Dec 5, 2017

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Urantia Book Studies

Book’s from the 1930s and 1940s, supplemented by “channels” the modern followers regularly hear.  “We have transmissions from Archangel Michael through Urantia-friendly channels.”  This Archangel’s different from Christ Michael (who is our Bible’s Jesus)

Interdimensionals assist extraterrestrials like the Anunnaki and Zetas to help Earthlings overcome their nuclear weaponization.

Quotes from tube above

Nebadonia‘s our local universe.  Earth’s in-charge deities–the Chairpersonalities of the whole Board that’s creation–are a DIVINE COUPLE--Mother Spirit-Nebadonia (the divine feminine (Sophia in Gnostic Gospels) and  Christ Michael AKA MICHAEL OF NEBADON (the Jesus who incarnated on Earth–not the archangel Michael).

Christ Michael Jesus is Michael of Nebadon. Nebadon is our local universe; it’s named Nebadonia after Mother Spirit.

In Urantia, the Chist Michael is the one who fights Jesus.  Urantia channels say archangel Gabriel is the first child that Christ Michael (Jesus) and Mother Spirit create “by fiat”.  Gabriel is the CEO of the local universe, created by divine fiat.  They’re sent into empty space and create a nebula.  Out of the nebula, suns spin off and from the suns come planet.  The .  .

JC  “The angelic version–700 pages–
Jesus Michael is “the actual delegated deity for the local (10m inhabited planets) universe.
Jesus has a divine female counterpart or consort, Mother Spirit; the Divine Couple  are NOT eternal–only the beings on a CENTRAL UNIVERSE are eternal, all loving, all knowing, original source, immanent in all things, infinite.  Perfect beings live there.  Only the Central Universe doesn’t change or grow like all the other evolving universes.

Beings from the Central Universe are sent by divine fiat into space, generate nebulae.  Nebulae spin off suns which create planets.  Mother Spirit puts her consciousness into the planets.

Urantia Book talks of holoarchy, not hierarchy of evolved beings.  The divine beings come from the Central Universe to empty space.  They induce creation of Nebulae and all levels of physical creation.  Divine Mother is in charge of matter and life; Divine Father is in charge of the patterns of creation and work together as one, and let complexity evolve from pre-atomic levels and these Divines allow evolution to occur.

The Couple has an eternal son, equal to the father and mother, and there’s Spirit.

ANGELS:  Many kinds on Earth; they record all doings on Earth holographically for the Akashic records; we see this in our life review after we die.  Angels know in advance.  But we have choice.  The Urantia channels say there’s a  MIDWAY ANGEL between you and the Serphin;  Midway is a personal angel that records and may, on its own initiative, intervene for you.

MELCHIZEDEK, 2000 BCE, “initiated the line of the Hebrews.” 




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