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I’m Sasha Alex Lessin, an anthropogy Ph.D. (from UCLA).

I studied Anunnaki materials for many years with the late Zecharia Sitchin, the translator of the Sumerian tablets that chronicle the extraterrestrial astronauts from the planet Nibiru (Saami) who created our species to work their goldmines.  The Sumerian material led Sitchin to intensly study Anunnaki influences in Egypt, Africa, Europe, India, North and South America and Oceania.  Sitchin asked me to make his materials available and easy to understand for the public.  I have, of course, expanded his findings in the years since his passing, and include and integrate the new scientific revelations that continue to confirm the story the Anunnaki told our ancestors so long ago.


You can, of course, learn lots from perusing the articles and youtubes here on EnkiSpeaks.com.  The materials on this site and in the books Sitchin, Janet Kira Lessin and I have written give you lots more. 

The Sumerian raise many questions for each of us who study them.  I am avalable for individual consultations, tutorials and formal classes on the subjects Sitchin and other scholars have presented in literature, conferences and my many podcasts on Revolution Radio and Aquarian Radio.  I can tutor you and show you graphics in person, by email, on Zoom or Skype for sessions of fifteen minutes to week-long courses.  Below I list some of the subjects I can share with you, followed by a scheduling device that can connect us.


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