Apr 22, 2012

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Testimonial for Dr. Sasha Lessin – April 21, 2012

Corey Sioui mentioned you in a comment on facebook.

Corey wrote: “I find it quite amazing how the majority of people are so blind to what their actual government gets up to. John F Kennedy alerted the people before his assassination of a secret society within the government. People like yourself who are in the field of Anthropology and others in the Archaeology field who are going against what is excepted history and bringing it into the public eye I applaud you all. Your work of bringing the truth to the masses is a brave bold step against the scientific community who will do anything in it’s power to ridicule and shun you from your field labeling you a heretic or a nutcase. I wish we had more like it so we could all learn our distant past instead of this facade we have now as history. Keep up the good work Sasha.”







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