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Continued from ANUNNAKI Tablets, Tubes, Talks Part 4 (NIBIRAN KINGS FIGHT, WINNER GIVES EARTH TO SONS, DEATH ON MARS TO LOSER): ANUNNAKI Tablets, Tubes, Talks) Tubes from Sasha Alex Lessin and One Good Kitty

THE 5TH TABLET, One Good Kitty


 By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. 


On the planet NIBIRU, ALALU had seized the Throne and wed his daughter Princess DAMKINA to Prince ENKI. Damkina and Enki’s son, MARDUK, would succeed Alalu.  But, 400,000 years ago, ANU overthrew Alalu to complete the mining of gold from the asteroids or Earth to convert to WHITE POWDER OF MONOATOMIC GOLD to float into Nibiru’s ionosphere and preserve its atmosphere.   Alalu had fled to Earth, found gold and tried to regain the Nibiran Crown, but Anu defeated him and exiled him to die on MARS.

King Anu sent his three annoying and quarrelsome kids–Enki,  Princess NINMAH and ENLIL (Anu’s legal heir and the father of Ninmah’s son, NINURTA)–to Earth.

Anu ordered freight rockets to shuttle from Earth and its moon, as well as other planets and satellites between Nibiru and the sun. He sent daughter Ninmah with doctors to Earth. “On Mars stop,” he said, “If Anzu lives, to him give men to there a base start.”

On Mars Ninmah found Alalu. She revived Alalu’sandgrandson Anzu, who had stayed on Mars to care for Alalu as Alalu died of the poison he’d ingested when he’d bitten off King Anu’s “manhood.”

“To honor Alalu who found the gold that could save Nibiru, “The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain [Cyndonia] with beams they [Ninmah’s crew and Anzu] carved. They showed Alalu wearing an eagle’s helmet; his face they made uncovered.” [Enki: 104]

 1AA A A Cyndonia





Before she left Mars for Earth, Ninmah, as Anu had ordered, gave Anzu twenty astronauts from her company and told them to build a way-station for the gold freighters.



To his scribe, Enki dictated this segue of the background of his relationship to his half-siblings, “Enki and Enlil and Ninmah, offspring of Anu the three leaders were, by different mothers. Enki was the Firstborn Son; a concubine of Anu’s was his mother.”
1A1A A A A Aa4 A 1A Hill

“Enlil by Antu, the spouse of Anu, was born; the Legal Heir he thus became.

  “Ninmah by another concubine was mothered, a half sister of the two half brothers she was. Beautiful she was, full of wisdom, quick to learn. Ea, as Enki was then named, by Anu to espouse Ninmah was chosen, thereby their offspring son the legal successor thereafter to become.

“Ninmah of Enlil, dashing commander, was enamored; by him she was seduced. A son from Enlil’s seed Ninmah bore, Ninurta. Anu angered; as punishment he Ninmah ever to be a spouse forbade! Ea his bride-to-be by Anu’s decree abandoned; a princess named Damkina [Alalu’s daughter] he instead espoused; a son, an heir to them was born, Marduk.” [Enki, 112-113]

Ninmah and her doctors, en route to Earth from Nibiru, left Anzu with astronauts on Mars, then rocketed to Eridu on Earth. There, Enlil, obsessed with besting Enki, courted her. He and Enki both wanted babies with her. Their half-sister, and only half-sister on Earth, Nibiran law held that only boys with Ninmah would build their royal lines.

Enlil told her he’d bring Ninurta and build a center in Sumer for her doctors. He flew them to his place in Lebanon, perfect, he said, for her seeds from Nibiru. They’d make “euphoric elixer” from fruit from her seeds.

At his place, he held and “with fervor kissed her, ‘Oh my sister, my beloved!’ He whispered. By her loins he grabbed her.” But “Into her womb his semen he did not pour.” [Enki: 108]

On Earth Anu had made ENLIL (Yahweh), now Commander of the goldminering expedition, obsessed with besting Enki (Adonai), who was now Chief of Goldmining and Science Operations.

Ninmah, their half-sister (and only half-sister on Earth).  Nibiran law would count their lines royal only through boys they begat with Ninmah.

Enlil renewed his courtship of Ninmah.  If he could get her pregnant again, and if she’d bare him another boy, he’d best Enki.  He and Enki both wanted babies with Ninmah, their half-sister (and only half-sister on Earth).  Nibiran law would count their lines royal only through boys they begat with Ninmah.

For starts, Enlil promised Ninmah he’d bring their son Ninurta to Earth. Ninmah, I'll bring Ninurta to Earth said Enlil

 Enlil added that he’d build her her own medical center complex nearby.  He bragged of his plans to lay out Expedition settlements in rocket-view lines across Iraq.
Enki Enlil Ninmah











Enlil flew Ninmah to his place in LEBANON, perfect, he said, for her seeds from Nibiru. They’d make “euphoric elixer” from fruit from her seeds.

At his place, Enlil held Ninmah and “with fervor kissed her, ‘Oh my sister, my beloved!’  He whispered.  By her loins he grabbed her.”  But “Into her womb his semen he did not pour” [Enki: 108].


Sud aka Ninti was Enlil Yahweh's wife here with babe maybe Nannar


For many months, hurt and angry, Enlil mooned about his gardens.  He saw SUD, Ninmah’s gorgeous assistant.




 Sud bathed in Enlil’s stream with other women from the medical team.  Enlil invited Sud to get high on elixir made from seeds Ninmah brought.  “Sud drank, Enlil drank too; to her Enlil of intercourse was speaking.  Unwilling was the lass.  Enlil laughed and embraced her, kissed her.

“His semen into her womb he poured.
Enlil rapes Sud


“To Ninmah, Sud’s commander, the immoral deed was reported.  ‘Enlil, immoral onefor your deed judgement you shall face.’ So did Ninmah to Enlil in anger say.

“In the presence of fifty Anunnaki, SEVEN WHO JUDGE assembled.  On Enlil a punishment decreed: ‘Let Enlil from all cities be banished.  Let him exiled be.’ In a skychamber [plane] they made Enlil leave the Landing Place [Lebanon] to a “Land of No Return” in Africa.”  The Tribunal told ABGAL, the pilot, to choose Enlil’s site[Enki: 112 – 114]

Abgal had helped Enki hide Alalu’s nuclear missiles.


In Africa, at the site he’d chosen for Enlil, Abgal secretly defected from Enki and allied with Commander Enlil.  Enki thought the nukes hidden, but, Abgal told Enlil, “At the right time, seize the missiles and prevail over all rivals.  With the weapons your freedom obtain!”  [Enki: 114]
Abgal 1Abgal tells Enki nukes locale








While Enlil viewed the missiles in Africa, in Sumer, Sud’s womb swelled.  Enki and Tribunal sympathized with her and asked if she’d marry Enlil.  If he made her Royal Wife, she would.  So he returned to Lebanon, married her, and professed sexual conservatism.  He kept secret his knowledge of the nukes’ secret cave.  Sud, now called NINLIL (Lady of Command), bore NANNAR, the first Nibiran Royal born on Earth, then ADAD (Ishkur). [Handbook: 7; Giants: 15; Lost Realms: 116]
Sud holding Nannar maybe From Sodahead youtube re yahweh wife







Ninmah spurned Enlil.  Now she could explore with former fiancee Enki.  Enki told her, “Come with me in the Abzu [Africa], your adoration of Enlil abandon.”

Enki told Ninmah he'll help her forget Enlil's rape attempt. "Come with me to my genetics lab in South Africa."

Enki told Ninmah he’d help her forget Enlil’s rape attempt. “Come with me to my genetics lab in South Africa,” Enki entreated.

In Africa, “Enki to her words of loving spoke, sweet words he spoke, ‘You are still my beloved‘ to her he said, caressing.  He embraced her, he kissed her, she caused his phallus to water.  Enki his semen into the womb of Ninmah poured.  ‘Give me a son,’ he cried.” If he could begat a son with Ninmah, the boy “would be considered a rival to Enlil and the sons of Enlil.”

 But Ninmah bore a daughter with whom Enki begat another daughter, whom he asked to begat a son with him.  Ninmah “was enraged, her pride wounded.  “She brewed an irresistibly delicious and intoxicating elixir full of deadly herbs.  As Enki drank” she cursed him.  He fell to the ground, cup in hand.  She wanted him to suffer.  He began to shrivel up and age rapidly, his skin turning a putrid yellow.  King Anu was forced to plead with her to relinquish her curse and invoke healing magic.  Enki recovered and begged Nimah’s forgiveness, but she never again let herself trust men.”  “To distance himself from Nimmah’s vulva Enki by raised arm swore; from her curse Enki was freed.  To the Edin [Iraq] Ninmah returned.”  [Ferguson, 1995; 32 -33; Enki: 115-116]

Enki consoled himself; he flew ERESHKIGAL (Enlil’s son Nannar’s daugher) to Cape Agulhas on South Africa’s tip where Enlil sent her to run the Cape’s astronomical, climate and earth-monitoring station in the south African fief of his son, NERGAL.

Enroute Enki seduced her, left her with NINGISHZIDDA (Thoth) in her womb.  Then he sent to Nibiru for his wife, Damkina and their son, Marduk.  In the meantime, the boy Ninghzidda joined Papa Enki and Aunt Ninmah at their lab in South Africa.

Enki’s son Nergal, bald, limping (since birth) and bossy, ran South African mines for the Enikiites.  He thought Ereshkigal, an Enlite Princess, crowded him.  He attacked the Station to kill her. She “saved her life by offering to marry him.”


Ningishzidda bridged both Enlil’s and Enki’s descendants.  Enki’s descendants trusted Ningishzidda, since Enki fathered him. Enlil’s descendants trusted Ningishzidda, who also bore Enlil’s genetics—Enlil had fathered Ereshkigal’s father [Wars: 111,112, 117, 176; Enki: 188 to 193, 195].

Deposed King Alalu’s lineage and current King Anu’s lineage both nested within the superclan descended from An, the first ruler of the unified planet. Anu’s line (closer to An through a succession of eldest male descendants of An than Alalu’s line) claimed precedence over Alalu’s. Anu’s line pitted him against Alalu’s. Within Anu’s line his two competing sons (Enki, his oldest and Enlil, his heir) competed for power.

Enki & Enlil Begat Enki-ite & Enlil-ite Lineages

Enkiites: (Enki’s patrilineage): On Earth, Damkina and Enki begat his lineage (his boys and their male descendants). His lineage began with his and Damkina’s Nibiran-born son, Marduk, then their Earth-born boys, Nergal, Gibil, Dumuzi and Ninagal. Enki also fathered Ninsun with Ninmah and fathered Ningishzidda with Ereshkigal. He’ll later beget Shara with Ereshkigal’s sister Inanna.

Marduk expanded the Enkiite lineage; he begat Seth, Nabu, and, Osiris. Osiris’ wife, Isis, used Osiris’s sperm to inseminate herself with Osiris’ son, Horus.

Enlilites (Enlil’s patrilineage): Enlil bred his lineage on Earth with his wife, Sud/Ninlil. Their sons together (Nannar and Adad) reinforced him and his eldest son, Ninurta (Enlil’s successor, Enlil’s illicit child with Ninmah) in their struggles with the Enkiites.

Anunnaki Centers Aligned Landing Corridor

Med Center; Badtibira, Metallurgy Center. Enki’s submersible boats took gold from southeast Africa to Badtibira. At Badtibira, technicians processed the gold into bars.

At Nippur, Enlil build the Dur.An.Ki (Bond-Heaven-Earth), the Mission Control Center. He fitted his communication chamber with telescopes and a tall broadcasting tower. From the chamber, Enlil spoke with towers in each Nibiran center. He talked to Nibirans on rockets going to and from Earth. From Nippur the commander controlled 600 Nibirans on Earth, and 300 astronauts (the Igigi).  The Igigi manned orbiting stations and flew shuttlecraft between this planet and Mars. Enlil kept space charts, the celestial data, secrets of astronomy. Matters of weather, winds and rains were his concern; so was the assurance of efficient transportation and supplies, local provision of foodstuffs.” From Nippur, Enlil “planned and supervised the first space base, Sippar”

By 400,000 years ago, Enlil built four centers in Sumer: Sippar, his spaceport; Nippur, Mission Control; Shhuruppak, Med Center; Badtibira, Metallurgy Center. Enki’s submersible boats took gold from southeast Africa to Badtibira. At Badtibira, technicians processed the gold into bars. [Time: 131].

Ninurta Defeated Anzu & Astronaut Corps
1AA A A B Aa1 Anzu collage1

From Marsbase Anzu ruled 300 Anunnaki, a space station that circled Earth and the shuttle service. His men, the Igigi, rocketed to Sippar and loaded gold from submersibles up from Africa. Anzu’s men on Mars took the gold to Nibiru, where scientists powdered and spread it in the air. “Slowly was the breach in the heavens healing” [Enki: 117; Time: 232].

Forty-nine thousand years ago, from Mars, Anzu and the Igigi demanded Enlil better their work conditions, issue more elixir and build a recreation center on Earth. Anu, from Nibiru, ordered Anzu to Earth to talk with Enlil. The king told Enlil to show Anzu everything.

At Nippur, Enlil wouldn’t, at first, show the control room to Anzu. Enlil told Anzu, “I alone rule all Earth operations: You and the Igigi must obey, not challenge, me.”

Enki, however, told Enlil to show the gold mining, refining and transport system to Anzu. “Get Anzu to keep his men on the job.”

So Enlil told Anzu, “Let’s cover ourselves with sterile clothes for the restricted area.”

But when Enlil stripped, Anzu stole his keys, slipped into the control room and seized the crystals [computers] and MEs [portable command modules] that ran Sumer’s spaceport and cities. Each ME controlled a certain function, and only its possessor could operate it. Anzu now had the ME of Enlil’s Command of Earth, the ME called The Brilliance or ME of Enlilship.

Anzu forced pilot Abgal to take him to the spaceport, Shuruppak, where Anzu’s men declared Anzu king of Earth and Mars. Anzu turned off vital services at headquarters (Nibiru-ki), cut Earth/Nibiru communications, and, from his aircraft, buzzed Enlilite positions.

Ninurta launched his jet and shot Anzu down.

Then the Ninurta freed Abgal and retrieved the crystals that controlled the Expedition’s facilities. Finally, the champ captured Anzu and dragged him before Enlil.

The Seven Who Judge (Enki, Damkina, Marduk, Nannar, Enlil, Ninmah and Ninurta) found Anzu guilty of treason. Ninurta executed him “with a killing ray.”

Enlil ordered Marduk to display Anzu’s body on Mars, then bury him there; let the astronauts see Ninurta kills rebels [Wars: 95 to 102, 124; Drawing of cylinder seal VA/243, Berlin Museum].

Nannar, Enlil’s first son with Sud/Ninlil, his official wife, had secretly directed Anzu’s revolt. Nannar, with Anzu as his agent, meant to challenge Ninurta (Enlil’s Firstborn) as heir. But after Ninurta slew Anzu, Enlil forced Nannar to honor Ninurta as Heir. Then Enlil exiled Nannar from his city (Ur).

Ninurta, now Enlil’s “Foremost Warrior,” enforced Enlil’s rules to extract, process and send gold to Nibiru.

To assure Nannar and the Enkiites obeyed Ninurta, Enlil gave him the IB missile, “a weapon with fifty killing heads.” Enlil and Ninurta could now, with unmatched firepower from the multi-headed missiles, intimidate even the Anunnaki working the African mines for Enki [12th Planet: 107 to 116; Wars: 95 to 102].

Three hundred thousand years ago, Earth’s climate warmed dramatically.

In Africa, Enki left mines to Foreman Ennugi.

Next Episode, Anunnaki Tablets, Tubes & Talk, PART 6 (300,000 BCE: ETS ADDED ERECTUS GENES TO NIBIRAN GENOME FOR ADAM &  EVE

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