Jan 4, 2012

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Astronauts from the planet Nibiru bred us to slave.

Ningishzidda, Enki, Adamu & Ninmah; she says, "My hands have created it"
Four and a half billion years ago, Nibiru and its satellites crashed into
Proto-Earth (Tiamat).
Millennia later, on Nibiru, long-lived humans unified after devastating
nuclear wars. Rivals for King settled their succession disputed rule by lot
or wrestling.

Loss of atmosphere on Nibiru impelled Nibirans to find gold to provide a
shield to save Nibiru's air. They wound up mining for gold on Earth 450,000
years Ago. Nibiru's king, Lahma, failed to stop Nibiru's atmospheric
deterioration. Prince Alalu killed him and said he'd save the atmosphere.
Alalu gave his daughter Damkina to Ea for fealty from Ea's father, Anu,
a rival claimant for Nibiru's kingship. But Anu overthrew Alalu. Alalu
blasted to Earth, where he confirmed gold. Alalu aimed nukes at Nibiru.
Ea, piloted by Alalu's kinsman Anzu, rocketed to Earth and hid and Alalu's
nukes in Africa. Ea fired Anzu and sent pilot Abgal to Nibiru with gold

Nibiru's King Anu rocketed to Earth, where he, his legal heir, Enlil,
as well as Ea drew lots. The lots gave Anu rule of Nibiru, Enlil command
of the whole Earth expedition, and Ea–now called Enki-- rule of E-din
(Basara), Seas and Mining. Alalu attacked Anu and bit off his penis,
But Anu defeated Alalu and banished him to to Mars with Anzu.
 Anu defeats Alalu

Anu's daugher, Ninmah, en route to Earth to open a medical clinic for
goldmining expedition personnel, found Alalu dead on Mars. She built a
monument to him at Cyndonia. Ninmah saved Anzu and she initiated work on
a Mars transshipment base. When she settled on Earth, she and her assistant,
Sud, built and ran a medical facility.

Enlil raped Sud and the expedition leaders banished him to Africa. Abgal,
Enki's pilot, took Enlil to exile.  Abgal betrayed Enki and showed Enlil
Alalu's nukes to use to regain control of Earth. Enlil didn't need to use
them (yet), because the expedition chiefs let him return from exile when
he made Sud his official wife.

Enki & Ninmah, in the meantime, bred girls till she cursed him. Ninmah
reconsidered then withdrew her curse so she and Enki could work together.

Anzu and the Astronaut Corps (Igigi) rebelled against Enlil, but Ninurta,
Ninmah's son by Enlil, defeated them.

In Africa, Enki studied Erectus, a hominid he found there. Erectus was
genetically very similar to Nibirans. So when the Nibiran miners in Africa
mutinied, Enki grafted Nibiran and Erectus genes to make slave miners to
replace the mutinous Nibirans. Enki, his son Ningishzidda and Ninmah
created Adamu, a male slave who was a dark red-skinned hybrid, black-haired,
unlike Nibirans (who were fair-skinned, light eyes, blond, sandy or
light brown hair) except the hybrid had a foreskin, which Nibirans lacked.
Enki, Ningishzidda and Ninmah also cloned Ti-amat, a white-skinned, blonde,
blue-eyed female hybrid just like Nibiran women.

Enki took Adamu and Ti-Amat to E-din, his home on the Persian Gulf.
The hybrids were, Expedition Chief Enlil believed, incapable of reproducing
themselves.  But Ningishzidda had altered the hybrids so they could breed
and reproduce themselves.

Ninmah, her umbilical-cutter between her and Enki, beneath the symbol of
Nibiru (Winged Disk) Enlil, furious the hybrids could breed, expelled them
from E-din back to Africa. Ningishziddha assured Enlil he withheld
longevity genes from hybrid Earthlings. Anu ordered the Earth Expedition
to finish the gold ops there and return to Nibiru.

But, in the meantime, Ninurta captured Earthling Slaves in Africa and
brought them to slave for the Nibirans in the Tigris-Euphrates area of
Back in Africa, Enki begat a male, Adapa, and a female, Titi, on slave
girls descended from Adamu. Enki put Adapa in charge of the hybrid
Earthlings. Anu brought Adapa, as well as Enki's sons Dumuzi and
Ningishzidda to Nibiru. As directed by Enki, Anu denied Adapa the extreme
longevity (hundreds of thousands of years) Nibirans enjoyed.

Dumuzi stayed on Nibiru to learn husbandry; Ningishzidda returned to Earth
with Adapa & seeds.

On Earth, Adapa begat Ka-in and Abael. Enki's son Marduk, who by the deal
Anu'd made with Alalu was supposed to succeed Alalu as Nibiru's King,
saw King Anu instead chose Enlil as his legal successor. Marduk built
support on Earth among the Astronaut Corps. He planned to overpower Enlil
on Earth, then take Nibiru. To attract hybrid Earthlings to his cause,
Mardu married a hybrid, Sarpanit. At his wedding, the astronauts abducted
hybrids, then fortified the landing platform at Baalbek, Lebanon. The
astronauts aimed missiles at Enlil's stronghold and radioed him: Approve
Our marriages too or we'll destroy Earth.Enlil allowed the marriages but
decided to let a flood coming with Nibiru's next nearing to Earth destroy
the hybrids. Enlil warned the astronauts who wished to stay on Earth to
take to high ground. He ordered the rest of the Expedition to take to their
spaceships, the orbiting space station, Mars or the moon.  Enlil forbade
Earth's Nibirans not ot warn the hybrids, lest they mob the spaceports.

Enki begat Ziasudra (Noah). An imposter, Galzu, posing as Anu's
representative, helped Enki defy Enlil's edict to let flood kill off
slaves. Galzu lied, saying that Enlil, Ninmah, Enlil and their lineages
on Earth would die if they left Earth permanently. To survive, they'd need
to return to Earth after the deluge. Enki and Galzu fed computer programs
into Ziasudra's wall-bank. The programs showed Ziasudra how to build a
submersible, to be piloted by Enki's son Ninigal to Mt. Ararat 120 days
after the icesheet splashed into the sea.

Enki and Ninmah buried seeds and gametes in a diorite vault in E-din.

13,000 years ago, Nibiru’s gravity pulled Antarctica’s icesheet into the
south sea. The tidal waves circled the globe and innundated everything
below 2,000 metres above sea level. Ziusudra"s boat submerged but held
the water out.

Surfacing, Ninagal raised sail and steered to Mt Ararat, where Ziusudra
built a huge fire as a signal and roasted lamb as an offering to Enki.
The orbiting Nibirans descended in helicopters from their rockets.
The flood waters receded; they’d left the uplands intact.
The waters had totally carried away the Nibiran settlements and buried
Mesopotamia and African goldmines under mud and silt.

Hybrid slaves descended from Adamu and superslaves (‘Civilized Earthlings’,
in Enki's terms) descended from Adapa at lower elevations all drowned; the
slaves Ninagal'd saved with Ziusudra, the hybrids who fled to higher ground
with their astronaut patriarchs and the descendants of Ka-in on mountains
like the Andes survived the flood.

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