Dec 18, 2014

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 by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

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Our genetic engineers, the Anunnaki, came from Nibiru, a planet with technically advanced, spacefaring, nuclear-armed Homo Sapiens ruled by a king and his men.  On Earth, to which they fared for gold, they adapted their genome with a few genes from Bigfoot’s ancestor, Homo Erectus, to create a slave race; that’s us.  The Anunnaki set up nations with religions for us to worship them.  The rulers of the nations they set up still work on the hierarchic, racist, misogynistic, patriarchal, patrilineal, violent principles the Anunnaki started, plus indebtedness, slavery, mind-programing and information-control their descendants elaborated to control us.

Inanna and Sargon conquered Sumer with the weapons symbolized in their hands.

Sixty million years ago, Sirians, advanced Homo Sapiens from the Lyran stars, moved to planets in the Pleiades, a group of stars in Orion’s belt. Some of them, “the First Pleiadians” rocketed to Earth to escape war. But “other Lyrans and Pleiadians came to Earth” and fought on Earth too. The first Pleiadians fled back to the Pleiades.  Some of these First Pleiadians settled Nibiru, where they developed technologically advanced warring nation-states. [Horn, A. and L., 1994; Enki: 25-26].

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Around 654,000 years ago, nations of the Nibiru’s North and South nuked each other.  Nuclear explosions and fallout left many Nibirans sterile and killed a huge percentage of men.

Nibiran Commanders, Wearing Eagle Helmets in the N vs S war to control Nibiu
[Nibiran Commanders,
who wear Eagle Helmets
in the North vs South war
to control Nibiru]


To end the war, leaders drew lots for rule of the planet.  An won the drawing.  He created Agade, the new capitol, imposed military rule–hierarchical, male-centered, patrilineal–, and issued decrees.

Nibiru’s Military Dictatorship: Model for Earth?

Nibiru’s Military Dictatorship: Model for Earth?

Agade, Nibiru’s Capitol

Agade, Nibiru’s Capitol




An ordered men, “Take principle and secondary wives, official concubines too.”  His successors set the Law of Succession: when the King dies, the son he begat with his half-sister succeeds him.






Nibiru’s Peril Drove Miners To Earth

500,000 years ago, Nibiru’s volcanoes erupted less and its ash shield thinned. This, we shall see, will force Nibirans to mine Earth for gold to powder into Nibiru’s air, save their atmosphere, and keep the heat they needed. [Slave Species: 88]


[Floating White Powder of Monoatomic Gold, easily made.]

By the reign of Enshar, the sixth king descended from An, “Nibiru’s air has thinner been made, the protective shield diminished,” scientists said.  Enshar’s son, Duuru, failed to create an hereditary heir, but the Council of Counselors made his adopted son, Lahma, King. 

To Lahma, “In the councils of the learned, to heal the breach in the atmosphere, were two suggestions. Use gold, within the Hammered Belt [Asteroids] abundant.  To finest powder, gold could be ground, lofted high to heaven, suspended it could remain.  With replenishment, the breach it would heal. Let celestial boats [rockets] the gold to Nibiru bring over.  Let weapons of Terror [nukes] be created, the missiles the volcanoes to attack, their dormancy to bestir, their belching to increase, the atmosphere to replenish, the breach to make disappear.”

“For a decision Lahma was too feeble; what choice to make he knew not.” Every 3,600 years, Nibiru, as it circled Nemesis and crossed through Solaris’s ecliptic, lost more oxygen.  For four orbits, Lahma vacillated whether to nuke the volcanoes or send miners to the Asteroids.  He pondered while Nibiru’s air bled into space. 

“Intense radiation afflicted the planet, but Lahma ignored his counselors and instead heeded his wife, Lamaha.  She told him, “Beseech the Great Creator of All. Beseaching, not actings, provides the only hope.”

Prince Alalu Killed King Lahma

Prince Alalu, descended from Nibiru’s forth king, Anshurgal (and a concubine) led his fellow princes.




“Let Lahma the king be no more,” he roared.  “Let decision supplant hesitation.  Come, let us unnerve the King in his dwelling, let him the throne abandon.” 

“The princes rushed the palace gate, then the throne room.  Lahma retreated to his tower, where Alalu caught him.”

We need a king who acts now.  Not you; you dither. I’m taking over now, before we lose all our air.”  Alalu hurled Lahma from the tower.  “Now I’m King,” he shouted. [Enki: 32 – 33]

Alalu Gave Daughter to Ea For Fealty From Anu

Anu said he, not Alalu, should rule. Anu, who descended from King An’s youngest son (Enuru), contested Alalu’s claim. Anu said he, as Pretender, not Alalu, should rule. 

Alalu told Anu, “Wed our children–my daughter Damkina; your son Enki; I rule and civil war we forestall.”        

 Anu agreed; he canceled his daughter Ninmah’s betrothal to his son Enki, Nibiru’s greatest scientist.

Ninmah, Enki’s Fiance, forced to by dad Anu drop engagement.

Ninmah, Enki’s Fiance, forced to by dad Anu drop engagement.


Instead of Nimah, Enki wed Damkina.

Damkina and EnkiDamkina and Enki

The first male born Damkina bore, Anu and Alalu agreed, would rule Nibiru.  One line, our two shall become, said Alalu.  Deal in place, Anu pledged fealty to Alalu.  Alalu, now King, made Anu his Cupbearer.

Alalu made Anu CupbearerAlalu made Anu Cupbearer

 Enki and Damkina had a boy, Marduk.  When Marduk ruled Nibiru, genes of grandfathers–Alalu and Anu–would both empower him.  (This pact will in millennia to come fuel wars on Earth.) [Wars: 84; Giants: 249].

Ninmah pined for Enki, but sought solace in sex with Anu’s successor, her (and Enki’s) half-brother Enlil, a dashing military man.

Ninmah bore Enlil’s son Ninurta (later known as Ishum, then Mars).  “Never, for your disobedience, will I allow you to wed,” said Anu.

King Alalu didn’t–though he tried–save Nibiru’s air.  To raise overcast to hold Nibiru’s air, he had rockets drop nuclear bombs in Nibiru volcanoes.  This, however, didn’t touch of the ash eruptions Alalu sought. The hole in the atmosphere grew. 

Alalu explored the gold-dust shield option. Earth and its asteroids hold most of the gold in the solar system, so he sent a rocket.

The vessel crashed into an asteroid.  All aboard died.

Asteroid incoming


Nine more Nibiran years (nine sars, orbits of Nibiru around the Sun, 32,400 Earth years) passed and Alalu still hadn’t stopped Nibiru’s air loss.

Anu Wrestled And Deposed Alalu

Cupbearer Anu seethed when Alalu failed to protect and replenish Nibiru’s atmosphere.  He cited Nibiru law and proclaimed himself rightful king.  He challenged Alalu.

“To hand-to-hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged.

Anu challenged Alalu to wrestle for Nibiru’s Crown

Anu challenged Alalu to wrestle for Nibiru’s Crown






“Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king.  Anu to the palace was escorted.

 “Alalu to the palace did not return. From the crowds he stealthily escaped; of dying like Lahma he was fearful.  Unbeknownst to others, to the place of the celestial chariots [rockets] he hurriedly went.  Into a missle-throwing chariot Alalu climbed; its hatch behind him he closed. The forepart chamber he entered; the commander’s seat he occupied. In the celestial boat Alalu from Nibiru escaped.  To snow-hued Earth, Alalu set his course.”  [Enki: 24 – 39]



Alalu nuked asteroids en-route to Earth and, 440,000 Earth years ago, landed on marshy land near Basra, on the Persian Gulf and waded ashore.  Most of the land Alalu explored rests now under the sea. Two of the rivers he found, the Tigris and Euphrates, still flow through Iraq.  But 450,000 years ago, when he arrived, the Tigris and Euphrates joined the Gehon (Karun) river, which ran through Iran and joined the Euphrates.

4 rivers of Iraq big

In 2010 CE, ultrasound showed that the merged Tigris, Euphrates and Gehon, further south, joined the Pishon River to make the four rivers of Sumer tablets show. Sumer’s four combined rivers then flowed into the Persian Gulf.  Noah’s flood of 13,000 years ago buried the Pishon with mud.


In the Gulf, Alalu confirmed gold.  He targeted Nibiru with missiles.


“The Speaker-of-Words he stirred up; toward Nibiru the words to carry, “On another world I am, the gold of salvation I have found.  The fate of Nibiru is in my hands. To my conditions you must give heed! Return my throne” [Enki: 60]

On Nibiru, the Council heard Alalu’s demands.  “Two royal princes–the Commanders of the Weapons” protected the palace with “two divine weapons–the Royal Hunter and the Royal Smiter.  The gateway to the palace was flanked by ‘Eaglemen’ [uniformed astronauts] with the Winged Disc emblem of Nibiru centrally displayed.  The Council heard Alalu’s transmission in the Throne Room where Anu sat on his throne, flanked by his Foremost Son Enlil seated on the right and his Firstborn Son, Enki seated on his left.

“Anyone present could speak but Anu’s word was final.”

Enlil impugned Alalu’s data; he and the Council begged Anu, “Resist Alalu.”

Anu had Enlil beam Alalu back, “Anu, the King, to you his greetings send; of your well-being to learn he is pleased.”  He added, “Prove ample gold on Earth.” [Giants: 129]

Enki said he’d rocket to Earth and see if it had enough gold to send miners. 

“If from gold dust of Earth a shield for Nibiru its atmosphere to save,” said Enki, “Let Alalu Earth rule as King.  For kingship on Nibiru, let him wrestle Anu. 

“‘Let me in a chariot [rocket] to Earth journey, a path through the Bracelet [Asteroids] with water, not fire I shall fashion.  On Earth, from the waters let me the precious gold to obtain; to Nibiru back will the gold come.”

So Anu sent son Enki to Earth to mollify Alalu.  Enki, since he married Alalu’s daughter could mediate between father-in-law Alalu and father Anu. 

To Earth with Enki, Anu also sent Alalu’s grandson, pilot Anzu (an astro-navigation expert), and fifty men. AAnzu,@ means He Who Knows the Heavens–astronavigator.  Anzu charted the course toward the sun.

Enki had the job half-brother Enlil coveted.  Enlil seethed while Enki and Anzu rocketed for Earth.

Enki routed a return through the Asteroids and sent pilot Abgal back to Nibiru with sample gold. Scientists processed the sample gold into “the finest dust, to skyward launch it was hauled away. A shar [3,600 years] did the fashioning last, a shar did the testing continue. With rockets was the dust heavenward carried, by crystals’ beams was it dispersed.”

But “When Nibiru near the Sun came, the golden dust by its rays disturbed; the healing in the atmosphere dwindled, the breach to bigness returned.” [Enki: 86]

Anu sent Abgal to Earth for more gold and Enki sent him back to Nibiru with the meager gold from the Gulf.  Then Enki “traced the gold to its nearest prime source” the gold lodes, huge veins deep in the rocks of Africa.  Jubilant, Enki announced his find to Nibiru.” [Giants: 99, 138]

On Nibiru, Enlil, angry that Enki led Mission Earth, demanded Enki prove vast, extractable gold on land.  “False hope Enki gave already that gold quantity from Earth’s waters could Nibiru’s atmosphere save,” he said.

Anu gave in: “You Enlil, my legal successor are.  Of Earth take charge; gold there assess for yourself.”

Enlil rocketed to Earth, empowered as Anu’s heir to run the expedition if Earth had enough gold. 

Enlil landed in the Persian Gulf, saw Enki’s data and retested his samples. He beamed back to Nibiru that Earth had gold enough to save Nibiru’s atmosphere.

Anu, Enlil And Enki Drew For Nibiru, Earth, Seas And Mining

At Basara, Enki and Enlil disputed authority. Enlil messaged, “To Earth your presence I request.  Affirm to Enki’s face the Rule of Succession. I, son by your half-sister Antu, rank him, though, he, your eldest be. Alalu, still claims rule here and over Nibiru too but to your rule must be made to submit when on Earth you land.”

So, 416,000 years ago, Anu rocketed to Earth to create chain-of-command and deal with Alalu’s threats.

Anu to Nibiru flies


On Earth, Anu put three straws in one hand, held them out to Enki and Enlil: AWhich of you, my sons, draws the long straw, rules Nibiru.  Draw the short straw and you command Earth. Draw the middle-sized straw and you run mining and sea transport.”

“By their lots the tasks they divided; Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain.

“The Edin [Sumer] to Enlil was allotted, to be Lord of Command, more settlements to establish, of the skyships and their heroes charge to take.  Of all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter, the leader to be.”

Enlil, “Lord of Command” extended King Anu’s military dictatorship to Earth.  Enlil, who preceded Enki as Anu=s successor on Nibiru, now ruled Enki on Earth too. [Enki: 92 – 93]

“To Enki the seas and the oceans as his domain were granted, lands beyond the bar of the waters by him to be governed, in the Abzu [Africa] to be the master, with ingenuity the gold to procure.”  [Enki: 92 – 93]

Drawing for jobs











Enlil’s first act as Commander mollified Ea.  Enlil forever gave Enki Eridu, the settlement at Basara as well as the title, En.Ki, Earth’s Lord, to Enki.  Before this, Enki had been called EaBHe-of-the-Waters; “Ea” is the root of the word “EA-rth.” [Wars: 81]

When Anu and his sons divided rule of Nibiru and Earth, “Forward toward Anu Alalu stepped, shouted, ‘Mastery of Earth to me was allotted; that was the promise when the gold finds to Nibiru I announced! Nor have I the claim to Nibiru’s throne forsaken.'” [Enki: 93]

Anu wrestled Alalu.  They grappled. [Wars: 86]
Anu vs Alalu crude





“Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring,  ‘I am King.'”

But when Anu lifted his foot from Alalu, “swiftly he the manhood of Anu bit off, the malehood of Anu Alalu did swallow.” [Wars: 94]

Enlil subdued and tied Alalu while Enki gave Anu first-aid.  Anu groaned, “Maroon Alalu on Mars, I shall.  Slowly will he die from my flesh ingested.”  Anu’s flesh killed anyone who ate it. 

So Anu, en-route to Nibiru, left Alalu with food and tools on Mars.  On Mars also, Anu left Anzu to tend the ex-King as he died. [Slave Species: 438]

The Anunnaki brought their model of dynastic strife, male rule and warfare to Earth, where the line of hybrids they chose to rule continue to duplicate and elaborate it.  Fortunately, our genetic engineers created us with the ability to do better than they…but that’s another story.

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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)



  1. Philip Trask says:

    I am a Sitchinite. I own and have read many times each of the books in the Sitchin library. I attended the Sitchin seminar held in Dallas in 1995. I have been waiting for academia to catch up to the findings disclosed in sitchin’s works. I was happily surprised to find your website and will order your book. How refreshing to find an educated person who agrees with Sitchin, instead of the usual denials from experts who tell us they know the findings from Sumeria are just the old mythology arguments. I am an amatuer astronomer, an engineer who specialized in solid state electronics, hold three degrees, and I am well read in history, science and physics. When I first read The Twelfth Planet I felt I had finally discovered truths that explained the origin of the Solar System, the Hammered Out Bracelet of the asteroid belt and the origin of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, which Sitchin’s work told us began about 300,000 years ago, and which coincided with the current findings from the Mitochondrial Eve work. Each reading of a Sitchin book lead me to new information and correlations with science facts. I hope I live long enough to see Sitchin honored for his bravery as a leader in the path to the truth of our history on Earth. I, too, graduated from UCLA, was born in Santa Monica, married a Beautiful Jewish Lady I met while attending UCLA, a teacher who loved guiding elementary kids. We have been married now 44 years. She knows all my arguments for the correctness of Sitchin’s teachings. Looking forward to your book.

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