Oct 3, 2017

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NANNAR-SIN-ALLAH, 3rd DYNASTY “GOD” OF UR: ‘Cultivate commerce to control Earthlings.’

Nannar Head Shot

Nannar/Sin, The Moon “god”

Episode 30, Enki Speaks on Aquarian Internet Radio

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Prelude: The Era of NINURTA [Firstborn son and Enforcer for Enlil, Commander of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth] in Sumer, lasting through the Gutian Invasions and the ensuing period of reconstruction, was only an interlude. A mountain-dweller at heart, Ninurta soon began to roam the northeast and farther. Constantly perfecting the martial arts of his highland tribesmen” he introduced horses to them and organized them into a cavalry “extending their reach thousands of miles. Ninurta had returned to Sumer at Enlil’s call to crush Naram-Sin and subdue Inanna.

With peace and prosperity restored, Ninurta absented himself from Sumer. His absences from Sumer and Inanna’s abortive attempt to recapture the kingship” for her city of Uruk prompted Enlil to order NANNAR to rule Sumer from Ur.” Enlil also needed Nannar to counter Marduk’s ever-growing territory and followers. “The growing problem for the Enlilites was that Ninurta, the presumptive heir to Enlil and Nibiran King Anu, had come from Nibiru–whereas Marduk [who married Hybrid Earthling Sarpanpit] and [their son] Nabu had Earthling affinities.[ZS, Giants: 269-70]

In 2113 BC “Enlilites dropped the ‘Ninurta Strategy’ and switched to a ‘Nannar Tactic,’ transferring the seat of national Kingship to Ur–Sumer’s thriving commercial and manufacturing center–[cult center] of Nannar, an Earthborn son of Enlil, who unlike Ninurta, also had an Akkadian name: Sin.”






Nannar, unlike other Enlilites, avoided combat in the Anunnaki’s wars. The Enlilites choose him as Ur’s god to signal Earthlings, even in lands Marduk controlled, to worship Nannar and enjoy peace and prosperity. [ZS, Giants: 269-70, 278].


Nannar’s Earthlings adored him. He bred sheep that made Ur “the wool and garment center of the ancient Near East and “developed foreign trade by land and water.” His half-Earthling/half-Anunnaki staff and their thousands of subject Earthlings built a navigable (and protective) canal to Ur’s two harbors. The canal separated the temple, palace and offices on one bank from shops and homes on the other bank. On their bank, merchants, craftsmen and laborers occupied multistoried white houses along broad, straight streets. [ZS,: Wars: 271 -272]


Ur mapUr













.Ur3 Ur

UR4Nannar’s “temple abode was a great ziggurat that rose in stages within a walled sacred precinct, where priests, officials, and servants lived.  One of the buildings within the walls was the Nightime Abode [Gipar] within which was the Chamber of Nighttime Pleasures [Gigunu] for Nannar.  Although Nannar was monogamous and had only one spouse, Ningal, he enjoyed the Chamber of Nighttime Pleasures with Pleasure Priestesses [hierodules] as well as concubines by whom he could have children. [ZS, Giants: 279]

Tablet 13, Part 3

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