Aug 14, 2012

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Extraterrestrial Contact 08-08-2012

Extraterrestrial Contact 08-08-2012

Mars Curiosity Rover Hoax

Anthropologist Dr. Sasha Lessin and UFO researcher Janet Kira Lessin share with hosts Rich and Marla, the ancient history of the 8-foot-tall humans who built a rocket base to transship gold from Earth to the planet Nibiru to powder and scatter in the air as a shield that planet’s atmosphere.

Sasha details the exile, death and commemmoration of the deposed King Alalu on Mars, the subject of the statue head at the Martian site, Cyndonia, before NASA bombed the statue down to a mesa.

Dr. Lessin contends NASA (= Never A Straight Answer)is misleading the public re Mar’s history and is covering up the destruction by a missile–documented in photographs–of the Phoebos 2 probe.

Janet relates several experiencer/ET contactee episodes she and her clients experienced. Dr. L. gives a guided ET-contact experience for listeners to try or to awaken repressed earlier experiences.

The gang kids around about alien plucking.
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