a military dictatorship on Nibiru. 445,000 ago, Nibirans–administrators, medical officers, 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen–rocketed to Earth for gold to shield Nibiru’s diminishing atmosphere. They first found ample gold in Africa.

300,000 years ago, the Nibiran scientist Enki responded to a problem he created. He staged a mutiny of the miners in Africa. His solution to the mutiny: genetically alter Homo Erectus, a southeast African human who devolved from ancient setters who’d been decimated by Earth’s periodic astronomical catastrophes. Enki would engineer Nibiran genes and Erectus’– into hybrid Earthlings–us–to mine and refine gold.

Expedition officers taught us also to raise crops for ourselves and for the expedition’s personnel in Mesopotamia.

Nibirans enjoyed us slaves sexually as well, and regularly added their genes to our gene pool to make us, today’s Homo Sapiens, like them, though we lack their longevity. They taught us to worship them as gods and war against our fellow hybids who supported other astronauts.

After the Deluge 13,000 years ago, the Nibirans had their Earthlings build cities in Sumer. The ET s lived in luxury in ziggurat castles next to their aircraft hangars. They picked priest-kings–direct descendants of one of Enki’s sons with his overseer’s Earthling wife–to run us.

Nibirans kept breeding with us. They taught us to mine, soldier, build and keep records for them. They gave us astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, herding, writing, architecture, geology and sexual pleasure-giving as well as warfare. Some Nibirans dictated memoirs, their slants on the Expedition.

Nibirans on Earth split into two enemy lineages, both of which used us as soldiers against each other. The lineage of Enki’s son Marduk and his Earthlings fought the lineage of Enki’s brother Enlil, and Enlil’s people. Nibirans taught us genocidal war, violence, slaving, defoliation, male domination, hierarchical thinking and lust for gold. We fought their wars as told. Mostly.

Some of us escaped the Nibirans’ mines, armies and settlements. We fled to the hinterlands, away from Nibiran wars. We quit as fodder for spears, arrows and chariots as well as their aircraft, weather control devices, explosives, lasers, gas and biological agents.

It got worse. In 2023 B.C. the Nibirans nuked Earthling cities in Canaan and accidentally poisoned Iraq.

Fleeing Iraq and leaving it to Marduk, some Nibiran lords created new civilizations throughout the world. Others returned, via Nazca, Peru, to Nibiru.

“Our intelligence has been suppressed, our knowledge has been erased, our lifespan has been genetically shortened and our memory has been removed. Our genes have been tampered with, resulting in the shutting down of most of them (97%) leaving behind an unintelligent, primitive and subservient creature. We are an inferior, genetically-cloned mutation of the great civilizations of the past, left behind….The ancient ‘gods’ who populated the world and enslaved humankind may still be active among us, not allowing knowledge to spread, keeping their firm grip through religious oppression over their ‘slave species.'” [Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god, Pages 9, 58, 114]

With Sitchin’s evidence we free ourselves for a new paradigm, a paradigm unfettered by the”godspell”. Godspell’s philosopher Neal Freer’s word for the yearning of Earthlings for the return of their Nibiran Lords. This yearning spawned competing religions that, like Islam that say it’s our duty to hate and kill anyone who rejects our religion.

And the gods, remember, are merely long-lived, technologically advanced humans with a wide range of individual quirks and a hierarchic, largely patriarchal, warlike culture. The gods were, by and large, obsessed with genealogical precedence and male superiority. Most gods were petty, homicidal slavers, contemptuous of Earthlings’ consciousness. And genetically we’re mostly Nibiran, with their genetic and conditioned propensity to violence, greed and genocidal competition.

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