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From 2220 BCE on, Ninurta built Lagash, restored the power of Yahweh’s clan (the Elilites) and enforced a century of peace for Sumer. Ninurta fixed Sumer’s water system and the controls Hades (Nergal) had ruined in Babylon. [ZS, Wars: 262 – 64; Giants: 274]

Ninurta’s Kings in Lagash “prohibited abuse of official powers, ‘taking away’ a widow’s donkey” and withholding day-workers’ wages. The kings had to maintain communal buildings and irrigation and transportation canals. Ninurta declared First Fruits and other festivals for the whole populace. He and his kings encouraged Earthlings to read and write. [ZS, Giants: 274]


Ninurta consolidated the Enlilite rule in Sumer. He welcomed his cousin Ningishzidda/Thoth to Lagash and had him design bunkers for his new aircraft, Black Bird, whose firepower made it invincible in Sumer. Ningishzidda drew two bunkers, one for Ninurta’s Black Bird and one for Ninurta’s “Awesome Weapon.” Ningishzidda also build an observatory next to the bunkers. The top of the domed observatory measured “star and planetary positions after nightfall. Ninurta named the temple “E.Ninnu–House/Temple of Fifty”, affirming himself as the “next Enlil [Commander, Earth] with the Rank of Fifty, just below [Nibiran King] Anu’s”.

In the 2160 BCE New Year’s dedication, Ninurta bestowed “immortality” on Gudea, Lagash’s demigod/king who’d supervised construction.

Lagash3“In the forecourt were two stone circles to determine constellations at the moment of sunrise on equinox day,” March 20/21 and September 22/23. The equinoxes marked Zodiac Time based on the varied time-lengths star groups rose on the horizon on equinoxes, which Ninurta touted. Zodiac Time stretched his rule of Sumer longer than Celestial Time, based on twelve equal intervals. The observatory’s sight-lines would show the Sun crossing the line of Earth’s orbit (ecliptic) from the zone of The Bull for the next 200 years.

The Bull,” Ninurta told Thoth, “proclaims Commander Enlil and me, his Champion and Successor. While the sun rises in The Bull, Enlil–through me–rules Earth. [ZS, End of Days: 40 -49; Giants: 276]

In Egypt, Satan’s (Marduk’s) spy said. “Ninurta finished the E.Ninnu.”

Curse his Observatory. Earth,” Satan shouted, “must honor Celestial Time, not the Eninnu’s Zodiac Time. Coming is my constellation, The Ram. When the sun rises in The Ram, I, not Enlilites, rule Sumer shall. Each sign gets equal time on the horizon. The sun rises on my Ram, not Enlil’s Bull and I rule. Zodiac Time gives Ninurta rule two centuries more than Celestial Time.”

Satan particularly resented the women who helped plan the E.Ninnu to defy him–Nisaba (aka Seshita, Thoth’s assistant in Egypt), Ninurta’s half-sister, the Sumerian Goddess of Wisdom, schooled in Lucifer’s (Enki’s) academy at Eridu, “a female Einstein” and Lucifer’s daughter, Nanshe, Inanna’s Oracle (represented in the constellation Scorpio), who gathered in rare building materials for the E.Ninnu. 

Satan already hated Inanna for sentencing him to die in the Giza Pyramid and Lilith (Ninmah), who ceaselessly promoted Ninurta at his expense. Satan generalized his hatred of Inanna, Nishaba, Nanshe and Lilith and waited his chance to punish women. [ZS: Time: 158 -152, 364 – 368]

The Era of Ninurta in Sumer, lasting through the Gutian Invasions and the ensuing period of reconstruction, proved but an interlude. A mountain-dweller at heart, Ninurta soon again roamed northeast and farther.  He perfected the martial arts of his highland Gutian tribesmen, introduced HORSES to them and organized them into a cavalry that could range thousands of miles.

Ninurta had returned to Sumer at papa Yahweh/Enlil’s call to crush Inanna’s Akkadian King, Naram-Sin and subdue her as well. With peace and prosperity restored, Ninurta left Sumer. His absence from Sumer and his niece Inanna’s abortive attempt to recapture the kingship” for her city of Uruk prompted Yahweh to order his second son, Allah (“Nannar The Peaceful”) to rule Sumer from Ur.”

Yahweh needed Allah/Sin, Nannar) to rally humans to for his armies.  Allah was well-regarded by the Earthlings and could gain followers to support the Enlilite competition with the Earthlings Satan and Nabu recruited to fight for the Sinai Spaceport. “The growing problem for the Enlilites was that Ninurta, the presumptive heir to Enlil and Anu, had come from Nibiru–whereas Marduk [who married Hybrid Earthling Sarpanit] and [their son] Nabu had Earthling affinities. [ZS, Giants: 269-70]

“Enlilites dropped the ‘Ninurta Strategy’ and switched to a ‘Nannar Tactic,’ transferring the seat of national Kingship to Ur–Sumer’s thriving commercial and manufacturing center–[cult center] of Nannar, an Earthborn son of Enlil, who unlike Ninurta, also had an Akkadian name: Sin.” Enlil sent Terah, the High Priest of Nippur, to Nannar in Ur to make sure people there adhered to zodiacal time and the extension of Enlilite rule. Terah brought his son, Abraham (who will become Yahweh’s top general) with him.

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