Mar 12, 2014

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Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interviewed Gerald Clark on Sunday, March 9, 2014 on Revolution Radio (, Studio B from 8 to 10 PM, Eastern time.

Clark, author of The Anunnaki of Nibiru, discusses humanity’s forgotten creators, the architects of the New Word Order.  
Clark tells hosts Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin how ET s used Neanderthal genes to adapt their their genome to Earth.  He reveals the genetic, chemical, debt, war, trade and frequency modulation techniques the Nibirans and today’s clandestine rulers whom they left in charge perpetuate our enslavement techniques. 


Clark says, “Billions of primitive workers, left to fend for themselves on a hostile planet, to find hope that following the great destruction underway, wrought by the warring gods of Light and Dark, a promised peace in the new age of Aquarius is dawning, actually already upon us.

Many historical and scriptural findings not included in the Canonical Bible, have now come to light. Access to texts such as the Lost Book of Enoch, the Nag Hamadi Gospels, and the Book of Jubilees,among others is now widely available and, when synthesized and correlated with existing documents like the Bible and Qu’ran, merits rethinking Western civilization’s origins and intent.

U.S. public school history ignores the Sumerians, although they are credited with all aspects of modern civilization, influencing both Egypt and Greece alike. Television series produced by the History Channel, like the “Ancient Aliens” Series is assisting the masses in waking up to the fact that the Anunnaki were not a myth, having left physical documents and artifacts backing up their claims to have created mankind, described in highly sophisticated language, as recorded by Atrahasis. 

Clark sees Jesus as an embodiment of Thoth, dedicated to overthrow the religious enslavement and destruction pushed by Yahweh-Enlil and Allah-Nannar. .

The Anunnaki of Nibiru

It was in South Africa, where the idea was spawned to create a primitive worker, namely mankind, to operate the gold mines, provide temple building manpower, and generally serve every whim the Ancient Astronauts from Nibiru conceived of. Many of the Niburians, referenced in the Biblical Genesis as the Elohim, known to the Sumerians as the Anunnaki, were enthroned as Gods in Mesopotamia.

Perhaps it is fitting for Westerners to look into the religious and historical origins for the kings and demigods of Sumer, the first culture to provide evidence of the cuneiform script language, complete with no antecedent. Not only were mundane records, detailed as they were, kept on clay tablets, tens of thousands of which survive to this day, but the history and direct experience accounts of some of the famed inhabitants, like king Gilgamesh of Uruk, introduce us to “Those who from Heaven to Earth Came.”

The Anunnaki astronauts hailed from a planet, Nibiru, in our own solar system, whose apogee resides in a 3,600 retrograde elliptical orbit beyond Pluto. According to their records, likely using spectroscopy as scientists do today, they located gold on planet Earth. Due to a failing atmosphere on Nibiru, Anu their king, dispatched his preeminent scientist and first-born son, Enki, on a space mission to Earth to recover enough gold that could be ionized in a layer of their atmosphere, as a solar radiation shield

Anunnaki gold mines in Africa have been found and carbon dated. Mining operations were occurring at the exact time and location that the “Genetic Eve Study” indicates: Womankind’s genetic origins are undeniably linked to Enki’s gold mining operation. Egyptian Queen Sheba’s mines ring a bell? Michael Tellinger followed the Sumerian account to Africa, locating many of the mines, homes and temples used by the primitive workers and gods, our true ancestors.

Additional source material and limited genealogy tables are included in the Bibliography and Appendix for the reader to explore. More exhaustive ones are available by contacting the author. Now consider your place in the unfolding New World Order. Will you choose the Enlilites or Enkiites to affiliate with, or do you have a choice? Enjoy this intellectual read, it is mind-bending, pineal-gland stimulating, and worth it!

Clark tells 1. How the Annunaki were able to control the Minds of Homo Sapiens Sapiens with the right combinations of radio frequencies and 2. How all Earthling Human Beings are kept from obtaining enlightenment or as the author writes – consciousness evolution by the Annunaki controlled governments. Read Zeus/Enlil and his foremost Warrior Apollo/Ninurta seek to destroy all Earthlings!

Clark says Jesus was the son of Enki aka “God” in the literal translation of Genesis who was also known as Poseidon/Neptune (the sign of the fish) and “constructed” the “Adapas” in the image of the Annunaki by using the blood of young astronaut that was sacrificed. Clark reminds the reader Annunaki were aware of “The Maker of All Things” aka the Supreme Being and that Enki programmed us to be able to reach the state of enlightenment. 

Gerald Clark, a 1994 graduate of the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), holds an MSEE in Electronic Circuits and Systems, and a BS in Computer Engineering both from UCSD. Gerald is the author of several papers in the communications and electronics field and is well known for his work in the San Diego high technology industry, awarded several patents in the Free Space Optical Laser Communications field while serving as Vice President of Engineering, LightPointe Communications, Inc. Gerald’s career involved companies like Loral Telemetry and Instrumentation where he lead the final phase of the Globalstar Telemetry and Command modem designed for Qualcomm- used to command, monitor, and control 54 LEO Globalstar Constellation Satellites. While serving as VP Engineering at Tiernan Communications, Gerald and his small team of hardware and software engineers were credited with “Digitizing American Television”, having demonstrated the first live HDTV ABC Monday Night Football game on-air transmission from New York to San Diego using Tiernan Communications, Inc. HDTV 1080i/720p MPEG-2 Encoders.  During the years 1996-2002, working as a telecommunications executive, Gerald’s business travels took him to various parts of the world exposing him to a plethora of cultures which acted as a catalyst for his research into mankind’s earliest technologies and accomplishments, including the cultures of Mesopotamia and the surrounding areas of Turkey, Egypt, Persia, and Iraq, eventually leading to the cuneiform-inscribed tablets left by the Sumerians.

Gerald Clark
Gerald Clark



  1. Fine talk w Janet , Sasha and Gerald.
    Im q fan of zecharia sit chin and have read all his books during the 90’s till now.
    Im also a former Hare Krishna full time devotee during the 70’s. Some sentiments still linger.
    According to this prevailing Sumerian influence which has wondrous intellectual and true life, who was Sri Krishna from Dwaraka? Probably more important for an answer for me is what was his name in the sumerian understanding and equally important is, are there any dark twists that you know of regarding Krishna. The reason Im bringing this to your attn is because I was involved 110% during the years initiating the movements demise. This demise was a result of very corrupt and even evil energies. I was a part of any of this. I was a full time book distributor working all the airports and parking lots living in KOA grounds visiting temples on sundays for feast and associations. Yet how could murder and child sexual abuse and smuggling etc etc go on in such an environment and further with the over seeing of Krishna himself.
    Thank you, mukti
    sumary: was / is Krishna on the up and up or is there just another spiritual hitler at work?

    • Mukti: Pravupad seems to me to be the real thing, his followers corrupted the movement, but Pravupad identifies Krishna with the Creator-of-All. It’s a pity that corruption hurt our evolution, but, IMHO, this is a microcosm of what we must transcend.

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