Jun 8, 2012

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– Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. http://www.extraterrestrialcontact.com

A correspondent on one of my sites wrote;

“Why did our ET forefathers prefer the business of procreation with one’s stepsister to further ones line? What genes were they trying to preserve and what advantage would offspring bring? Intelligence genes? Or was it a fad like beards? Obviously there was a reason considering they were masters at genetic manipulation. Seems strange as time and again from drosphila to plants: wild type hybrids are genetically more robust and successful cf inbred type.

I reply:

Freer writes: “Procreating with a half-sister [was] the approved Anunnaki way of procreating an heir.  Our biological studies show this to be a widespread practice among Earth species including even wasps which has definite genetic advantages for producing superior offspring.” [Sapiens Arising, page 38]

Our creators, the fully-human, over-7 foot-tall ET Goldmining Expedition came to Earth 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru, which passes near Earth every 3,600 years.  The ETs sought and found gold to send back to Nibiru to powder and spread as a shield around the planet to preserve its atmosphere.

Nibirans on Earth engineered their genes with those of Homo Erectus (a human devolved from survivors of earlier extinction-level catastrophies) to create short-lived, disposable mine slaves, then genetically upleveled the slaves to create plantation servants.  The Nibiran Commander, Enlil (Yahweh) decided to let all the slaves drown in the Deluge of 13,000 years ago but the Expedition’s Chief Scientist, Enki (Adonai), saved his hybrid son Ziasudra (Noah) and from Noah’s descendants, bred a genetic line of Eathlings that ruled us, at first on their behalf, and then on their own behalf, to this day.

Nibirans procreated with a half-sister to breed an heir.  Half-brother/half-sister marriage made the most, they believed, of their genetic postential. Commander Enlil, anxious to keep Earthlings dumbed-down for easier control, forbade the half-brother – half sister marriage lest they get wise to the Nibirans control.  When most of the Nibirans left Earth, in 2025 B.C., the hybrids they left in control used  religion and government to perpetuate the very matings they believed would give the most robust offspring.

If you have a half-sibling, imagine a child you-two might create who manifests the best in both of you.  What traits and qualities would this child, bred by Anunnaki heir-breeding preference, exhibit?

  1. Firstly, let me say I am convinced that the Sumerian tablets carry the true history of humanity and the earth,,,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,,

    In-breeding of family members creates disfigured and mentally “handicapped” humans. This is evident in societies cut off from others and left with a limited “gene pool” ,and even in everyday life where in-breeding occurs this is evident………So ummmmm……how is this advancing these societies/people/families?

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