Apr 15, 2012

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Anunnaki Gods No More - Enki Speaks - Precession of the EquinoxETS TAUGHT SUMERIANS 2150 YEAR PRECESSION OF EQUINOXES by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

The detailed, multigenerational observation Sumerians needed to predict the sun’s apparent shift backward along the line of Earth’s orbit requires 2150 years for each degree of shift. [Lloyd: 2-36]

“The sun’s apparent movement from north to south and back, due to the tilt of 23.5 degrees–causing the seasons–results from the fact that Earth’s axis tilts relative to the plane of its orbit around the sun and is associated with the equinoxes, when the sun passed over the Earth’s equator (once coming and once coming back) times when daytime and nighttime are equal.

“Because of the wobble, the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is retarded each year; the retardation amounts to 1 degree in seventy-two years. Observance of sunrise on the spring equinox in 2160 years is in the preceding [not the following] zodiacal house. In zodiacal time, matching the clockwise direction of Nibiru [all the other planets orbit counterclockwise] [means that] on Earth, in zodiacal time, the Past is the Future.”

Enki devised the division of the ecliptic (the plane of planetary orbits around the sun) into twelve to conform to the twelve member composition he invented. “That gave 30 degrees per house. So “retardation of all twelve houses “added up to 2,160 years. The complete Processional Cycle or “Great Year” added up to 25,920 years. Relating 2160 to the then 3,600 cycle of Nibiru’s return to the inner Solar System, Enki gave us the sexagesimal system of mathematics which multiplied 6 by 10 by 6 by 10.” [Sitchin, Time:20 – 26]

The Precessional movement is so slow ordinary people could not possibly notice this movement in single lifetimes. Sumerians said Nibirans gave them the 2150 year formula so they could determine which of the twelve zodiacal houses–indications of which Nibiran ruled was ascendant.

Contention as to where on the ecliptic the Spring Equinox occurred was critical in the conflict between Ninurta and Marduk in 2156 B.C..

The advanced astronomical observation and its precise recording over hundreds of Earthling lifetimes needed to predict the precession of the equinoxes is totally beyond the capacity of Earthlings without the help of Nibirans’ advanced instruction. [Lloyd: 2-36]


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