Oct 13, 2013

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by Sasha (Alex) Lessin,  Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.), author of Anunnaki: Gods No More
Pyramid as power house

The expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth taught the adapted workers they had created to work south Africa’s goldmines how to run machines from power grids with energy generated within pyramids. Sumerians, Egyptians and the miners had electricity.  

Our ancestors’ art, nuclear residues, a multitude of references in the enuma elish and other ancient documents all show the Anunnaki collected, amplified and directed energy and could use the energy as electricity where they choose.

Christopher Dunn And John Cadman [Ancient Aliens, Season 5] have shown how the Great Pyramid at Giza, used water from the Nile and produced vast, directed energy.  

Cadman traced Nile water pumped through a channel to a pool under the Great Pyramid.  The pump pushed pressure upward.  The pressure vibrated.  It sent a low-pressure rarefaction wave upward. Water traces and chips from the pressure wave  let Dunn sequence the way the pyramid gave the Ancients  working power.

Dunn shows how, in the salt-lined Queen’s chamber of the Great Pyramid, hydrochloric acid and hydrated zinc (they left residues he recorded) flowed down shafts to meet in the Queen’s Chamber.  The zinc ran down a channel called the Northern Shaft; the dilute hydrochloric, down the Southern Shaft.  When Zinc met Hydrochloric, they freed hydrogen gas (Dunn duplicated this reaction in the lab.)  The hydrogen gas rose inside the pyramid.  

The  gas, lighter than air, streamed through all the pyramid’s upper chambers.  It went first from the Queen’s to the King’s Chamber.  Then the vibrations of the Earth itself, plus the underground pool’s compression vibration energized the hydrogen atoms into a microwave energy beam.  The energy beam shot up 27 vertical shafts (shown below). This system kept sending  a microwave that sustained itself for hundreds of years, a microwave strong enough to power their  tools, cities and spacecraft.

“The evidence that shows use of hydrogen in the King’s Chamber in a shaft,  8.4 by 4.8 centimeters.”  This channel guided the MASER–Microwave Amplified Through Stimulated Emission Radiation–wave through crystal power-amplification devices.

H generation in Queens Chamber Giza Pyramid H Channel3

 Grand Gallery Giza Resonator

M. Tellinger has documented collaborative evidence of ET-run energy from an Earth-grid extending over most of the south of Africa.  Enki and company used mastered sonar technology and lifter-technology with monoatomic gold powder.  Evidence accumulates that the Anunnaki could change the form of energy to suit their purposes.


Orion's stars

Orion’s stars

Ancient Tomorrow forward the following on facebook:Structures at Carnac, Stonehenge, Tiahuanco, Teotihuacan, Ankor Wat, Draco Locales Point to the star Sirius in Orion’s Belt in 10,500 B.C.

The constellation Orion, the center whose belt ancient structures mark, associates the Greek story of Orion with the Sumerians.  Orion’s the son of Poseidon, the Greek Version of Anunnaki Chief Scientist Enki.  

Egyptians depicted the constellation Orion as Osiris, a giant Anunnaki, Enki’s grandson, agent of Anu, King of Nibiru.

Ancient Aliens, Season 5, suggests the Giza Pyramid was a stargate, teleportation station, holographic projection or dimension interpenetration station.

ANUNNAKI: COMING BACK OR NEVER LEFT? Web Radio, Article by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

All us Earthlings descended from the same genitors. We are kin. Anunnaki gods (they were really just 8-12 foot tall Homo Sapiens like us)–those who came from the planet Nibiru 450,000 years or so ago to mine for gold and created us as mine slaves with a few proto-Neanderthal(Bigfoot) genes, copper and clay) and their hybrid overseers descended from the sons of Noah (half-breed son of Enki, the Anunnaki’s Chief Scientist)–the elite–imprinted on us the same greed, one-upsmanship and dominator consciousness that ran them, especially the precepts of their authoritarian boss, Enlil-Yahweh and his main rival, Marduk-Allah.

Our Nibiran mentors modeled, dictated and indoctrinated avarice, domination, miscegenation, competition, hate and violence in us. Some 4,000 years ago, as most of them left Earth, the Nibiran leaders dictated their world view to their Earthling scribes. The perverse perspective they perpetrated prevails until we see the matrix, then nullify it. Then we create a civilized world that honors everyone’s consciousness.

When Ningishzidda-Thoth-Kuklaklan-Hermes, one of the lead Anunnaki geneticists and teachers of humanity left Central America, he said he and his father Balam Yokte (Enki) would return on December 21, 2012, and challenge the forces of evil on Earth.

Do you feel a change for the better, or just more of the contempt for consciosness inherent in the matrix the Anunnaki left us?

“Megalithic sites throughout the world, all constructed by different cultures, all varying in construction ond complexity but sharing in the simple fact that their buildings correlate with a mirrored constellation, and all on winter solstice 10,500 BCE. Such structures include Carnac, Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku, Easter Island, and the magnificent Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Draco.

Orion Belt & Pyramids worldwide Hancock


 “All of these sites  align on a globe in a grid pattern which correlates with other sacred and holy sites.

“Dr. Graham Hancock believes this  measured the circumference of the earth.  The perimeter of the base of the great pyramid of Giza compared to its height,  shows the same proportion as the circumference of the earth and its diameter. This is similar to Teotihuacan, where the base of its pyramids relate to their height by the same ratio of the Earth’s circumference  to its radius. ”  You find the same features, separated by six millenia and the Atlantic ocean at Teotihuacan and, Xian China, whose pyramids align perfectly with, and mirror Orion’s Belt, circa 10,500 BCE.”  [http://onlythechanges.blogspot.com/2012/11/10500-bce-lost-epic-of-man.html?m=1]


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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)











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