Apr 27, 2017

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MARDUK: ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH: Nibiru “god” to Allow Aquarian Reformation

MARDUK: ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH: Nibiru “god” to Allow Aquarian Reformation

Excerpt from MARDUK: ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology) & Janet Kira Lessin CEO, Aquarian Radio

Marduk, Our secret Anunnaki ruler, says he’ll make amends for suffering he caused.

Anu, legal successor to planet Nibiru King Lahma, signed a treaty with King Alalu who slew Lahma. Anu quit as Lahma’s successor and agreed to let his and Alalu’s grandson Marduk succeed Alalu. Anu however reneged. He abrogated the treaty, deposed Alalu and denied Marduk Nibiru’s Crown. Marduk rocketed to Earth where he joined his father Enki, Chief Scientist, Earth Goldmining Expedition (the Anunnaki).

Marduk didn’t rule Nibiru; he only, for awhile, ruled the Astronaut Corps (Igigi) on Mars. He wed a Hybrid (Sarpanit) whose ancestors his dad created. He built Babylon for both Anunnaki and Hybrids in Iraq.

Marduk backed the Igigi after they abducted hybrid women following his wedding. He helped settle them on Earth. The Igigi and the lineages they bred with the slave-women, allied with him, settled in Jerico, Canaan and Egypt.

In 3450 BCE Anunnaki Commander Enlil-Yahweh had his son Ninurta bomb Marduk’s Babylon. In 2924 BCE Ninurta nuked the Expedition’s Sinai Spaceport to deny it to Marduk. Marduk’s brother Nergal bombed Sodom, Gomorrah and the Salt Sea’s south bank to kill Marduk’s son Nabu.

To Enlil’s shock, a radioactive storm blew from the bombs he’d ordered dropped and also killed his Sumerian Earthlings. Enlil left Earth rule to Marduk.

Marduk has said that the Nibiran King Nannar vs him period on Earth that marks the end of the difficult times (Kaliyuga) is ending. Instead of either he or Nannar generating the ethos of the era into which we now move, the Galzu, from a higher consciousness perspective than that of the Anunnaki, they will now bring peace to the Anunnaki factions that have been contending for control of Earth and help us deal with coming astronomical challenges.

Welcome in the new age, the Satya Yuga, Age of Aquarius.

Get more of the story in  Marduk: Anunnaki King of the Earth.  In this tome, you’ll find a detailed chronology from 450,000 years ago to the return of Jesus to Jerusalem.

Marduk: Anunnaki King of the Earth also gives you a short biography of each of the main Anunnaki and Hybrid players who have imprinted our world. https://tsw.createspace.com/title/7090930

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