Jun 15, 2012

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In anthropology in the ‘60s, my teachers attributed all human development to gradual evolution. A Miocene or Pliocene anthropoid ape that evolved from simpler primates slowly, in turn, evolved over millions of years into us  [Clark, D., W., 1959, History of the Primates:178].  We multiplied as we planted food, created cities and developed ever-more effective technologies. Yet, in terms of biological evolution, we lacked linking intermediate skeletons of primates from which the teachers thought we evolved and modern findings indicate several contemporaneous advanced hominids co-existed with Homo erectus, and may have been the product of human settlement on Earth long before Enki and crew colonized Earth, some 400,000 years ago.

Freer, in Sapiens Arising, cataloged the huge discontinuities between Earth’s primates and our species:

1) Primates here have 48 chromosomes; we have 46

2) We showed up suddenly, 300,000 and 200,00 years ago, too suddenly to have evolved from earlier primates

3) Our females lack the estrus cycles of Terran primates

4) We’ve chins, needed to close the more gracile jaws than other primates here, who have buttressed eye scockets to protect their eyes from the snapping closed of fighting jaws

5) We lack the bone density and muscle strength of other Earth primates

6) Our eye sockets, unlike theirs are “far more rectangular than round

7) “Our skin, sweat process and glands, body hair and salt management are completely different.”

8) We’re completely bipedal; they aren’t

9) “The vast majority of species on Earth” have only a few genetic diseases, we show 4000″ since we were created as a disposable slave species

10) “Homo erectus, our half ancestor took a million years to go from rough stone tools to smooth ones” we’re going to Mars in just 200,000 years.

Freer concluded, “DARWINIAN PRINCIPLES DO NOT APPLY TO OUR SYNTHETIC GENESIS [as engineered hybrid Nibiran/Erectus mine slaves] and subsequent development except as a minor theme in our incidental climatic and regional physical adaptations.” [page 37]

“300,000 years ago, “the Anunnaki [astronaut-goldminers from the planet Nibiru] jumped the gun on [Earth’s] evolution and, using genetic engineering, upgraded a hominid, Homo Erectus–to an intelligent, tool-handling Homo sapiens) to be their serf. It happened in the Great Rift Valley zone of southeast Africa, just north of the goldmining land.

“The wild hominid of the Abzu [Africa] had DNS similar enough to the Anunnaki’s that just a little genetic mixing produced a Being that, according to Sumerians and the Bible, was akin to the `gods’ both inwardly and outwardly except for their longevity. All life on Earth, from birds to fishes, flora to algae, and down to bacteria and virises–all have the very same DNA, the four nucleic acid letters from which all genes and genomes are made. The DNA of the Anunnaki was the same as the DNA of all life on Nibiru. The DNA on Earth and the DNA on Nibiru were the same.”

Our genome of less than 30,000 genes “contains 223 genes that do not have any predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree.  These 223 genes were found to be completely missing in the whole range of the vertebrae phase of evolution. These genes involve physiological and cerebral functions to humans.”

The theory of panspermia, that Earth was “seeded from elsewhere,” was put forth in cuneiform clay tablets millennia ago. Life on Earth and life on Nibiru–DNA on Earth and DNA on Nibiru–was imparted by Nibiru to Earth during the Celestial Battle [where the planet Nibiru and its moons 3.9 million years ago knocked Proto-Earth (Tiamat) and its moon from between Jupiter and Mars to between Mars and Venus]. Obtainment of such a ready-made Seed of Life explains how life could begin on Earth in the relatively immediate aftermath of the cataclysm. Since Nibiru, at the time of the collision, already possessed formed DNA, evolution began there much earlier. Just 1% earlier would mean a head start of 45,000,000 Earth-years–more than enough evolutionary time for Nibiru’s astronauts to meet Homo erectus on Earth.” The planet “Nibiru is the `Creator of the Primeval Seed who `furnished the Seed of Earth’ beginning with herbs and vegetation that sprouts and culminating with `providing the Seed of All People, all life stemming from the same `seed’–DNA–in a chain leading from Nibiru’s `Primeval Seed’ to the `Seed of All People.'”[Sitchin, Z., 2010, There Were Giants Upon the Earth, pages 153 -162]

The Nibirans’ chief scientist, Enki, knew the 223 genes in his genome differed from Homo Erectus’.  “Our genome contains less than 30,000 genes.  It contains 223 genes that do not have any predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree.  These 223 genes involve physiological and cerebral functions peculiar to humans.”  Enki withheld genes affecting longevity.  “Anunnaki did not give us the relatively extreme longevity they possessed because it did not suit their purposes.  We were invented as slave workers.

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  1. What Is The Illuminati says:

    Great article and interesting points you brought out about evolution, but either way, if you just think logically for a minute, you will see that there is still an evolution going on. We are still becoming more advanced beings with the technology that’s still coming out and the things that we’re capable of doing nowadays. Just pay close attention and you will see. I could give you many examples of our current evolution & how things are still evolving.

    Ace from: What Is The Illuminati ?

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