Jan 1, 2015

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by Janet Kira Lessin, Founder, Spokesperson for Ninmah Consciousness

When the Anunnaki gods created war they also created political fanaticism and
religion to secure loyalty and alliances with their branded people (foreskin or no foreskin on their penises) to their gods. These are systems of mind control–psychological manipulation utilizing guilt and shame around food, sex and pleasure, a system that acts like a virus infecting families through generations that continue to this day.

The virus mutated to survive, multiply and expand through modern proselytizing systems that prey on emotionally and physically weak in hospitals and at funerals and free food distribution events (such as those offered by churches and free meal events). These events are often masked as charity events but are designed as recruitment stations. The modern era offers missionaries with the latest invention, door to door proselytizing by religions such as the Seventh Day Adventist and Mormons. Each religion infects its members with the virus which generates anti-bodies against the virus of the opposing religion.

annunaki-large-small-humansReligions and dogmatic beliefs are further anchored by violent acts of terrorism and war.

Sports and computer games are training grounds for soldiers and enforcing beliefs that there is an enemy one must fight in order to survive. Television, movies, songs and the media further enforce paranoid beliefs and violence.

All this energy is harvested by the various institutions set in place to reap the rewards of patriots and true believers. Martyrs, saints and heroes seal the deal with stories and myths recited to the masses through the generations securing dogma through ceaseless, endless propaganda. Eventually no one remembers who started the fire. The top of the pyramid’s hidden in plain sight with symbols on money and every building subliminally reinforcing the system.

People become enlisted in the system through money. Money, the greatest false flag of all times continually recruits by reinforcing greed and illusion through all the systems, from media to HAARP and mind control signals continually blasted through the air through the grid, towers to satellites in every neighborhood hidden in plain sight under the auspices of telecommunications. Every item offered by the powers that be contains a hidden double-edged sword. It tastes good but it kills you. It allows you to communicate but it controls you. It entertains you while hypnotizing you, reinforcing the illusion, the delusion that all real. It recruits you as police, reporting on parents, peers and family through paranoid beliefs that they are bad and by reporting the bad guys, you are thus good. Your reward, money, promotion, praise and applause while others are fined, imprisoned or maybe even killed.

anunnaki_4a (1)The God Virus infects all through blame and shame. The schism created between feelings, emotions and programming splits and divides us all, sorting us into loyalty camps, projecting disowned selves and parts we cannot incorporate into our own psyche’s on to the apparent others and within this framework generates fear and separation, dysfunction, violence and murder on the individual and family/friend level. Carried forth through communities in ever increasing and more sinister and heinous ways resulting in conflicts and wars between countries and groups till the planet is destroyed.

Now we face mass extinction and may go the way of the dinosaur and who remains on the top of this dung heap? Who is the all seeing eye on the pyramid that graces our dollar bill? Who is in control? Look back in time to the dawn of humanity and the answer is clear as mud. But still there to be found for those bold and brave enough to dig through the muck. There you will find the Illuminati who are the Anunnaki and the y’re not gone or dead or a myth but have been here all along, your masters. And you, we have always been their puppets, manipulated and used against one another so we never feel connected, never know that beneath all the drama and violence, we are one always connected to one another and SOURCE, the true God if there even is such a thing.


Internet Radio Show with The Anunnaki Panel: Janet Kira & Dr. Sasha Lessin, Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg, Helen (Nell) Parks, Gillian DeArmond Green and Robert Evans, Jr.

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by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

The Anunnaki, 8-12 foot-tall Homo Sapiens from the planet Nibiru who adapted their genome to Earth with a few Homo Erectus genes, some copper and some African clay to created our species 300,000 years ago, dictated their doings to Sumerian Scribes some 11,000 years ago.

How Marvel Comics sees the Anunnaki godsHow Marvel Comics sees the Anunnaki gods

The tales the Sumerians recorded of their “gods’ ” behavior and the observations of our ancestors imprinted behavioral propensities on us all that, if we remain unconscious of them, keep us competing, warring, slaving, and exploiting one another and the planet.  If we become conscious of these Anunnaki models, archetypes, voices, ishidevas, paragons or subselves within us, we can find out what they really need beneath their demands.  Their deepest needs, can–when we coordinate them from a higher, more inclusive and discriminating Center–lead both to personal integration and give us the empathy we need to synergize with others who seem to personify Anunnaki archetypes we tend to repress.

The demand, for example, of our inner Rebel, personified by Marduk, the man promised rule of Nibiru but denied it, we can see that he needs recognition, affection, respect and see that he get it in ways that do not deny other aspects of ourselves their needs. MardukMarduk

The Munich Olympic terrorists who embody the need for respect gone demonic for denial, for example, who married, got jobs and families, stopped terrorizing.

Particularly powerful Anunnaki archetypes are the stereotypes of the Patriarch (Enlil, Yahweh, Allah), the Matriarch (Inanna), the Partnership Mediator (Ninmah), the Scientist (Enki) and the Enlightened One (Ningishzidda-Thoth), the Protector (Ninurta), the Commerce Captain (Nannar), and the Rebel (Marduk).  We all have each of these as manifest or latent inner voices that each, at base, beneath their unreasonable demands, has needs that, if coordinated from our centers, can be met.  

Dr. Lessin suggests to the panel members as well as you the audience and reader create a dialogue from your Center with each Anunnaki subself.  Find out when that inner voice came out, how it has served you, what it wants, why it wants what it wants, and what it really needs.   

On this internet radio show, panel members share the Anunnaki archetypes–as well as the Creator-of-All– that motivate them, as well as the archetypes they suppress. 

We ask you too, to ask each of your own subselves how you can honor and appreciate them. You assess your situation from your neutral inner Witness and coordinate your actions so all your inner selves get a chance to express themselves.  When you accept all your archetypes, you notice how other people are just like you and extend empathy rather than enmity towards them.

Here’s some of the prominent Anunnaki archetypes: Anu, Enki, Enlil, Ninmah, Nigishzidda, Marduk, Anu, Innana,  Ereshkigal, Ninurta, Nannar, Nergal, Alalu.  You can learn of them in depth (which you can access before you do the exploration I recommend below) at anunnaki-whos-who-with-illustrations-from-anunnaki-legacy-of-the-gods


Here’s an exercise for you to use to explore the Anunnaki archetypes within YOU.  Follow the instructions and, if so motivated, share your results on this site.

Recline.  Have your partner read the cues aloud, one at a time, to you.  Tell him or her to wait till you fully finish responding to one cue sentence before reading the next.  Or just do the exercise alone.  If, during the exercise, you need more time before going on to the next cue, raise your right index finger.

*Close your eyes.  Become centered and receptive.  Picture or just feel as though you’re in a special place, a sanctuary where you can receive a message from deeper consciousness. 

*Pictureor just sense an Anunnaki archetype that symbolizes your current challenge, a fantasy you have, one of your repetitive life motifs, a mood or a worry you’d like to understand better.  Tell me what you see.

*Identify with the archetype you thought of; become it.  As it, say your NAME out loud. 

*As the archetype, say WHAT YOU ARE LIKE.

*Become yourself again.  Ask the Archetype a QUESTION.

*Be the archetype again and reply.

*As the archetype, tell the person playing you WHAT YOU WANT of her or him and what you need.

*Be yourself again.  Tell the archetype the realistic LIMITATIONS you, as a socially conscious person, enmeshed with family, friends and institutions must live. 

*Conduct a dialogue with it about its expression and your limits.  Shift between being the archetype and yourself as appropriate.

*Ask it if it has rivals.

*Establish a similar DIALOGUE with any RIVAL ARCHETYPES suggested by the one with whom you initially spoke.

*Become each rival archetype and dialogue with the other archetype until you and they feel unity.

*Agree on a ritual and a place you and the archetype can meet again. 

*Perform a mental ritual to transit you back to ordinary reality.

*Tell me how you can TRANSLATE what you learned from these dialogues INTO YOUR LIFE this week.

*Take me through the cues.

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Anunnaki Chronology Link click-me

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