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SitchinPosterEpisode 36, Enki Speaks: CLICK ARROW AND HEAR

Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin read Sitchin’s account of how he stitched together the documentary, The Lost Book of Enki, using ancient tablets and inscriptions.

SITCHIN MAKES OCCAM’S CUT by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

The late Zecharia Sitchin,expert in Sumerian and other ancient texts, translated clay tablets, statue bases and monuments scribes inscribed in ancient Sumer (now Iraq). The inscriptions said how a goldmining expedition of technologically advanced people from the planet Nibiru–like us but taller and way more long-lived–called “the Anunnaki”(People from the Sky)–adapted their genome to our planet to create us Earthlings and how they conditioned us to work goldmines, then farms, factories, castles, armies, brothels and cities for them.

Sitchin examined the Nibiran Expedition sites all over Earth, immersed himself in the museums of our planet and focussed his studies especially on

1) the text Atra Hasis that told how Enki, Chief Scientist for the Expedition, manipulated Nibiran goldminers in southeast Africa to mutiny so he could justify adaptation of the Nibiran genome to make the slave species from whom we descended,

2) The Epic of Gilgamesh that detailed the decision of Enlil, the Expedition Commander, to let us Earthlings–a slave species forbidden by advanced beings’ rules of planetary colonization, perish in the Deluge of 13,000 years ago,

3) The Erra Epos, where one of the two warring Anunnaki blamed the other for the nuclear holocaust that decimated Canaan, Iraq and Sinai in 2024 BCE,

4) The Book of the Secrets of Thoth that Enki’s son Ningishzidda hid in an underground chamber, and, of course,

5) The Bible of the Hebrews, written centuries after, when the Hebrews were in exile in Babylon, after 586 BCE.

 When I studied for my doctorate in anthropology at U.C.L.A. in the 60s, my professors, doing the best they could with the data they then had, taught that gradual physical then socio-cultural evolution caused all human development.

The physical anthropologists at U.C.L.A. said a Miocene or Pliocene anthropoid primate evolved into a hominid, Homo Erectus, which in turn had evolved from simpler primates over millions of years. My anthropology teachers said Homo Sapiens–that’s us–gradually evolved from Homo Erectus [Clark, D., W., 1959, History of the Primates:178].

The sociocultural anthropologists said we evolved with technology we ourselves developed. We proliferated, they thought, as we planted and bred cereals from local grains, tamed indigenous wild sheep, goats, cattle, donkeys and horses, invented tools and machines, developed medicine, constructed irrigation and transportation systems, built cities and developed ever-more effective mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, metallurgy, architecture and engineering.

Modern information proves the anthropologists wrong about our physical evolution. We didn’t evolve incrementally from simpler primates on Earth. We’ve found no gradually intermediate skeletons of primates that link modern humans from tarsier-like ancestors from which Twentieth Century anthropologists thought we evolved. Several advanced homininoids co-existed with Erectus. Erectus and its contemporaries may have been survivors of astronomically-caused extinction events during human settlement on Earth long before 400,000 years ago when the scientist Enki and crews of seven – twelve foot tall Homo Sapiens colonized Earth from Nibiru. Or, as Pye asserts, Erectus and all the hominoids on Earth may have been placed on Earth be terraformers, and these hominoids, some of whose genes we carry, may still roam the hinterlands of our civilization as the Sasquash, or modern Neanderthal. Reject the view that we’re entirely indigenous and evolved only from simpler forms native to this planet.

Reject also anthropologists’ old view that the technologies we invented caused our social evolution. Accept instead the overwhelming evidence that we developed socially when the ETs from Nibiru and perhaps other ET s or advanced beings (like the Capensis-Coneheads like Akhenaten) gave us advanced technologies.

60s anthropologists had noted mysterious uplevelings of civilizations every 3,600 years or so when Nibiru neared Earth, improvements ancient inhabitants of Iraq–then called Sumer–wrote that the Nibiran gods gave them.

Anthropologists of the 60s believed these gods imaginary.

My Chairman at U.C.L.A. said technological innovations Sumerians themselves developed explained social evolution. Their innovations, he said, allowed more population growth, sedentariness, material goods, specialization and leisure, all of which caused social evolution. Neither he nor I ever considered the “gods” as real–let alone the source of cultural evolution.

Sumerians wrote that the “gods” gave them the genes, inventions, crops and livestock that let them increase their numbers and master the environment. In the thrall of evolutionary anti-creationism, we dismissed what Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Indians, Norse, Chinese, Tibetan, Central, South and North American Indians said about gods who rode Celestial Chariots, threw thunderbolts and periodically boosted our civilizations with crops, herds, devices, laws and knowledge. [Goldschmidt, W., 1959, Man’s Way: 110 -117]

Sociologist C. W. Mills showed how power elites control Earth and collaborate to perpetuate competition and war. These elites descended from the bloodline of Enki whom Sumerians said was a god, albeit a flesh-and blood god.

300,000 years ago, Enki engineered the Nibirans’ genome, adding a bit of copper, clay and a few genes with those of Neanderthal or Erectus to breed goldmining slaves adapted to Earth.

13,000 years ago, Enki fathered Ziusudra (Noah in The Bible), ancestor of the elite that to this day rule Earth. The elite still employ a master-slave, god-worshiper code (with them in master status and we in slave–albeit economic slave–status) to run humanity. Ziusudra’s descendants–today’s elite–passed their mandate to dictate “from Sumer through Egypt to Israel through David and the messiahs, fostered by the Essene communities in Canaan.

“Jesus was an Essene as was his wife, Mary Magdalene, information the Catholic Church suppressed. Catholics instead perpetuated slave-code fear and subservience. They hid the truth of our hybridization and persecuted and brutalized the human-centered strain of the bloodline [that’s most of us].” [Gardiner, L., 2000, Bloodline of the Holy Grail; quote from Freer, 2004, Sapiens Rising]

In 2000, Cody and Robin Johnson brought wife Janet and I to a seminar led by Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin displayed evidence in clay and stone of astronomical, geological and biological knowledge Sumerians said gods gave them, knowledge our scientists only verified many millenia later.

Sitchin disproved both the theistic creationism and academic evolutionary dogma the elite perpetrated. He solved the mysteries of missing hominid links and the periodic leaps in our social and industrial evolution. No missing physical links existed because we emerged suddenly, when Enki and his cohorts adapted their genome to Earth using genetic material from Erectus. We got stronger tools and weapons when a Sumerian “god” showed the Hittites how to mine and refine iron.

Sitchin’s work breaks the elite’s stranglehold on us. I attended Sitchin seminars and read everything he, Tellinger, Lloyd, Pye, Cremo and other revisionists wrote.  We can now revise our dismissal of “myths” as superstition. Sumerians labeled Nibirans’ aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and computers with their own metaphors or words the Nibirans taught them as skyships, celestial chariots, arks, whirlbirds, brilliances, and MEs. Sumerian scribes recorded the history and science the Nibirans taught them. We can now evaluate what these ETs said and not dismiss tales of gods as superstitious myth.

“Sitchin advanced a coherent paradigm of our genesis to rewrite our beginnings and astronomically, evolutionarily, paleontologically, archaeologically and redefine ourselves. His thesis corrects creationism, redefines Darwinism. Sitchin read Sumerian as well as Hebrew, was steeped in the history and had material from the Middle East rediscovered only last one hundred and fifty years.” [Freer, N., 2004, Sapiens Arising]


Data Sumerian scribes wrote 6000 years ago that ET s from the planet Nibiru dictated history, astronomy, geology and technology for clay tablet and captions on monuments. The clay tablet and monument inscriptions tell the history of Earth history better than any other explanation. The inscribed history makes more accurate predictions of facts we can measure than any other theories we have.

Theories are hypothetical formulations, words and mathematical models to account for what we saw, see, and will see. Theories say what to look for in the evidence of the past, present and future. Theories generate hypotheses or guided guesses. In science we also test the null hypotheses–we look for data would disprove our hypothesis. If we go by the principle of PARSIMONY, also known as Occam’s razor–which explanations best account for all the data–and skip the least ooparts (data and artifacts other explanations can’t account for)–, Sumerian accounts of our history do best.

Consensus–what most people think–determines social reality. But consensus doesn’t predict the chemical composition of asteroids or the shape of the landmass beneath the Antarctic icepack the way ancient Sumerian tablets do. We’re left with alternate explanations of much.

Enjoy the theories consensus explanations of our leaders and masses. But wonder, and ask what ideas to cut with Occam’s razor from consensus theories and to replace with better theories. And the Sumerians, as you’ll hear in today’s program, had better explanations than our religious, academic and mass consensus ever did.

We grasp the elephant of reality from varying perspectives. See them all and get a clearer picture of the beast and the blind who generalize from their particular hold on the it to the nature of the whole creature and its context.

An explanation or theory that most parsimoniously (simplest, with least words, numbers, adumbrations) accounts for the all the data and makes more accurate predictions of future behavior as well as past accumulated data helps us understand better than one that uses more words and symbols and must exclude exceptions to work. Thus, for example, Copenicus’s heliocentric explanation of the apparent movement of planets takes less math than Ptolomy’s epicycle system, though the latter also can predict apparent planetary movement.

Philosopher Neil Freer writes: “I am convinced of the correctness of Sitchin’s thesis [of our Alien origins] and of Sir Laurence Gardiner’s [of how the line of the Alien Royalty hybrids still rule the world as our power elite]are the only explanations which contain no inexplicable elements, no contradictions and in which all the facts dance together in total consort. Our species’ internecine violence, a product of Babel-factoring for crowd control that has carried through to great wars and the religious mayhem of crusades, jihads, inquisitions and persecutions and not intrinsically of human nature.

The Catholic Church, a continuation of the fear of the god Enlil [Yahweh] type of subservient religion came into ascendance by an alliance with the gradual assimulation of the Roman empire and adopting its practices. Suppression of our true history through promulagation of the Hebrew Old Testament forgeries done to make Enlil their single monotheistic diety affected a racial amnesia and the ancient Sumerian culture was forgotten and only rediscovered in the late 1800s. Military and political controllers have suppressed the knowledge and data about alien presence on this planet by denial and ridicule.” [Colaw, 2004]

All explanations and theories are but symbolic hypothetical variable sets that our limited mental capacities apply to phenomena. They are not the phenomena, any more than a map is the territory or a menu is the meal (menus taste lousy compared to food).

Theorists–people who make a theory–always slant it. Theorists first guess what they think they’ll find; that’s their hypotheses. Hopefully they say what info would disprove their guesses (null hypotheses). If their prejudices lead them to not even think of what to guess, they may never find it. Thus 18th century Christians thought Earth only 8000 years old and even students of ancient Sumer did not look for the fossil humans Cremo cites in Earth’s strata millions of years before Nibirans colonized Earth settlement 400,000 years ago.

Writers of the Bible painted Jezebel as a whore, when a modern scholar points out that her “whoring” was no more than religious tolerance, which her intolerant and woman-hating enemies like the Anunnaki Yahweh wished to discredit The establishment, fundamentalist Jews, Muslims and Christian fear the more efficient explanations Sitchin and the Vedas cited by Cremo and Thompson, for they would undermine research monies, social control and sinecures they treasure.

Examine evidence that Ancient Astronauts settled Earth from another planet and adapted their genome, adding some copper, clay and Homo Erectus genes to make us as slaves for their goldmines.

Rocket images, descriptions, route maps and calculations Sumerian space maps showed Uranus and Nepture, planets beyond eyesight of the Sumerians, who lacked telescopes. The Nibirans noted twin traits of Uranus and Neptune 6000 years ago, traits we only recently confirmed. The Nibirans figured out what the asteroids were made of long before our modern scientists found out. Nibirans left huge doodles & rockets takeoff lines. And Nibirans mapped Antarctic land deluge divulged. All these observations were possible for them because they saw and mapped the Solar System and saw the exposed Antarctic landmass from outer space and from the sky above Earth.

Nibirans said they saw, and we much later confirmed, water on planets & moons. Nibiran moon info predated ours and the Sumerians knew first, from what the Nibirans taught them, how the moon formed.

Nibirans and us Earthlings share DNA because, 300,000 years ago, Nibirans juggled genomes more than we have yet. Nibiran geneticists created chimeras–minotar, cyclop, mer-people.

The story Nibirans dictated to the Sumerians accurately predicted modern findings of Earth’s make-up and history. Nibirans long ago told accurately how life evolved on Earth.

Nibirans, with millenia-long lifespans and carefully recorded astronomical observations, taught sumerians 2150 year precession of equinoxes

Nibirans tapped energy from the Earth, capacitated it in pyramidal power plants with hydrated potassium and hydrochloric acid to create hydrogen gas and generate capacitated microwaves to power their machines. They moved larger, heavier stones greater distances than we now can, and built massive, precisely-fitted buildings. Nibirans used computers, batteries and electrical lighting in ancient times.

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