Jul 14, 2013

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04/19/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact ~ Renegade FM

04/19/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact ~ Renegade FM

abductees on table w Greys

with Rich, Marla, Janet Kira Lessin & amp; Dr. Sasha Lessin

Baron Davis, a two-time NBA All-Star who most recently played for the Knicks, says he was abducted by aliens while driving from Las Vegas to LA.

In an interview with The Champs comedy podcast with hosts Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher, the conversation somehow got around to aliens. Davis nonchalantly said he had just recently been abducted by aliens, shocking the hosts. They assumed he had been joking, but as Davis told his story they began to wonder. They asked if he was serious, to which Davis replied, “Yeah, hell yeah, dude.”

I will use direct quotes sparingly, since there was a lot of foul language in the story. For those who are not offended by this, you can listen to the clip below. Anyway, the story goes like this. While driving from Las Vegas to LA, Davis saw a bright light headed his way. It was a windy road, and he was concerned because he thought it was a truck and there would be traffic. He said the light was red, then white and then really bright.

The Lessins review the history of abductions, from the horrendous abductions of over 100,000 a year mostly young white women. Grey and other aliens, especially friends of the Greys, used the captives for breeding, experiments, organ banks and especially for sadistic gang rapes by aliens from all over the quadrant. The ETs ran a vast genetics lab two miles under Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, NM. The program of abuctions was authorized in 1947 by President Truman in exchange for the Illuminati power elite’s access to the technology with which they now rule the world. When President Carter realized that the NSA X group was running this program, he enlisted a special Delta Force Group, financed by Ross Perot and assisted by a sympathetic Reptilian to close down the base and rescue as many of the abductees as possible. The force rescued some 3,600 women, but needed to bomb the facility, killing the thousands of ETs running the base and some 30,000 or more abductees they couldn’t get out before fleeing before the alien defenders. The abduction program was curtailed until President Bush Senior let the ETs take a few hundred woman a year. The full military report’s available ahttp://www.extraterrestrialcontact.com

The Lessins also point out that Thoth/Kuluklan and eight other ET Homo Sapiens from Nibiru may have, as he told the Maya, returned to check Marduk/Ra/Allah as well as Enlil/Yahweh and the power elite that divide us and pit us against each other. There is speculation that President Obama, Ex-Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr. met Thoth in Tanzania a few weeks ago. The world may indeed have changed Dec 21, 2012, when Thoth returned.


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