Oct 5, 2013

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(Excerpt from Anunnaki: Gods No More, Youtubes

Ancient crafts2


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13,000 years ago, an new Ice Age hit Earth. The Earthling workers whom the Homo Sapien Anunnaki (goldminers from the planet Nibiru) created, adding copper, clay and a few Homo Erectus genes to their genome, begged for more food. In Iraq, these Earthlings, referred to by Anthropologists as Ubaids–primative farmers. [Pye, 2000: 191; ZS, Wars: 111 -112; 20, Enki:, 188-193]

Crops dried-up, Earthlings starved, plagues killed many. “Diseases overcame Earthlings. Ninmah, Chief Medical Officer for the goldmining expedition [said]Let us the Earthlings curing teach, how themselves to remedy to learn.’”

Expedition Commander Enlil (aka Yahweh) refused. “‘Let the earthlings by hunger and pestilence perish.’” In his mind the stay of the Anunnaki on Earth was nearing an end and he would rather wipe out all life before they departed for Nibiru. “Nothing grew and winds, heat and drought haunted them. Tremors and quakes became regular events.”

Chief Scientist Enki implored Enlil, “Let us show the dredging of ponds and canals for surviving drought and famine.”

But the Commander responded, “No ponds, no canals. Let the Earthlings starve, every one. When we, sated with Earth’s gold, to Nibiru return, leave no Earthling subjects for [Enki’s son who once was Pretender to Nibiru’s kingship]Marduk, no force for him, the homeplanet to invade. [ZS, Enki: 204 -205; Tellinger, Slave Species: 470]

The Earthlings at Shurubak (where Ziusudra-Noah, Enki’s son with his Earthling Overseer’s wife, lived) sent Noah to Enki at the Persian Gulf for help. Enki said he couldn’t openly help, but advised, covertly, “The policy of Enlil protest, worship of the gods boycott.”

Enki secretly fed the Earthlings from his corn. He showed them how to get to and fish the seas. When Enlil said Enki defied the decree that Earthlings starve, Enki said he didn’t know how Earthlings learned salt-water fishing.

When Enki ruined his attempt to starve the Earthlings, Enlil instead waited for the next perigee when Nibiru’s approach to Earth would create a great flood. Just before that, Enlil, planned, Nibirans would quit Earth with all the gold they needed. Nergal warned of a flood, one that would kill off us troublesome slaves and hide fact we ever existed. [ZS, Enki:206; 1978, 12th Planet:292 -294]

Nergal in charge of the observatory on Africa’s southern tip reported that the Antarctic ice sheet, built speed as it slid toward the South Sea. When Nibiru reaches closest to Earth, the icesheet’ll slip into the Sea and push out mountainous waves. The waves’ll bounce off each other and landmasses and combine in many ways. The waters will, Nergal said, cover all Earth except great peaks.

When King Anu and the Counsel on Nibiru got Nergal’s report, they beamed Earth: “‘For evacuating Earth and Lahmu [Mars]prepare.’ In Africa the goldmines shut down; therefrom the Anunnaki to the Edin came; smelting and refining ceased, all gold to Nibiru was lofted. Empty, for evacuating ready, a fleet of celestial chariots to Earth returned.

“To the reed hut where Ziusudra was sleeping Enki stealthily went. The oath not breaking, the Lord Enki not to Ziusudra but to the hut’s wall-computer, spoke from behind the reed wall. “When Ziusudra by the words awakened, Enki said, ‘A calamitous storm will sweep, the destruction of Mankind it will be. This is the decision of the assembly by Enlil convened. Abandon thy house, Ziusudra. Build a boat, its design and measurements’” on the file you see on your wall. A boatguide [Enki’s son Ninagal] to you will come. To a safe haven the boatguide will navigate you. By you shall the seed of Civilized Man survive.”


When the floodwaters receded, they left the uplands intact but left the spaceport at Sippar, all of Sumer and African mines under mud and silt. Earthlings at low elevations had drowned. Less than a thousand Earthlings dug alive from mountain caves to a world of mud that ruined for gathering and hunting.10 [Freer: Sapiens Arising:110]

People with Ziusudra on Mount Ararrat, hybrid Anunnaki-Earthling families who fled to Mesopotamia’s mountains and the descendants of Enki’s son’s son Ka-in at the Peruvian refinery and spaceport lived. Anunnaki in charge of the Andean space and refining facilities helped “the few Andean survivors upon the high peaks to repopulate the continent. In North America, Hopi remember a “ handful of their ancestral Flood survivors digging out of cave shelters to start over. All the Anunnaki built in the past 432,000 years was buried under miles thick mud.” Of their settlements, only the stone Landing Platform [Baalbek] in Lebanon, survived intact.” [ZS,Enki: 230; Cosmic Code: 54]

Enlil decided to let us Earthlings survive to serve the Anunnaki, who’d rule them through the sons of Noah.

Nibiru neared Earth so close in 11,000 B.C. that the ice slid off Antarctica.  The ice, tsunamis it generated, quakes from shifting magma and continents launched the worldwide 120-day Deluge here.  The flood buried “under miles thick mud, all the Anunnaki built in 432,000 years.  Of their settlements, only the stone Landing Platform [Baalbek] in Lebanon, survived intact.” [ZS,Enki: 230; Cosmic Code: 54]

     To Baalbek, Enlil, the Nibiran Commander of the Goldmining Expedition to Earth, summonsed Nibirans who survived the flood.  Enlil signaled, “Return to Baalbek.  Hear my commands,” to the Royals and to astronauts in craft orbiting the planet. He called in his son Nannar from the moon and his nephew Mardu–rival Enki’s son–from Mars.

      Marduk, son and heir to the Commander’s rival, Chief Scientist Enki, had run the astronaut and transshipment base on Mars before the Deluge.  “By the passage of Nibiru was devastated. Its atmosphere was sucked out, its waters evaporated, a place of dust storms it is,” Marduk reported.

 “What seeds survived in Enki’s vault?  What beasts made it?”

      Ninigal, Enki’s son who’d piloted Noah’s submersible, reported, “Life essences and life eggs in the four-legged animals from Ziusudra’s boat can be combined.  Sheep for wool and meat will multiply, cattle for milk and hides will all have.” 

      Enki’s seed banks survived. 

      Enlil said he’d order more gmo seeds from Nibiru.  He told Enki’s son Dumuzi, “Replenish the planet’s livestock. Noah’s son Shem will boss Earthlings you need.  

      “Dig a water system with our technology, breed Earthlings for labor that feeds itself,” the Commander Ordered.

      So began the Neolithic, the Age of Domestication.  With advanced technology, Ninurta and Enki re-terraformed the mud of Mesopotamia back to a land of rivers, dams, and irrigation systems made it all possible.

From 11,000 – 10,500 B.C., the Anunnaki, now posing as gods, revived Sumer, taught us proliferating Earthlings to make bronze and bricks, built a new spaceport in Sinai. The Anunnaki and our ancestors together renewed Earth’s crops and beasts. The Anunnaki taught us to farm.  “When the Anunnaki were forced to start over again in the highlands, they used animals and seeds salvaged by the few of us Enki had saved, along with samples of others that had been sent to Nibiru and which had”, next time Nibiru neared “to be returned to and reintroduced.” [Pye, 2000: 287]

The farming they taught “spread all over the world from the Near Eastern arc of mountains and highlands.” They gave us wheat and barley, then “millet, rye, spelt, flax (for fibers and edible oil), onions, lentils, beans, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, apples, apricots, cherries, pears, olives, figs, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, as well as tame dogs, geese, ducks, sheep, goats, and pigs.” We got “horned and hornless cattle for hides, meat, milk and wool.” They showed us how to weave fiber into cloth, make flour, bread, porridge, cakes, pastries, biscuits, yogurt, butter, cream, cheeses, beer and wine. Our communities grew.

Ninurta, Enlil’s heir and enforcer, introduced plows. First, Earthlings pulled them, then cattle. With Enki’s new grains, they boosted food-growing.

Anunnaki gave our ancestors plows

Anunnaki gave our ancestors plows


Anunnaki and their foremen directed Earthlings to regulate the Nile and create pastureland for herds of cows and goats. They gave us the wheel, carts and chariots. [ZS, 12th Planet: 6 -9; Wars: 125]





Each Anunnaki lord walled his sacred precincts, “each with a skyscraping ziggurat [stepped pyramid]. The ziggurats rose in several steps (usually seven) to 90 meters. They were build of two kinds of mud brick sun-dried for highrise cores and kiln- burned for extra strength for stairways, exteriors, and overhangings; held together with bitumen as mortar.”

Babylon & Lagash

Commander Enlil kept Nippur, Sumer’s center, and there stored his computer programs, “Tablets of Destinies” [planetary orbits] and the “Command and Control Center for Earth to offplanet communication, as well as the Bond Heaven-Earth in his high-rise stepped pyramid. In the city, Enlil had Earthlings built schools of science and scribing as well as a library with 30,000 inscribed clay tablets. [ZS, Wars: 125; Giants: 67 – 69]

The Anunnaki taught the Sumerians “every ‘First’ of what we deem essential to advanced civilization: wheeled transportation, brick that made possible high-rise buildings; furnaces and kilns essential to baking and metallurgy, cities and urban societies, kingship, temples, priesthoods, festivals, beer, culinary recipes, art, music, musical instruments, musical notes, dance, writing and record keeping, medicines, textiles, and multicolored apparel.
Ancient crafts1




The Anunnaki gave us a mathematical system–sexagesimal–that initiated the circle of 360 degrees, timekeeping that divided day/night into 12 double hours, a luni-solar calendar of 12 months intercalated with a thirteenth leap mon. They gave us geometry, measurement units of distance, weight and capacity, an advanced astronomy with planetary, star, constellation and zodiacal knowledge. From the Anunnaki, we got law codes and courts of law, irrigation systems, transportation networks and customs stations, even taxes.” [ZS, Giants: 58, 70] Their geometry let “engineers survey, level and construct intricate and efficient irrigation systems and complete astronomy.” [Pye, 2000: 195]

The relatively sudden civilization of Mesopotamia, the Anunnaki introduced, included many “firsts” for us. “The first true cities of 10,000 -50,000 inhabitants, laid out in grids, with streets easing congestion between buildings and facilitating movement and commerce.” Other post-deluge firsts in Iraq included “schools, bicameral congress, historians, pharmacopoeia, farmer’s almanac, cosmogony, cosmology, proverbs and sayings, law codes, social reforms, literary debates, library catalogue, law codes, medicine and search for world peace.

The Nibirans gave the Sumerians civil organization: “written laws, courts, judges, lawyers, trails by jury, business contracts, marriages, divorces (with equitable settlements to both parties), police, jails and punishment to fit crimes against persons, property and the city-state.” They punished “unfair usage by supervisors of their power to take the best for themselves, the abuse of official status, extortion of high prices by monopolistic groups. Sumerian law protected “the rights of the blind, the poor, the widowed and the orphaned.”

Sumerian schools taught language, writing, botany, zoology, geography, mathematics, and theology. They taught grammar, vocabulary, and the world’s first writing. Sumerian scribes covered cosmological tales, epic poems, histories of kings, temple records, commercial contracts, marriage and divorce records, astronomical tables, astrological forecasts, mathematical formulas, geographical lists, grammar and vocabulary texts.

“Sumerian city centers were dominated by high-rise palaces and temples built to exact specifications outlined in detailed architectural plans. They built walls around city perimeters. Water was supplied by canal and aqueduct systems and had drainage and sewage disposal.”

Ur 1






The Anunnaki taught our ancestors to reinforce bricks “with chopped reeds, to which they added the kiln furnace to fire reinforced bricks, making them strong enough to construct their high rises and temples as well as pave streets. Sumerian kilns forged the first durable pottery–cups, bowls, plates, urns, storage vessels.”

Anunnaki showed Sumerians how to manufacture mass metal tools and weapons that makes anthropologist call this period the Bronze Age. Kilns “allowed intense but controllable temperatures to be contained in furnaces without contamination from dust or ashes.

“Metallurgy led to the first money (coins) and banking”, though Sumer contained no raw ores to make metals.” But Sumer had naphtha, asphalts and bitumens that seeped to the surface all over Mesopotamia.

“To supply their furnaces” Sumerians developed “the first extensive international trade routes.” They used naphtha as their medium of exchange” as well as for “road surfacing, waterproofing, caulking, cementing, painting and molding.” The Anunnaki taught the Sumerians “advanced chemistry to create paints, pigments, pottery glazes and artificial semiprecious lapis lazuli.”

In Sumer, writes Pye, “doctors were paid only if treatments were successful; if not, there was no charge and if damage were done, doctors had to pay their patients.”

Under Anunnaki guidance, Sumerians employed “the first wide-spread agriculture in a semi-arid plain” with “an extensive system of irrigation canals.”

Rebuilding Sumer after flood 2
Nibirians Engineered Dams and Canals for the Sumerians after the Great Flood receded.

Anunnaki gods gave them the means to fare over open seas so they could get ores and wood. So the gods gave them the first “wharves, graneries and marketplaces.. Marketplaces and international travel meant the first standards of weights and measures.”

“For overland transportation they used the first wheeled carts, wagons and chariots.”  [Pye, 2000: 191 -195]

Enlil ordered a new rocket terminal at Sinai, on the Arabian Peninsula, for spacecraft to freight gold to Nibiru. He told Enki and his lineage to build the new terminal, Mission Control and guidance facilities in a mountain-like Great Pyramid at Giza, near the Nile at the 30th Parallel.

From 10,000 B.C. on, Enki’s sons Marduk and Ningishzidda assisted Enki, as did his descendants Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut.“The secret plans of the Great Pyramid were in the hands of Ningishzidda.” [ZS, Wars:149-155]

Enlil’s youngest son Viracocha [Adad/Ishkar] gathered the survivors atop the Andes who survived the Deluge; he had them build palaces there for him and his Overseers. Viracocha readied couples he chose to start an empire they’d rule from Cuzco. [ZS, Time: 247]


Nibiru’s crossing the inner solar system between Mars and Jupiter 13,000 years ago had not only created the Deluge and had also “ripped away the shield of gold dust around Nibiru, gold the astronauts had struggled for millennia to ship to the mother planet. Nibiru’s atmosphere again dwindled. The mother planet again needed Earth’s gold. While survivors on Earth rebuilt their lives, word came from Nibiru, ‘The shield of gold dust was torn.’” Nibiru ordered the Expedition to send lots more gold at once.

For more gold, the Expedition needed more Earthling miners and a new rocket terminal. But in Africa mud interred the mines as well the miners. In Sumer mud topped the Bad-Tibira refinery. Mud smothered the rocket terminal at Sippar refinery. Mud covered the rocket terminal at Sippar.

Mud also covered all the stone and minerals Sumerians needed for building. Ninurta, who ran the recovery for the next 7000 years, taught the Earthlings who survived how to make bricks and bronze tools and build houses, temples, canals and dams.

Sumer and Europe failed to yield enough CASSITERITE, which Ninurta needed to refine copper for tin and bronze, so he hunted gold and natural copper. He found them in alluvium of rivers that run into the east coast of Lake Titicaca in Peru–huge chunks of pure gold and copper. The copper needed no refining.

On an island in Lake Titicaca, Ninurta also found beardless descendants of Ka-in, now Andean Indians, who’d survived the flood on rafts. They could mine the gold Ninurta found. Ninurta brought Adad, Sumerian overseers and African technicians to organize the Indians. [ZS,Lost Realms: 8- 222]

“When the Anunnaki decided to give us advanced civilization after the flood, not all of us celebrated. Some of us distrusted the brutal Anunnaki and therefore remained in our hideouts, too scared to enter the new settlements the Annnnaki created. It looked to those of us who escaped like a new version of the labor camps we experienced for millennia around the gold mines.

“Eventually the Anunnaki found these communities of rebellious Earthlings and imposed their control on them in the remote locations. Even the most remote tribes of the planet all had a similar relationship with the omnipresent gods. As the new communities’ need for labor increased they went into the mountains or neighboring village and caught themselves some slaves. All ancient cultures in the world were practicing slavery. From the very first day of civilization man practiced what he was taught by his maker: obsession with gold and keeping slaves.” [Tellinger, Slave Species: 217 -218]

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GALZU SAVED EARTHLINGS FROM FLOOD by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

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