Jun 27, 2012

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     Organized religion, governments, media and academics–especially archaeologists and astronomers–mock those bold enough to challenge the evolutionary model of human development with the evidence of extraterrestrial alternatives.  Priests, rabbis, imams, rulers, journalists and scientists threatened by evidence in digs, clay tablets and monuments ignore or offer alternate interpretations congruent with established dogma.  Finally, when the collective evidence for human progress due to ET intervention is so overwheming that the establishment can no longer ignore it, administrations, religious functionaries, media heros and academic disinformation agents resort to ruining, pauperizing, discrediting, intimidating or even killing those who challenge the prevailing ideology.

Freer writes: “The major obstacle blocking us from peaceful species unity is religio-cultural conflicts taken advantage of by human anti-species elements [the elite] to manipulate world affairs for their own advantage.  Conflicts between religions as well as the religion vs science, creationist vs evolution conflicts can be resolved due to our having recovered information to restore our history as a genetically engineered species by the Anunnaki/Nefilim, the alien species from the tenth planet in our solar system who colonized Earth and created us as a slave species to work their gold mines.

“Religion has been the continuation and sublimation of that ancient master-slave relationship and the least evolved among us preserve their wealth based on competition for limited energy supply by deliberately suppressing developments that would make it limitless.”

Under the aegis of this greedy, hierarchically-obsessed elite, “We robotically slaughter each other and ourselves over whose ‘god’ is better or the only real one.  The concept of God, capital G, developed through cosmification of the various Anunnki rulers, Ennlil (Jehovah/YHWA), Enki(Adenai, theLord), Allah (El/Nannar/Sin).  We express the highest ideals of spirit in terms of union with cosmified and divinized abstractions of those same gods for whom we kill.  Anthropology, archaeology and astronomy tried shunning and ad hominem attacks.  We remain Babel-factored for good crowd control, broken into tribes.

“‘Gods’ known to all the early civilizations were real.  Belief that the Anunnaki must be fiction because the technology and weapons ascribed to them, their ability to fly through the atmosphere and space, to communicate over long distances, to create humans, employ atomic bombs and laser-like forces of destruction has been negated by our current level of technology [which is] equal to any described in the ancient documents.

“The ability to create humans is not just something ascribed to the Anunnaki, but is a 5 million dollar program to read our entire genetic code and in our laboratories in the ability to clone, to create.”   [Sapiens Rising: 5, 10, 13, 33, 35, 43].

Academics whose jobs, grants and careers depend upon senior professors who tow the evolutionary line continue to publically ignore evidence and astronomers whose observations are monitored by the government–lest they create upset in ideology and elite plans to survive while  we die from wars or damage from Nibiru’s perigee and that of its Lagrange point comets, meteorites and asteroid bits–keep publically quiet the fact that they’ve proven the existence of the planet Nibiru and its primary dwarf dark star, Nemesis.

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  1. Sa En Ra En SaLaa says:

    To be precise, the Anunnaki are not our creators, but modifiers. Humanity is 560-570 million years old and was not created by Anunnaki. We are in our 5th seeding, which started approximately 75,000 years ago. This was preceded by a seeding about 800,000 years ago, and another one about 5 million years ago, then another one about 25 million years ago, and then another one about 250 million years ago. Humanity was wiped out on more than one occasion by invading forces. Modification of humanity took place at more than one time. The purpose was self serving, was not in the highest spiritual interests of humanity, which was to serve as a guardian race for this and other planets, to protect this galaxy from corruption. This mission nearly failed. However, will succeed, we will be teachers by example.

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