Mar 30, 2017

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JESUS & OTHER ANUNNAKI ON EARTH NOW TO HELP: Anunnaki Royal Raps with the Lessins & Billy Carson

JESUS & OTHER ANUNNAKI ON EARTH NOW TO HELP: Anunnaki Royal Raps with the Lessins & Billy Carson

Jesus led the resistance to Enlil-Yahweh, the genocidal Commander of the goldmining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth. Jesus, from his home in France and in North America, defied Yahweh and taught:

 ‘Help the poor.

 Sustain the feeble.

Do evil to no one.

Do not covet what you do not possess.

Reverence Woman, the foundation of all that is good and beautiful.'”














Bloodlines, royalty, caste are all instruments of the hierarchical obsession of the ET Nibirans who impose hierarchy to feed their lust for power, control and greed. IMHO, all consciousnesses, those of the poor, the feeble, handicapped, oppressed, animals, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes are just as much a part of the Prime Creator as kings, priests, prophets, messiahs and illuminati. We’re all holographic partials that contain the light of all other consciousnesses as well as the light of the Prime Creator. The Prime Creator contains us all.

Listen to “Anunnaki Interviews, Part 1 Gillian Green & Billy Carson Interviewed by the Lessins” on Spreaker.

Gillian Green describes her uncle Thoth-Ningishzidda-Hermes-Quetzlcoatl, Kukuklan, his spacecraft, the Anunnaki rescue vehicles, Earth’s coming transformation andhis role, as well as the roles of  Jesus, Marduk and Enki as we ascend into the Age of Aquarius.

Gillian DeArmond Green, born clairvoyant in Yorkshire, England, spoke often to her personal Thoth.  He taught her how to develop  spirituality for herself and others whom she teaches metaphysics and for whom she does readings.  In this interview, Billy Carson describes and (with uncensored photos taken before photoshop techniques) documents the Anunnaki structures and basis throughout our solar system. He even has photos of Anunnaki pyramids on Mercury.  Gillian confirms Billy’s findings of the Anunnaki bases.

Listen to “Anunnaki Panel ~ 01/02/17 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Gillian Green, Janet Lessin, Karen Patrick” on Spreaker.

Click link below to listen:


Leading Jesus scholar Edward T. Martin reveals years of Jesus’ youth that the Bible omits.

Martin details the story of Jesus’  travels, studies, and teaching in India, Nepal and Afghanistan and surrounding regions, his survival of the crucifixion, his two marriages, his vindication of Judas, his travels in his mentor’s beamship, his post-crucifixion sojourn in Afghanistan and his long life.





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