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by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D., (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)


Pyramids flattened on top for aircraft landing abound in northern and central China’s (though China’s bosses hide this) rival Egypt’s and Central America’s for age–12,000 years ago–and size.

Chinese Pyramids1


Chinese emperors claimed descent from these “skymen-godpeople” who landed in “flying dragons” from another planet. The pyramids show astronomic alignment that dates them to the times the Anunnaki girded Earth with these structures.  Records of that time speak of the emperors descending from heaven in flying dragons.

Chinese emperor flies1






The tallest pyramid reported rises 300 metres high.  Its sides measure 500 metres long –two times larger than and twenty times the volume of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  The Chinese and Giza pyramids both align their baselines with north-south andwest-east.  Stones once covered the Chineses pyramids but now only a few stones lie at the bottom; both have water channels from nearby rivers.  

The Xianyang pyramid in Qinghai province near Mount Baigong’s top rises 200 feet amidst pieces of pressurized fuel and water pipes made of cobalt and elements exogenous to Earth.








China's Xion Pyramid, like Egypt's Giza Pyramid, replicate Orion in the sky.
China’s Xion Pyramids, like Egypt’s Giza Pyramids, replicate Orion in the sky.









In  2309 BCE, Hou Yih (Emperor Yao’s engineer) and wife Chang Ngo navigated a rocket’s onboard computer and flew to the moon. “Hou Yih explored space by mounting the current of luminous air–the exhaust his rocket.  He flew into space where he did not perceive the rotary movement of the sun.”  Only in space we do not see the sun move each day.
Chinese ancient flight



In 1766 BCE Emperor Cheng Tang flew in Honan, then ordered his craft destroyed lest “the secret of its mechanism fall into wrong hands.” In 300BCE Chu Yang flew a craft over and surveyed the Kun Lun Mountains and the Gobi Desert.  The Chinese called aircraft flying dragons. [Childress, 2000: 153,157]


Soviet depiction of Dropas in China


In addition to the Anunnaki, Chinese relate Extraterrestrials they call the “Dropa,” stranded from an exploration expedition crashed on Earth some 12,000 years ago in the Baian-Kara-Ula Mountains on the Chinese-Tibetan border.  The Dropa left paintings and their small ( just over 4 feet tall) skeletons in the caves in which they sheltered.  Chinese archeologist Chi Pu Tei found the caves and skeletons in 1938 but the Chinese erased him and his findings from their histories.  Before Chi and his evidence were hidden, the Soviets got and analyzed several of the disks.

Dropa cave paintings

They left stone disks the Chinese call “Dropa stones.”  The disks had a hole in the middle and, when spun, emitted electrical impulses. [Coppins, 2010; Aym, 2011]

Dropa stones

The Dropa covered cavern walls with pictograms that show our Solar System and map routes among the stars with intersecting lines and dots.

Their pictograms illustrate frail four-foot tall beings with round helmet-like bowls on their heads.




In one of their caves a stone disk had a thin spiral groove filled with hieroglyphics that told of the Dropa crashing their spaceship 1200 years ago.  They couldn’t, says the pictograms, repair their craft. Local Chinese killed off most of them; the survivors were those intombed in the cave.

Dropa disk

One disk shows aliens with bulging heads and withered bodies.




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