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In the Beginning: Graphic Novel Youtube Preview & Sitchin’s LOST BOOK OF ENKI Read Aloud by Dr. Sasha & Janet Kira Lessin

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Ancient legends, myths, and religions from around the world have spoken of gods and angels, not always in the spiritual sense, but actual flesh and blood beings interacting with mankind. Many of these ancient cultures had vast knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, attributing their knowledge as being handed down from the gods. Who were these god-like beings, known to one of the oldest civilizations, the Sumerians, as the Anunnaki? This two-part story starts with an amazing discovery in the present day that takes us back hundreds of thousands of years. Follow the Anunnaki on their ancient astronaut journey from Nibiru to Earth and their interactions with humanity’s genesis.

ANUNNAKI HISTORY READ ALOUD: Listen to The Lessins Read & Rap on Sitchin’s “Lost Book of Enki”

by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Long-lived (hundreds of thousands of years) extraterrestrial Homo sapien Golaths from the planet Nibiru mined gold on Earth 400,000 years ago.

300,000 years ago they created Earth-adapted, short-lived mine slaves—that’s us–from their genome.  We called them “Anunnaki,” People-From-The-Sky.  They taught us hierarchy, violence, greed, slavery, debt.  They made us worship them, call them “gods.”

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200,000 years ago, ENKI, their Chief Scientist, begat his own line of Earthlings, whom he exalted.


Enki begat Noah with Batanash, his Earthling lover in 11,000 BCE.  After Noah’s flood, Anunnaki ruled through Noah’s sons’ descendants.

The Anunnaki ruined their eastern Mediterranean cities with nuclear blasts and fallout storms.  Most of Anunnaki returned to Nibiru by 311 BCE.  But some stayed.  They and their descendants (the power elite) rule us to this day. 

The Nibirans taught one-upsmanship.  We watched them kill each other to rule; the elite today still kill each other and each others’ followers. Our ancestors plundered, enslaved or killed whomever their master, the dominant Nibiran in their area, told them.  We Earthlings still plunder, enslave and kill whomever our elites tell us. 

The Anunnaki loosed plagues, nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction upon us.  They raised speech barriers and forbade learning.  They and their spawn made exclusive, hostile nations and religions to keep us divided.  They addicted us to credit institutions to keep us slaving. 

The Anunnaki stand feet taller and live millennia longer than we. We killed in their names: Allah (= Sumerian Nannar), Yahweh (Enlil, sometimes Adad) and Inanna (Ishtar)–Nibiran Expedition personnel all.  They bred us to slave in mines, armies, businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, brothels and building projects.

Anunnaki Princess Inanna and half breed Sargon conquered Earthlings
Anunnaki Princess Inanna and half breed Sargon conquered Earthlings

              We worshipped and them and the “royal” lines of ever-murderous hybrid rulers and priests–the elite–they begat.  The few Anunnaki who stayed on Earth and the line of hybrids they support still rule Earth.  They give all factions and nations credit and arms and engineer wars among them.

The elite run competing religions which each say they’ll bring back the Anunnaki god of their faith and defeat gods and followers of other faiths. We can end the power of the lies that impoverish us.

The ancient scenario of divide-and-rule, to this very day, makes us deplete our resources, pollute Earth and wage war.  The elite and their ET controllers assure we never feel our unity as a planet of peace.  

Lies of church and state hide technology, knowledge of our ET heritage and info about the Galactic Federation.  Commander Enlil-Yahweh hated women; so did his rival, Marduk.  Yahweh and Allah–Anunnaki in any case–murdered many. These Anunnaki lacked compassion, showed neither love nor divinity. 

Other Anunnaki–Enki, Ningishzidda, Ninmah–love us and continue to work to free us from the mental matrix with which Yahweh and Allah (Enlil’s second son) have left us enslaved.  Bau, daughter of Nibiru’s king Anu, loved us too; she died as she treated victims of nuclear fallout from bombs her mate Ninurta dropped on us.

Embrace the oneness of all Earthlings and stop warring.  Our allies among the Anunnaki can, when we stop warring, advance our astronomy, medicine, energy, rocket science and survival strategies. 

We all descended from the same genitors.  Anunnaki and hybrid overseers imprinted their greed, one-upsmanship and dominator-consciousness on us.  They modeled, dictated and indoctrinated avarice, domination, slavery, competition, hate and violence.  Some of Anunnaki stay on Earth. 

They still control us and Earth’s resources. Their perverse perspective will prevail unless we see the matrix they made and nullify it.  Then we make a world that honors everyone’s consciousness. The Anunnaki dictated their world view to Earthling scribes of Iraq (then called Sumer).  Clay tablets the gods dictated say that on Nibiru, a king and his military ruled. 

The Anunnaki dictated tales of how, 450,000 years ago, they got gold from Earth and how, till 300,000 years ago, when they created us for the mines, they shipped the gold back to Nibiru.  Their stay on Earth before they made our ancestors and what our forefathers saw, imprinted us with values of their hierarchic, male-run, master-slave-enemy mentality.  We assumed values of extract, pollute, enslave, indebt, monopolize and obsess with gold.

Yet we all descended from the same ancestors from space.  We can trash the mental matrix the so-called gods scripted.  We can transcend the legacy of the gods. When we recall our oneness, we survive together.  We plan together for the periodic returns of the planet Nibiru and its false gods.

Millions of years before the Anunnaki got to Earth, other ET terraformers seeded hominoids here. The terraformers introduced advanced hominoids, ancestors of Homo Erectus, Neanderthal and Bigfoot, to Earth so the Anunnaki could implant Homo Erectus genes into their Homo Sapien genome and thus adapt their genome to Earth.  The Anunnaki created what the terraformers planned for us—they made us Homo Sapien like them, but adapted to Earth [Pye, 2013].Adam's birth

We progressed when the Anunnaki gave us new technologies.  Every 3,600 years, they gave us marvelous devices, astronomical and geological information, new crops, new chemistry and ever-more lethal weapons.  Suddenly, our architecture, public projects, weaponry, and military training revved up and we build new cities, temples and armies.


            Our Sumerians ancestors didn’t imagine gods who made them literate and told them what to write.  Rather than make up gods, Sumerians saw, heard and even touched Anunnaki as people like them, though the Anunnaki stood taller and lived longer.  Sumerians watched the giants run computers and advanced machines. They witnessed gods shooting weapons of mass destruction. 

In Sumer, then all over this planet, the gods gave our ancestors ever-advanced technologies and models so they could rule, relate, mine, store data, compute, write, build, trade and war.  Gods chose their half-breeds to rule us. 

The Anunnaki bred with our ancient grandmothers each generation.  Our ancestors everywhere on Earth saw, heard and even felt Anunnaki gods. Gods were not imaginary.  Nor were they gods.

Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Indians, Norse, Chinese, Tibetans, Central and South Americans all spoke of gods who rode Celestial Chariots, threw thunderbolts and, when Nibiru neared Earth, gave us crops, herds, devices, medicine, laws, knowledge and more Nibiran genes. Noah’s descendants passed their mandate to rule “from Sumer through Egypt to Israel through David and the messiahs, fostered by the Essene communities in Canaan. 

Jesus was an Essene as was his wife, Mary Magdalene, information the Catholic Church suppressed.  Catholics instead perpetuated slave-code fear and subservience.  They hid the truth of our hybridization and persecuted and brutalized the human-centered strain of the bloodline [that’s most of us]. [Gardiner, L., 2000, Bloodline of the Holy Grail; quote from Freer, 2004, Sapiens Rising]

In 2000, Zecharia Sitchin showed us clay and stone proof. 1 Sitchin poster  

Rocks and inscribed records astronomical, geological, geographical, chemical and biological info Sumerians said gods gave them, info our scientists only got millennia later.  Sitchin disproved the elite’s lies.  He solved the mysteries of missing hominid links never found since they didn’t exist.  He showed how they periodically upleved our society and its industries. No missing physical links existed since we appeared suddenly, when Enki and his cohorts added Erectus genes to their genome.  We got advanced technology when Sumerian “gods” gave it to us.

Fresco, Anu’s temple, Abydos, Egypt: Submersible, airplanes, helicopter

Sumerians tagged Anunnaki aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and computers with their own words and words the gods taught them.  Our ancestors called aircraft and rockets “skyships, “celestial chariots” and “fire-breathing dragons.”

They named helicopters “whirlbirds.”  A whale that swallowed Jonah = a submarine; weapons = “brilliances.”  We labeled Nibiran medical and scientific achievements “miracles.”

Our ancestors recorded the history, scientific words and concepts the gods taught them.  What gods called “MEs” we call computer programs.  Our cultures added descriptions, metaphors, similes and analogies to the words the gods gave us.  We can now decode our ancestors’ metaphors for the gods and their technology instead of dismissing the weapons, vehicles and personalities of gods as superstitious myths.

Review our ancient history and sense of who we are, how we got here, and how the new paradigm of our genetics we free ourselves from the master-slave, god-devotee, boss-worker, lord-tenant model the ETs imposed on us.  

The new view ends physical and economic slavery, hierarchic obsession, derogation of women, gold lust, antagonistic religions and nations the gods and the hybrid elite they created dictated. Free of short, desperate lives, we’ll create our future.  We’ll activate our latent Nibiran genes, better our genome and join galactic civilization.

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More on the Gods of Old:

ANUNNAKI: GODS NO MORE (paperback) by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Dr. Lessin explains the Anunnki’s involvement in human history. The giant olden gods–folks with high tech & their heirs–chain us to short, hard lives. The “gods“rocketed here from the planet Nibiru & bred with Homo Erectus to create us as short term slaves and soldiers. We praised them & killed in their names: Allah = the Sumerian Nannar or Marduk, Yahweh = Enlil, Adanoi = Enki.

Sasha Lessin Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA), author of Anunnaki: Gods No More studied with the late Zecharia Sitchin, for many years. Mr. Sitichin asked Lessin to create popular internet, book and college-level courses to revise ancient anthropology. Sitchin asked Lessin to help disseminate written, graphic and traditional stories of ETs, hithertofore considered mythic “gods” on Earth from 450,000 years ago to 300 B.C. as well as the latest findings in astronomy that relate to the planet Nibiru from which the ETs came to Earth for gold to shield their planet, Nibiru.

ISBN-10: 1479372218; ISBN-13: 978-1479372218


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