Aug 9, 2015

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BABEL GOT BABBLE: In 3450 BCE Enlil Had Ninurta Bomb Marduk’s Iraq Launch Tower

Excerpt from Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

HOW BABEL GOT THE BABBLE: youtubes, radio shows and article

HOW BABEL GOT THE BABBLE by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Though “Sumer was the heartland of the Enlilite territories,” Enlil, Commander of the Nibirans on Earth (the Anunnaki) decreed the Eridu on Sumer’s south edge belonged forever to Chief Scientist Enki and Enki’s son, Prince Marduk.




In 3460 BCE Marduk developed Eridu into a base, Babylon, in Sumer at Babylon on the Euphrates River “between rebuilt Nippur (the pre-Deluvial Mission Control) and Sippar (the pre-Deluvial spaceport).”
Babil tower map







Babylon, Marduk planned, would serve as “Mission control and Spaceport.” He named the place, Bab-Ili, “Gateway of the gods”–a place where Nibirans could take off and land. He had Earthlings built a “tower whose head shall reach the heavens–a launch tower.” [End: 22]

Marduk’s Igigi allies who’d seized Earthlings at Marduk’s wedding, ran great fiefs in Lebanon and Sumer. Their estates and the number of their Earthlings grew as the Igigi bred with each generation. Marduk’s son Nabu gathered Earthlings and Marduk taught them to make bricks for his spaceport.

Nabu Marduks-son-Nabu-uncle-to-Horus







With his own launch tower at Babylon, Marduk would challenge the Sinai Spaceport Utu ran.

This evil plan must be stopped, ” roared Ninurta, Enlil’s son and Enforcer.








Enlil ordered Marduk to quit the project peacefully, but Marduk defied him and built his tower.

Enlil decreed,”Marduk an unpermitted Gateway to Heaven is building, to Earthlings he is entrusting. If we let this happen, no other matter of Mankind shall be unreached.”








Ninurta bombed the tower and Marduk’s camp at Babylon.
1 A a Babil bombed











Marduk fled to Enki’s other domain on the Nile. The Enlil ordered Marduk’s Earthlings scattered and programmed to different languages and scripts. [Encounters: 110 – 115; Enki: 281 – 282]


“When Marduk, after a long absence, to the Land of the Two Narrows [Egypt] returned, Ningishzidda’ [now called Thoth] as its master he there found. With the aid of offspring of the Anunnaki who Earthlings espoused did Ningishzidda the land oversee, what Marduk had once planned and instructed by Ningishzidda was overturned.” [Enki: 284]

For the next 350 years, Marduk (now called Ra) and Ningishzidda clashed over Egypt. Finally, Enki, their father, ordered Ningishzidda to leave Egypt to Marduk. Thoth (now called Quetzalcoatl) moved on to his realms in Mesoamerica and brought some of his Olmec stonemasons and Sumerian foremen from there to build Stonehenge observatory in England.

In 3113 BCE, after he’d finished Stonehenge, Ningishzidda returned to Mesoamerica. He built planetariums throughout Mexico and Central America and gave Mayans their calendar to correlate with lines of sight built into the observatories he build for them.

In Peru, atop the Andes, Ningishzidda designed a spaceport and tin and gold-processing plants for his cousin, Enlilite General Adad/Viracocha.  [Time: 310, 322-323; Enki: 84 -285]

Marduk reunited Egypt. He honored Father Enki/Ptah. Enki hadn’t passed rule of Nibiru to Marduk, but maybe he could settle Marduk in Egypt. Enki gave him MEs to make Egypt prosper–all his knowledge except how to revive the dead.

Marduk rewrote Egyptian history. He demoted Ningishzidda to “the Divine Measurer” And replaced Ningishzidda’s image on the “Stone Lion” (Sphinx). The new face of the Sphinx: Osiris.

Pharaohs yearned to live forever; Marduk said if they proved loyal, he’d mummify and rocket them to Nibiru to share eternity. Thus tempted, the pharaohs fought to unite Egypt against Inanna and the Enilites.

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