Dec 9, 2011

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NINMAH by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

Ninmah, (aka Ninharsag, Ninharsug, Ninti, Mammi, Hathor) was Nibiran-born, the youngest daughter of King Anu, who cancelled her betrothal to her eldest brother, Enki when she and Enlil– her next brother (and Anu’s heir)–begat their son, Ninurta.

She took 50 female Nibiran Medical Practitioners and grape starts to Sharuppak on Earth.  En route, she stopped on Mars where she found Alalu dead.  She revived Anzu, who was marooned with Anzu.  She set him up with 20 men to start Marsbase and had him create the monument of Alalu’s head at Cyndonia.

On Earth, she connected sexually with Enki, bore him many girls, and joined him and his son Ningishzidda.  Together, they created us Erectus/Nibiran Earthling hybrids.  She tutored Enki’s son Ziasudra [Noah].

Ninmah was a member of the ruling Anunnaki Council, honored with the constellation Virgo named after her (Inanna later displaced her on Council and in constellation).  Ninmah repeatedly advocated support of the Earthlings.

On Mount Ararat, Turkey, after the Deluge, 11,000 B.C., she talked Enlil, Commander of Mission Earth, into sparing the Earthlings and governing us through Ziasudra and his male descendants.  Ninmah urged Enlil to give all Royals land and Earthling laborers and servants.

The Commander gave Ninmah rule of the entire Sinai–Tilmun (Land of Missiles)–as neutral turf between his Enlilite lineage and Enki’s.  In 8670 B.C. Ninmah  mediated war between the Enlilite lineage which her son Ninurta championed and the Enki and lineage chiefs who were besieged in the Great Pyramid.  Enlil, Enki and Ninurta installed her in a Sinai palace where Enlil titled her “Ninharsag, Mistress of the Mountainhead.”

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