May 3, 2013

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by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)

Nannar/Sin, Earth-born but genetically Nibiran–first legitimate son of ENLIL, commander of the goldmining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth, 400,000 years ago.  The expedition’s chief scientist, Enki, hybridize the Nibirans’ Homo Sapien genes on a bit of the genetic material from a variety of Neanderthal, perhaps Homo Erectus, made us hybrid slaves to serve them.

Nannar’s mother was Ninlil, the # 2 Medical Officer of the Expedition.

Nannar’s lover, and then, at her insistence, his wife, was NINGAL, daughter of the Expedition’s Chief Scientist, Enki/Ptah/Adonoi with Nibiran Ningikuga, the Goddess of Reeds (ie, construction material).

Nannar and Ningal







Nannar and Ningal begat the twins Inanna/Ishtar and Utu/Shamash as well as Ereshakigal).  400,000 years ago, Enlil exiled Nannar from Sumer, when Enlil thought Nannar supported the revolt of Anzu and the Astronaut Corps. 

Enlil forgave Nannar and appointed him to rule Ur and develop commerce from Sumer in 8670 B.C.  Nannar, unlike others of Enlil’s lineage, the Enlilites, avoided combat in the wars of the Nibirans on Earth.  Enlil choose him as Ur’s god to signal Earthlings, even in lands Marduk controlled, to worship Nannar and enjoy peace and prosperity. [Giants: 269-70, 278].


Nannar’s Earthlings adored him.  He bred sheep that made Ur “the wool and garment center of the ancient Near East and  “developed foreign trade by land and water.”  His half-Earthling/half-Anunnaki staff and their thousands of subject Earthlings built a navigable (and protective) canal to Ur’s two harbors.  The canal separated the temple, palace and offices on one bank from shops and homes on the other bank.  On their bank, merchants, craftsmen and laborers occupied multistoried white houses along broad, straight streets. [Wars: 271 -272]

Ur map

Ur 1 Ur map 2










2024 BC, when fallout from the Enlilites’ nuking of Sinai and the cities on the south shore of the Salt (which became the Dead) Sea stormed over Sumer,  “”In Ur, Sumer’s city of kingship, Nannar tohis father Enlil for help cried, “Father who begot me great god who to Ur had granted kingship. turn the Evil Wind away, Nannar pleaded.”  But the Commander replied, “Take hold of your spouse Ningal, flee the city.”  Nannar and Ningal got out in time, but he was crippled by the nuclear storm and his city decimated [Enki: 21].


He fled to the moon, then, when the radiation dissipated, returned to his other temple in Harran, Sumer’s city of trade and learning.

In 610 BC, the Assyrian army “retreated to Harran for a last stand against the Babylonians and lost. Nannar, angrily left Earth again for his place on the moon.

ADAPA GUPI, the High Priestess at Nannar’s Harran temple, at age 95, induced him to return to Harran, and got Marduk’s ok. She had inscribed on stone columns in Harran: “ ‘In the 16th year of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, when Nannar became angry with his city and his temple and went up to heaven and the city and the people in it went to ruin.” But Adapa Gupi stayed on. Daily, for years, she went to the Nannar’s desolate shrines. Then, in the abandoned sacred precinct she discovered a robe that belonged to Nannar.” Holding the hem of the robe [did it have a com-device attached?], “she prostrated herself,” prayed for him to return and rule Sumer again.

“Adapa Gupi offered Nannar a deal: if he’d return and use his authority and divine powers to make her son NABUNA’ID the next imperial king, reigning in Babylon over both the Babylonian and Assyrian domains, Nabuna’id would restore Nannar’s temple in Ur and reinstate Nannar as Messiah, in all the lands where Sumerians dwelt.” Nannar, in “dream vision” agreed to her deal.

Adapa Gupi wrote, “‘Nabuna’id to the kingship of Sumer and Akkad, all the lands from theborder of Egypt, from the Upper Sea to tht Lower Sea, in his hands he entrusted.” Adapa Gupi begged Nannar to persuade Nibiran chiefs “to be at Nabuna’id’ side as he battled his enemies” so he could “rebuild the Ehulhul temple” in Harran and restore Harran to its greatness.

In 556 BCE Nannar returned to Harran in his spacecraft, “The Boat of Heaven.” Enlil’s Chancellor, Nuksu, signaling Commander Enlil’s approval, joined Nannar in a ceremony consecrating the rebuilt temple.
Chimu map

Around 400 BCE to as late as From  1000  to 1400 CE, Nannar reigned over the High Civilization that preceded the Chimu.  Chimu was a  high civilization in Peru.  Rulers in the Chimu capital, Chan-Chan, where the Moche River flows into the Pacific, reigned over a huge area.






Aquaducts brought Chan-Chan fresh water.  The city  “was a metropolis whose sacred precincts, stepped pyramids and dwelling compounds of mud bricks spread over eight square miles.  Chan-chan’s high art was goldsmithery.   [Lost Realms: 11 -114]

Some theorists suggest Nannar became Allah (others say Allah was Marduk or even Yahweh/Enlil, pursuing his policy of divide us hybrids and pit us against each other so we won’t realize the Nibiran half-castes rule it all. [1993, Cosmic Code: 260 – 276]


Following the abdication of King Anu in 530 CE, his grandson Nannar of the Royal Enlil (Ram) Lineage has ruled Nibiru as King.  Nannar was never on King Anu’s “A-List” of candidates for successor.  The King had to balance the claims of the two main lineages within the clan he begat, the lineage of Enlil-Yahweh-Nammur (Enlilites) and the lineage of Enki-Adonoi-Ankur (the Enkiites) and the sublineage of Maruk (Mardukites) within Enki’s lineage. 

Anu had rejected lineage heads Enlil and Enki as the next king and instead gave them major portfolios in his Council of Ministers.  He made Enlil Secretary of the Treasury (Nunerimtar) and Enki Secretary of Science and the Quantum Computer (Dirgam).  He rejected both Enlil’s eldest son Ninurta and Enki’s son Nergal as next King for the war crimes they committed on Earth.  He gave Ninurta charge of Defense and Interplanetary Affairs (Nunurusar) and chose Nergal as his diplomatic representative.  Anu made Enlil’s son Utu-Shamsh chief of all Space Operations. Anu favored Ningishzidda, whose mother was Ereshkigal, of Enlil’s line but whose father was Enki, head of the Enkiites as a sop to both lineages.

Anu distributed portfolios to buy loyalty and unify those he so pacified against Marduk.  A unified Council would, he hoped, block Marduk’s demand that Anu follow his pledge to King Alalu.  The Council to which Anu appointed his sons and grandsons, twelve Royals who act as “a sounding board for decisions and policies to be adopted “after they reach consensus.  Their decisions then go to the AKILAH, an organization equivalent to the House of Representatives, a consensus-builder for policies emanating from the Court and the Council of Ministers.

Prince Marduk argued that he, not Anu, should rule Nibiru.  Marduk argued that when Anu deposed King Alalu, who preceded Anu as Nibiru’s King, Marduk was the mext lawful King. Anu reneged on his pledge that Marduk would follow Alalu to rule the planet.  Anu had seized the crown on Nibiru for himself.  He then kept Marduk from authority on Earth as much as he could.  Back in 2024 BCE, to block Marduk’s growing alliance with us Earthlings, Anu authorized Ninurta to nuke the Sinai Spaceport to keep it from Marduk.  Anu also had Marduk’s jealous brother, Nergal bomb allies of Marduk’s son Nabu at Sodom and Gomorrah in Canaan.

Anu declared “he was planning on stepping down decades before the birth of Christ.  A fast Nibiran exodus from Earth ensued.  Enlil and Enki returned to Nibiru to be with Anu and to lobby for their own interests. Enki’s sons Marduk and Ningishzidda and their families went back following the final closure of the smelting operation in Bolivia.

Nergal, Nergal’s consort (Nannar’s daughter Ereshkigal) and Enlil were first to return to Nibiru with King Anu’s grandson Ninurta and consort.”  Enlilites Nannar, his mate, Ningal, Adad, brother Adad, daughter Inanna as well as Asnan and Nanshe left Earth for an orbiting platform to wait for transport to Nibiru.” but  Nannar and Ningal returned to northern Syria in “the middle of the the Common Era,”  then returned to the orbiting platform to head to Nibiru with the rest of the Royals.

No sooner had Nannar and Ningal returned to the platform, when Anu and Enlil communicated orders from Nibiru for Nannar to return to the Altiplano of southeastern Peru to help Nannar’s son Utu close “the smelter at Sacsahuaman and dismantle runway operations in the Nazca area of southern Peru with assistance from relocated Kassites from southern and central Turkey.” Anunnaki in outposts in the American midwest, southeast and southwest, Africa, Japan, coastal China, Korea, Nepal and Tibet passed on farming and animal husbandry technology to their Earthling followers before leaving the Earth.

Back on Nibiru, “Marduk refused to give the oath of allegiance and loyalty to the King.” Anu put Marduk “in quarantine.  The King had a rebellious leader on his hands. The Council, with the King’s consent, asked Marduk to leave Nibiru and not return.” around 1000 CE, Marduk and “some 300 loyalists and supporters returned to Earth.” [Bordon: 51 -57]

King Anu, writes Bordon, actually preferred Enki as Nibiru’s ‘s next king but the Law of Succession (When the king dies, the son the deceased king begat with his father’s half-sister succeeds) ” prevented Enki’s accession. for Anu “could not go against tradition by choosing second-ranking heir Enki and slighting the official one, Enlil.”  If he choose Enki, “it would split the Nibiran people and their “biomind–the power of the entire Nibiran population  to act as one.  Neither could Anu choose Enlil.” If he chose Enlil as the next King, that would “split his own clan and those who faithfully serve the Kingdom by having to choose sides in a battle with no clear winner.”

Anu told Ningishzidda that he wanted him to be Nibiru’s King.  Ningishzidda politely declined and said Nannar’d do a better job uniting the Nibirans.  “The King asked Ningishzidda why he was pitching Nannar.”  Ningishzidda replied that Nannar would better stimulate and direct the collective mind of the Nibirans, since Nannar’s energy emanation was most like Anu’s and therefore most likely to inspire unity.

Nowadays, “the U.S. Government has to formally contend with the presence of two Anunnaki camps in conflict with one another, to deal with both.” Both camps “think they own us because they manipulated our genes.  They were never our creators. They were imposters who manipulated an already highly developed DNA/RNA. Bordon, Penre and others of the Linkage Institute that meets regularly with the ETs invested in Earth say “Besides the two factions of the Anunnaki fighting each other, there are two or three other ET races competing over total control of Earth.”

Prince Marduk (within the Serpent sub-lineage of Anunnaki Chief Scientist Enki-Ankur) runs the camp of 300 Anunnaki already here on Earth.  Marduk and his czars nowadays boss all of Earth’s institutions. “Marduk has a stronghold over banking cartels, educational systems, religions and most institutions” here on Earth.  

Nannar, around 1400s CE, sent his agents to regain control of Earth.”

Anu, who ruled Nibiru, announced around 70CE that he was abdicating as Nibiru’s King.  This resulted in a fast exodus of the Anunnaki still on Earth. Enki, the Anunnaki Chief Scientist, his sons Nergal, Gibil and Ningishzidda as well as Marduk (Anu temporarily suspended Marduk’s exile for marrying Earthling Sarpanit) and Marduk’s son Nabu.  Anu, took 600 years to choose his Nannar as his successor. 

When Anu stepped down as King of Nibiru and Nannar got that title, Marduk and 300 Anunnaki followers “returned again to Earth around 1000 CE and has been here ever since, some of them taking control over the Earth population by force and creating his own Pyramid Power Structure with Marduk placing himself at the top as the only God and King of the Universe. Him and Satan, one and the same. He took control over all major religions to manipulate the growing Earth population and divide and conquer.” [Penre, 2011: 10-14].

Nannar intends to depose Mardukr and free us from Maruku’s matrix. Nannar brings with him the “Dedicated Human” who, he says, will create “direct democracy” for those of us who survive the Earth changes Nibiru’s nearing will cause.

Nannar’s operatives and agents have infiltrated all Marduk’s power elite organizations.  Nannar’s people have been assassinating Marduk’s Earthling assets and Anunnaki agents; that’s why Marduk’s Anunnaki always travel in pairs now.  Marduk covertly instigates actions in the secret groups that rule NATO, Russia, China, Japan, OPEC, the Vatican, Brazil, South Africa, the G8, Iran and North Korea so they create events that drastically reduce our population but do not reveal Marduk’s hidden hand his PR.

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More on the Gods of Old: Anunnaki: Gods No More by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

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